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Oct 15, 2014

NAME THAT PATTERN: National Grouch Day Edition!

Happy National Grouch Day everybody!

It seems only appropriate that we celebrate this special day by playing a grouchy round of the sewing blogosphere's favorite pattern naming game, NAME THAT PATTERN.

Now, I'm not a grouch myself, but many home sewers can be -- especially when your thread nests or you break a needle on your flat-felled seams.  But even if you're never a grouch, I do hope you'll play with us today.

The rules are simple: I post photos of patterns I find online, you give them names.  You can name all or just some of the patterns below, but to be declared our winner, you must name them all.

We have some incredible prizes in store today, including an 16 oz. bottle of Chanel's newest perfume, Eau d'Ebola.

With no further delay, Here's pattern #1!

Still breathing?  Here's Pattern #2!

On a completely different note, here's Pattern #3!

Something for the boys: Pattern #4!

Finally, there's Pattern #5!

But wait -- as with every edition of NAME THAT PATTERN, we have a bonus pattern for those who need extra credit.

And here it is: Pattern #6!

Grouches-and-those-who-love-them, I do hope you've enjoyed this latest edition of NAME THAT PATTERN.  As always, I'll be sharing my answers, and with any luck, so will Michael and my cousin Cathy.

On your marks, get set, NAME THAT PATTERN!


  1. Pattern #5- Battle of the Bulges
    Pattern #6- Gumby Pleasure Pants

  2. 1. Be a feltboard for Halloween!
    2. It's not easy being half green
    3. Keystone Kouture
    4. An Australian pattern to keep you free down under
    5. From the Georgia O'Keefe line
    6. Mode-digliani

  3. #1 - My Coat of Many Jewel-Tones, my momma sewed for me....
    #2 - Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, & Vixen (in black)
    #3 - Emma Peel off those pants!
    #4 - Caftan Tanning
    #5 - The Vest of the Worst (or the worst of the vest)
    #6 - Big Foot Returns!

    1. Darn you, Peter Lappin, I too saw Emma Peel.

      1. Slipcover with hood
      2. Pageant in the multi-purpose room
      3. Emma Peel conceals vericose veins
      4. Too much "Little House at a formative age
      5. Look like you shop in the mall with the Orange Julius
      6. Frumpsuit '73

  4. Michael and Peter are tough acts to follow. Your patten naming is clever and funny

  5. Wow Peter, you outdid yourself this time!

    #1- Cruella Deville Goes to Aspen
    #2- No Elf Left Behind
    #3- Lois Lane in Milwaukee
    #4- Sleep or Swim in Style!
    #5- Party in the Front, Vag in the Back
    #6- For that Hard to Fit Asparagus Body Type

  6. Side bar- I would totally wear all of these except number 5. Would not be caught dead in 5. And # 1 only if I was freezing. So thank goodness I live in so cal.

  7. 1) Dang moth holes in that 1970s couch throw? Make an elegant Art Coature.

    2) Period bloat leotards.

    3) Leisure-House-Dress-Pants (when you've got a lot of beige polyester double knit)

    4) The Ted Danson Beach Dress

    5) Mega-spacey-wavy-boobs vest. (Seriously, Sandra Betzina designed this?!)

    6) Long-line bra pants / modern Octoberfest wear

  8. 1. So that's what happened to my bedroom rug.
    2. Elf on the Shelf tryouts
    3. Agree with the Emma Peel tag :)
    4. Lawrence of Arabia dress casual
    5. Contestant on What Not to Sew
    6. For the well dress stilts performer

  9. 1. The Dr Zhivago Cape straight from Siberia (where it should have stayed)
    2. Pixie Dancercise; you won't need pointed ears in our dance classes, just pointed toes!
    3. Patterns for the discerning secret agent by Agent 99
    4. FrockTober - Springtime beach attire for the Southern Hemisphere man's man.
    5. introducing the droopy booby trap vest
    6. The 'it looks so much better on the slopes' ski suit

  10. 1. Why yes, you do look fat in that.
    2. Do you think I'm sexy?
    3. All aboard 2001: A Space Odyssey. Look out for HAL.
    4. We're goin' commando!
    5. Yes, you do look fat in that, part deux
    6. You must be this tall to sew this

  11. 1. Barmy surplus blankets
    2. Ready for Peter Pan
    3. Not everyone can wear a mini
    4. Sheikh me
    5. Metamorphosis
    6. Let it all hang out.

  12. I don't know, I think Nr. 1 is doing a pretty good job for itself with "Art Coature"...
    1. It's called wearable art (which means it's neither wearable nor art)
    2. The pink leotard that eats hands (Seriously, where is the big girl's hand? By the position of the arm, it should be on the smaller girl's shoulder, but it's not.)
    3. Peek-a-pleat
    4. Bed or Beach, it both begins with B
    5. Now, you do not have to wear a badly-fitting bra to achieve Today's Fit!
    6. I let my legs grow out and forgot to stop. Or, alternately, All Austrians walk on stilts under their jumpsuits

    1. P.S. I honestly did not read the stilt comment before I wrote mine!

  13. 1 - Haute Manure
    2 - Pink Preppy-pants on Parade
    3 - Quanted in Seven States!
    4 - Starsky & Hutch Go to Key West
    5 - D Cups Runneth Over
    6 - Attack of the 50 Foot Ski Instructor

  14. 1) Boat Couture (or Art's Under There Somewhere)
    2) Ballet-ptomaine
    3) Nurse Rachet's hobby
    4) Oh Bob, come out already!
    5) Bust point or navel?
    6) ABBA ski album cover (or You Can't Pee in this Thing)
    Question: Did Terry Richardson do the right photo for #1?

