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Jun 1, 2015


Friends, I'm thrilled to announce that our 5th (Fifth!) Annual MPB Day is scheduled for Saturday, August 8th!

Those who have attended in the past know that MPB Day is a celebration of all things sewing-related that can be squeezed into a single day in New York City -- think On the Town for the Singer set.

Here's what's planned:

1. We'll meet outside the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum entrance at Seventh Avenue and 27th Street at 11 am.  See that sculpture below?  That's the place!   (Directions here.)

From 11 am to noon we will catch the upcoming Global Fashion Capitals exhibit.  Admission to the FIT museum is, gloriously, free.

2.  After the museum, we'll grab lunch one block north at Panera Bread between 28th & 29th Streets, where we'll also hold Seventh Avenue's biggest summer pattern swap ever.  We'll be at Panera till approximately 1 pm for those who wish to skip the museum and meet us for lunch.

3.  Following lunch we'll wend our way about ten blocks north to the heart of the Garment District, where we'll shop till we max out our credit cards.  We'll be visiting some of our favorite fabric and notions stores, including Mood, Paron's, Sil Thread, Pacific Trim, Chic Fabric, and Around the World Books.  If there's a store you especially want to visit,  please let me know!

4.  We'll shop away the afternoon and perhaps grab a quick pick-me-up at the cafe in the Japanese bookstore, Kinokuniya (Japanese pattern books galore + yummy snacks and drinks), on Sixth Avenue near 42nd Street.

5.  Finally, we'll all meet up in Bryant Park, where we'll quench our thirst, share our purchases, and rest our weary pins.

Expect the day to wind up around 5 - 5:30 pm.

Early Bird Special!

As in years past, any "morning people" who wish to start their MPB Day earlier can join me at the  outdoor Chelsea Flea Market at 9:30 am and spend an hour or so hunting for treasures.

We'll meet outside Blue Dog Kitchen (a great place to grab a cup of coffee, btw), 101 West 25th St., just west of the northwest corner of Sixth Avenue and 25th Street.  

MPB Day is a free event, but you'll want to bring some $$ for food and fabric.  A bottle of water and some sunblock are highly recommended!


I'll be reminding everyone when we get closer to the date, but please RSVP by sending an email to me at peterlappinnyc at gmail dot com, so I can keep track of who's coming.

If you know you'll be joining us at the museum, the flea market, or Panera Bread, please let me know that too.

NOTE - MPB Day is a rain-or-shine event.  In the event of tsunami, check the blog.

You can read about previous MPB Days here, here, here, and here!

Hope you can make it!


  1. I haven't been sewing much but of course I'll be there. I would want to mess up my perfect attendance!

  2. my goal is to finish the Miyake top I bought fabric for 2 years ago at MPB.....

  3. I am envious. This sounds like loads of fun, but alas, cannot attend. I will want to hear all about it, though.

    Theresa in Tucson

  4. I have MPB Day envy.


  5. Just in time…a fellow blogger and I were wondering about this year's MPB day!

  6. I wish I could come I have been reading your blog for a few years and am so envious of the fun you all have. My plan was to come this year but alas I had baby and she has taken over my sewing and travel budget. I hope to meet you all someday.

  7. Thank gawd the wedding I'm booked for is having it the week before, Whew. I'm sew going to be there : )

  8. Lucky, lucky you to those who'll be there! I'll be there in spirit.

  9. Looking forward to being with other sewers and of course meeting Peter...should be a really fun day!

  10. Unfortunately my visit to NYC falls the weekend before. I'd love to pick up some fabric to fuel a shirt-making bender for my husband... any store recommendations for quality shirting at good prices?

    1. You can't go wrong at Mood, but also try Paron's on 39th St.

  11. I'm hoping to be there! And maybe finally try the flea market since I'm an early morning person.


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