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Oct 24, 2014

The Vinyl Frontier

I admit it: sometimes the blog title comes first and then I write the post to match it.  I think you'll agree, "The Vinyl Frontier" beats first runner-up, "The Vinyl Solution." 

I have not made a whole lot of progress on my vinyl python print jacket.  I'm finding the fabric really fiddly to work with and not much fun.  I spent way to much time yesterday trying to make decent-looking front patch pockets.  But they never looked quite right and seemed to take away from the print, so  I ditched them.

Instead, I'm opting for two diagonal zippered pockets.  I'm hoping I don't regret it since I'll have to cut through the vinyl.  I bought these zippers today at Sil Thread.

I also bought a reversible zipper.  It's not two-way -- they didn't have any two-way reversible zippers but I'm assuming such things exist.

If nothing else, I'm learning a lot about zippers and zipper pulls!

The sleeves are attached.  Since vinyl doesn't ease, I had to cut the armhole a little deeper to fit the slightly larger sleeve cap.   Here's the armsyce seam, not yet pressed (you can press this vinyl with a presscloth).

Here's how things look so far.  The fit is fine; the sleeves will need to be shortened roughly 2" and I may take 1" off the length before adding the knit waistband.  I wouldn't want the jacket much longer than it appears here.

For the rib knit trim, I'm using pattern pieces from a 1970's Simplicity men's jacket pattern, 9924.  I haven't stitched the rib knit on yet though.

And that's it.  I don't think I'll be able to finish this over the weekend, but hopefully sometime next week.  And then I think I'll put vinyl behind me of a long, long while.

Have a great day, everybody!

Oh, before I forget: Karolyn Kiisel, author of Draping, The Complete Course, will be giving a presentation at the Fashion Institute of Technology bookstore on Tuesday, November 4th @ 6 pm, and it's open to the public (227 West 27th St.).  I plan to attend and I hope you will too, if you're local and have an interest.  (She'll be demonstrating actual draping techniques.)


  1. Love how your jacket is turning out. It looks nice with the black rib. I have that draping book. It's great. Have fun at the talk. I am sure it will be fab.

  2. Looking good. And as Fernando (Billy Cystal) said on SNL,
    "Eets better to look good than to feel good." Will that jacket breathe ?

  3. Wildly envious of your proximity to FIT, never mind everything you sew, everywhere you go, and the guys you live with.

    Eager to read about Karolyn Kiisel's presentation.

  4. It looks cool even with out the ribbing, simple, classy. Too bad you are going to ribbing on it when it looks so good now.

  5. I like the kind of "subversive Chanel Jacket" vibe I'm getting from the jacket pre-ribbing. If the ribbing doesn't work, just throw some braid on it.

    1. I agree, instead of ribbing, just put a collar, cuffs and a waistband, and your done, simple style and with a black silk shirt and cool pants, you would be looking groovy.

  6. Wow!! All of a sudden I'm receiving your emails again!! WooHoo! I love the jacket and sympathize with your vinyl distress. I made a vinyl cover for an outdoor divan and it was a nightmare!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your struggles with vinyl. I will be sure to avoid it myself (unless I'm making something that's just all straight lines…)

  8. I am so very impressed with how this has come together. Vinyl is such a b@#$# to work with in upholstery and handbag situations and that's not even trying to fit anything around a curve. Damn, man! Excellent work!

  9. You're doing great! Working with vinyl and leather can be hard to work with if you don't sew with a walking foot sewing machine.

  10. I am enjoying watching the vinyl countdown, but have to admit I don't enjoy wearing vinyl.

  11. I just bought an old Threads magazine issue no 70, May 1997 that has an excellent article on a reversible bomber jacket-might be interesting for you. Love your blog. Dianne W in NH

  12. That looks awesome! I'm making a camera case from black marine grade vinyl. I have the pieces cut out .I bought a package of black bias tape maxi piping to go around the outside of the seams.

  13. Red Heads. Two Words: Prince Harry

  14. Love how your jacket is turning out. It looks nice with the black rib. I have that draping book. It's great. Have fun at the talk. I am sure it will be fab.


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