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Aug 10, 2014

MPB Day -- Was it all a dream?

Friends, due to physical and mental exhaustion, I am postoning my Sunday vlog till Tuesday.

Instead, I want to tell you about yesterday's MPB Day!

As you already know, it was the fourth annual celebration of this very special holiday and I must say that this year's participants were more focused, better prepared, and had greater stamina than any previous group.  The months of training paid off: nearly everyone made it to the finish line and no one needed to be resuscitated. 

I'd like to personally thank Laura Mae, Carly, Joanne, Teri, Mary, Gordon, Mariya, Mimi, Oliver, Carrie, Roberta, Ron, Michael T., Kyle, James, Enrique, Tomasa, Elizabeth, Barry, Lisa, Tracy, Pam, Lily, Paula, Martha, Claudine, Johanna, Shaneve, Carol, Rhode, Karen, Gloria, Kathy, Rebecca, Baby Ruby, Janice, and Cindy.  You're all amazing!

If you read those names carefully, you may have noticed something unusual: this was a banner year for male attendance.  Not including me or Michael (who joined us for lunch), we had SIX male participants: an increase of 300% compared to 2013!

Last year, I noted a group of women who had attended every MPB Day since the beginning and they ALL returned this year.  Claudine, Joanne, Cindy, Johanna, Roberta, and Suzanne are clearly determined to fight to the finish!



A brief(ish) rundown of the day:

At 9:30 am, I met a small group of early birds for a tour of the Chelsea flea market.  The weather couldn't have been more gorgeous: sunny skies and low humidity.

Teri, Enrique, Lisa, James, and Tracy



Me and Enrique

As at every MPB Day, most of us were wearing garments we'd sewn ourselves.  Enrique brought the awesome messenger bag he'd made from Colette's Cooper pattern!

At 11 am, we met the larger group outside the FIT museum, where we toured the exhibit, "Exposed: a History of Lingerie."  No photos of the exhibit are allowed, but you can read more about it here.  I don't think I'm the only one who left feeling like my underwear often isn't what it could be.

After the exhibit, we headed to lunch at Panera's, where we held the largest pattern swap I have ever experienced.  A true embarrassment of riches!

Pam and daughter Lily

Laura Mae, Michael, me, and Gloria

Gordon and his bovine Butterick find!

Claudine grabs a stylish Vogue

For the first time ever, we had an MPB Day infant.  Meet Baby Ruby (here with mama Kathy)!

After lunch, we hit the Garment District.  I led a group directly to 39th Street and to such stores as Paron's, AK Fabrics, Chic, and Fabrics for Less.  Another group headed to Mood, while yet another made a beeline to B&J.  Some quick calculations suggest that if all the fabric purchased was sewn together lengthwise, it would stretch from Jonathan Embroidery to the Adirondacks.

Tomasa and Kyle


Paula (the most organized MPB Day attendee ever!)


Carol "bolts" for the cash register at Chic Fabrics

By the time we headed over to Bryant Park around 4 pm, many of the fabric stores we visited had been emptied of merchandise.  Fortunately, new merchandise is on the way!


Michael T. and Laura Mae

In short: So. Much. Fun.

MPB Day is held the second Saturday in August.  If you plan to attend next year (Sat., August 8), now's the time to pencil it in on your calendars: it's just 364 days away.

You can see more photos of our adventures here.

Have a great day, everybody!

UPDATE:  You can read Kyle's take on the day here, and Tomasa's here.



  1. Yesterday was so much fun. I'm looking forward to next year's MPB Day already. What an interesting bunch of readers you have. Thank you for organizing this!

  2. Looks like you have a fun and lovely day. Thanks for sharing the photographs. Good to see so many smiles and great fabrics.

  3. Gordon, I think I made that set in 1995. It cost me over $100 in supplies then and the cows are still going strong.
    Baby Ruby is, I dare say,is more of a doll than Simplicity!
    Oh the longing. I'm putting next year on the calendar in big red marker!

  4. Best day ever peter! Had too much fun, i already marked my calender for next year! Much love to all! XO.

  5. Seeing all your smiles, I wish I could have joined you. What a great looking group!

    As for a dream-like day, your description and pictures make MPB more real to me than ever. A great blog is one that invites the reader in, so thanks for letting the rest of us participate even if only from a distance. Maybe next year...!

