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Jun 25, 2015

Peter Models the Liberty Summer Shirt! (Pattern Mixing ALERT)

Friends, I've just completed my genuine Liberty of London summer shirt for the Mood Sewing Network.

You can see me model it this instant by clicking here.

As you may know -- and if you follow me on Instagram you DEFINITELY know -- I purchased this fabric in two different colorways.  Some thought I looked better in the pink and tan version, some preferred the blue.  Which did I choose?  You'll have to see for yourself!

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Now what should I make with the pink print....?

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. How about a pink windbreaker with the ribbed collar and cuffs?
    It can be blustery on the cape, and so many other places of note.

  2. Love it and Yay for pattern mixing : )

  3. Just checked it out, love-love-love the pattern mixing!

  4. Great work as usual Peter! Tell us more about any changes you may have made to the fit of that pattern. No doubt it was longer and boxier and your shirt looks more modern in both the shorter length and narrower fit. Give us more of the details! Oh, on another note, I found a Singer 201 and what a dream it is to sew with!!

    1. Not a single fitting alteration (not that there's anything wrong with alterations)! It's a 34-36 and I wear a 36.

    2. Wow! What a wonderful example of timeless pattern drafting! I made a shirt like that from a Simplicity pattern and had to shorten and take it in quite a was like something from the 80's! LOL!!

    3. scorpioninblue,

      I too am a 201 devotee'. As you now know, it's eerily balanced, and puts out one amazing stitch after another. Amazing to think something so close-to-perfect was made decades ago. Enjoy your "new" machine!


    4. Acquiring that machine re-ignited my "sewing mojo" as Peter would say! A friend of mine got it at an auction some years back not knowing anything about it and had it stored in his day we were discussing vintage Singers and I told him that was the only one I desired he went to look at the machine he had and lo and behold it was the legendary 201!! Needless to say, I jumped on that quick and have been in love with it since. It truly is Singer's masterpiece!

  5. The pink and tan definitely, I love liberty fabric, and live near where the fabric is printed, factory shop heaven!

  6. You made a beautiful shirt - gorgeous! Regarding the pink about another shirt!

  7. I love the shirt and I'm so glad that you've found a way of getting Liberty which is every single home seamstress/seamster's perfect fabric. Don't want to make you jealous but my parents live near the factory shop so I have a source - 5 British pounds a metre!!!! But hey, that's just me being smug!!! But the shirt is great, the blue was the right choice and you need to check out the summer sales at the shop where you found it!! PS lovely finish on the collar


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