  15. #6 Do these pants make my legs look fat?

  16. 1. Boathouse
    2. Perky Pixie
    3. Fashion Avenger
    4. Hangin’ (with Pockets)
    5. Vest-al Virgin
    6. Hans und Franz

  17. Klepto-cape
    naked and darted
    beige and boring
    beach boner hider
    Mrs. Duggar

  18. 1- What the stylish Icelandic acid head is wearing this season

    2- PJ's guaranteed to keep your teenagers hymen intact.

    3 - What Audry Hepburn and Mary Tyler Moore would have dressed their daughter in. (I would have loved to see that episode)

    4- It's a butch man dress.... no really... stop laughing...

    5 - I burnt all of my bras and now I have to live with waist boobies.

    6 - For women who look like Cher and have legs like the statue of liberty.

    Did I mention I adore Chanel.. :)

  19. 1. Yikes! A bug is in this rug!
    2. pixie panties
    3. Standard uniform for dinner waitress and one good reason to join the union.
    4. Life is a beach for men.
    5. Attack of the flack jacket.Or is this women " fit " for flight ?
    6. I 'm not stretching the truth.

  20. 1) Look at that carpet
    2) I did not know pixies would love such things
    3) Emma Peel in the Wild West
    4)I would not be caught wearing it
    5) That looks ike scarves
    6)Oh my god those humanges (human?) legs

  21. 1.) "Hey mom? Where's my blanket?"
    2.) A Midsummer day's night terror
    3.) A peek-a-boo western!
    4.) A shirt without length restrictions
    5.) I'll stick with yesterday's FIT, thanks.
    6.) For those afflicted with Gumby Syndrome

  22. 1. Cape Fear
    2. Pixie-Lated Related
    3. Carnaby Carnival Cruise Wear
    4. How to accessorize your new Faux Afro
    5.Winged Kevlar
    6. both sides of the mushroom,

  23. In honour of national Grouch Day I will use Sesame Street Muppets.
    1. Bert and Ernie
    2. Grover
    3. Big Bird
    4. Kermit the Frog
    5. Count von Count
    6. Aloysius Smuffleupagus

  24. 1.Pride week at the Zoo
    2.Puff Pants
    3.The Barf bag is in the seat pocket in front of you.
    4.Beach Blah
    5.Funhouse Mirror vest
    6.No bust dart need overall pants.

  25. 1. Dr Zhivago - Siberian Dream Girls, the musical or The Russians have landed.

    2. Santa Lets the Elf's have a day off , or Pixies and Fairies Pajama Party Play Date

    3. Nitemare on Carnaby Street .. in POLYESTER
    or News Flash, is it a jumper, a dress, a tunic, or pant suit, Emma Peel .. make up your mind

    4. Caftan Dreams for my vintage 70's beach party, I think I omar the tent make was on the scene.

    5. SWATT Kelvar Vest Pattern, or: Sandra B. pukes a vest pattern "what was she thinking"

    6. Sasquatch meets the Bionic Woman in Austria
    "Let's go skiing together"

  26. 1. Walking graffiti
    2. Sloper as outerwear
    3. Dandy derby duster
    4. Dare to wear beachwear or "damn hippy"
    5. My boobs are bigger than your boobs
    6. My boots are bigger than your boots

    As always, way to fun Peter!

  27. 1) Someone Had Leftovers from Upholstering their Living Room and All I Got Was This Piece of ****

    2) The Love Child of Esther Williams and Peter Pan

    3) Annie Hall Would Only Wear This at Gunpoint

    4) Moroccan Around the Clock

    5) Where Did I Put My Shoulders?

    bonus) S/he's Got Legs an S/he Doesn't Know How to Use Them

  28. 1 Dr. Zhavago and the tea pot
    2 home ec coture
    3 Is it a coat? Is it a dress? Either way pants are optional
    4 Oh caftan my caftan
    5 what to wear to the bar and not get hit on.
    6 Bustin out. With legs that go all the way up.

  29. 1. Global warming??? Why would I need a coat like this if it was real?
    2. Modern American family celebrating Pixie Pride
    3. Association of Women Doormen (Doorperson) uniform
    4. Attending self-actualizing guru symposium in Calif-abandoning restrictive western culture clothing
    5. Finally used my Flexible Curve Ruler-'create and draw virtually any curve'
    6. Skipped ' proportion in pattern drafting' class.

  30. 1. Not Quite Koos Couture
    2. Ballet Outfits for Recital
    3. Upcycling Work Wear for City Wear
    4. Hey, Good Looking!
    5. Canyon de Chelley
    6. My Hemlines are Miles Away


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