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Aug 8, 2014

Big Curtain REVEAL + Pre-MPB Day Prep!

I'm not one to gossip, readers, but have you heard the latest about that Crystal Allen and Mr. Stephen Haines?  (Yes, that Mr. Stephen Haines!)

But let's move on: if you'd like to see my newly completed living room curtains (and my apartment looking neater than it's looked in years), my home dec post is live on the Mood Sewing Network today.

Just click here.

Meanwhile, tomorrow is MPB Day!  I can't believe an entire year has gone by since our intrepid group of sewers last set out to conquer the Garment District and nearly achieved its goal.

It looks like we're going to have great weather and quite a few out-of-town guests.  I can't wait!

OK, time to apply the second coat (Jungle Red, obviously) -- and wait till you hear the latest about Edith Potter!

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Edith? I thought it was Mary.

  2. The curtains look great in the full view on Mood. Didn't you have a sewing machine cabinet (or 2?) in one side of the window? My thought is - if there normally is a machine there, and IF that extra seam in the hem bothers you, put that panel on the side behind the machine. But I must say, I had to look a couple of times to figure out which had it.

    I look forward to hearing the stories of good times and great shopping tomorrow.

  3. I have a little trick for sheer or fine curtains; sew a edge stitching line on the top - that's right above the rod.
    They hang beautifully, and to my mind well worth the effort and time to do the extra row of stitching.

  4. They look great, Peter -- elegant, linear, spare, and you couldn't have chosen a better fabric to go with the painting. I love the texture. The space definitely looks like a living room. Now, a couple of gallons of paint and a roller and you're done. ;)

  5. Well, I have had a look on Mood and your room looks super. I bet it looks a nice view in the evenings when all the lights are on (very Frasier one of my favourite tv shows). Might be worth trying a duvet cover next they are so easy. Have a good day tomorrow. Gemma (UK)

  6. Your curtains look great! What a fabulous job you did!

  7. Who do you think you are kidding???

    The oldest incentive known to man fueled your bachelor pad cleaning - a woman.

  8. They really look great. Love the texture. They will give you the diffused soft focus (think Doris Day or Babwah Stweisand) lighting mood. The apt looks pristine. Where is all your stuff? Have a fabulous MPB day tomorrow. Shop till you drop in for a martini.

    1. Where is all my stuff? On the other side of the room! LOL

  9. your living room looks fabulous! But I notice you only showed half. The sofa needs a nice painting above it and some colorful throw pillows. You can do it!!

  10. What a lovely home dec post! I like that you only let your regular readers here in on your fixes/frustrations. You always make us feel special...

  11. I love home dec project but I have to say your curtains are lovely. They are airy, sophisticated and classic. I have sewn curtains before and you have done an amazing job.
    I make pillowcases the European kind and removable cushion covers. I can never find anything I really like so I make it.

  12. Crystal Allen is just a HUSSY.

  13. Love the curtains and the spare 70s styling/vibe. Maybe it will inspire the return of The Daily Ditch.


  14. Congrats on your home dec success! I have thoroughly been enjoying your blog since finding it. I love the bonus of the sidebar where I can find all kinds of other stuff to read after I've finished yours. Today I finally got lured into the mood store via the link on your page. Could be a bit of a slippery slope for a night shift worker who spends most of her shift internet browsing!


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