  6. Thank you Peter, for a wonderful day. It was great! Gloria

  7. I agree with Mouse - always a fun "virtual" trip for us unable to attend.

  8. Thank you so much for organizing this wonderful event. It was great fun! I look forward to next year.

  9. So glad everyone had a fun MPB day! I had to settle for the 4 H Club fabric sale in Creamery Pa this weekend. But, believe me my thoughts where with you all at the NY Garment District.

  10. It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Thank you, Peter, for a glorious time.

  11. Peter, thank you for another fabulous MPB day! I had a wonderful time, and was delighted to spend the day foraging for fabric with such lovely like-minded ladies (and gentlemen). Kudos to you for another great triumph!

  12. Even though I showed up late, I still had a ball! Next to Christmas, MPB Day is the most wonderful time of the year!

  13. This was worth the trip from the Left Coast. We hope to retun next year, in a new outfit.

  14. I'm penciling it in right now. There are so many reasons for me to get back to NYC (it's been 16 years), but MPB Day is at the top of the list. It looks like so much fun!!!

  15. Sorry I missed it, but I kayaked around Manhattan last night (11 hours). I knew MPB day would be equally exhausting and I could not do both.

  16. We need tips from Paula on making the most of MPB Day.

  17. this sounds like so much fun. if i ever take a trip from Germany to NY I'll make sure that it's around the 2nd saturday of August and that my husband is willing to take care of the kids for this day ;)

  18. So much fun! And so sorry I missed it!

  19. That just looks like absolutely too much fun. Too bad Texas is so far away. Maybe the stars will align one year and I can trek all that way!

  20. It was such a lovely dream! Thanks so much for hosting this event yet again. I hope to continue my perfect attendance next year.

  21. Thank you Peter. MPB Day was so much fun. I enjoyed chatting to others in the group, seeing the exhibition, hearing sewing stories, savoring fabric and so on. A perfect day with perfect weather. I appreciate the effort you put into planning it all and then posting the photos. You are a gracious and generous host.

  22. Sorry I missed it this year! What a fun day it seems was had by all!

  23. Sorry I missed it too, but I'm coming down next weekend and really couldn't afford to spend all that time in the city. Would you happen to have contact info for Joanne? We met at last year's MPB day, and again in London at the NYLon meet up, but failed to exchange info….

    Is Teri making a tradition of wearing a make from the previous year's MPB day purchase? I remember that we both bought that striped knit last year! Mine became a Lady Skater dress with sleeves, which probably would be too hot to wear in NYC in August.

  24. Thank you so much for fabulous Saturday Peter. It was such a pleasure to meet you, Michael, Laura Mae and so many other wonderful people who share a love of sewing. You've got an enthusiastic attendee for as long as you choose to host these events. I am looking ahead to August, 2015. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need help with planning it. Happy sewing!

  25. Ooh, so envious, so happy for your happiness! Thanks for sharing (yes, I KNOW how stupid that sounds, but really, I am thankful)!

  26. Thank you so much for organizing and hosting! I had a fantastic time. Already looking forward to next year. :)

  27. That sounds like so much fun!! I am always amazed to red about people sewing, especially men. I love keeping up with you, you have so much fun. Thank you for sharing.

  28. Gah wish I lived in NYC..looked like a brilliant day had by all.

  29. Given the numbers, I think you are going to need a co-leader or split into more than once session a year.

    Sue C

  30. Thank you Peter as always for your day! I have posted my recap here:

  31. Peter, made it back home safe and sound! You know what I had to endure to get to MPB Day. Hope you have another NAME THAT PATTERN with the Cows I found for you! The Day WAS AN HUGE BLAST!!!!!

  32. Looks like another fun day! So bummed that something came up and I couldn't make it this year. Nice to see the photos!

  33. It was awesome day! Glad to meet all of participants. Thnx for organizing it, Peter. I even started dress from those star fabric :)

  34. Peter! Here is my post on your beautiful day. Hope you and everone likes it.


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