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May 11, 2014

What I Sewed, What I Bought, What I Wore

You'd have to be living under a rock not to know that this month is Me-Made-May.

I don't participate because, with the exception of a leather jacket, a Starlight Express sweatshirt, and a bunch of second-hand undershirts, I don't own any clothes I haven't sewn myself.  Plus, I fear I'm on the verge of overexposure as a model.  But I did want to show you (above) what I wore yesterday to a choral concert a friend of Michael's was singing in at historic Grace Church.

Sometimes I get fixated on a perceived flaw in something I've just sewn and I can't get past it.  Then I revisit the item six months later and I honestly can't remember what the problem was.  Does this ever happen to you?

I had convinced myself that the shoulders in this blue linen jacket I made two summers ago were too padded.  Indeed, when I used the pattern again to make the floral sheet suit (the one I wore to the gay wedding last month) I made the shoulders more natural and I liked it more. 

But I wanted to wear a jacket yesterday and the blue one worked best with what I was wearing.  When I tried it on I was like, what was I so worked up about?  I think the jacket looks fine, especially with my white linen pants and red polka-dot shirt. 

Here's Michael. I made his shirt but the rest is RTW.

In other news, I was back to the flea market this morning, this time with my friend Johanna, who came over for brunch.

I found another $1 silk scarf.  This one is twill and Liberty of London!

I also picked up an entire bagful of mother-of-pearl shirt buttons.  Very excited about these and I may go back for more next week (the vendor had a ton).

And socks -- new old stock.  That's something I can't (well, won't) make for myself.

I sewed a bit this afternoon.  My double-breasted jacket muslin is coming along well.   I managed to tackle the "turn of the cloth" today, though I still have considerable pressing to do.

And that's it.  Happy Mother's Day to you mothers out there.  My mother actually hates Mothers Day,  do you believe it?  She refuses to do anything mother-related, so I was off the hook.  Strange,..

Have a great day, everybody!

Name that mother!  (actress and character)


  1. Barbara Stanwyck/Stella Dallas,

    handsome outfits both

  2. Very nice jacket. And yes, I do the same thing -- finish something, think "yuck" and put it away then pull it out months later and fail to remember what I didn't like about it.

  3. Wow, you do look super-duper! You could be having G&Ts at the Edgartown Yacht Club in that outfit. But I know what you mean about perceived flaws in things you've sewn...I've had Chanel-style jackets sit in the closet for months before getting over the trauma of making them.

  4. Agreed. A little time in the closet is good for many garments we make. LOL

  5. That scarf is a gem! And you look great in that jacket. The fit is perfect.

  6. I can't wait to see this toile suit completed! It is going to be a shows topper! I love the lapels. Even though I've seen plenty of portly fellows wear double-breasted suits in old movies, I've never had the gumption to wear one myself (mostly because I'm not much of a suit guy). I can't help loving the way they look!

  7. Hey Peter, I plan to hit the flea market next Sat. Maybe I'll see you! I hope I don't sound like a stalker. I will also be tracking down fabrics. Where is the best place to find nice cotton knits?

  8. You look fabulous as usual ! I would love to check out the flea market when I visit NY next March and check out some fabric stores (I am a quilter). I have been to the City Quilter a few times..

  9. You look very dapper ( I think that's the word! Lol !) in your outfit! Love the combination you've put together. I too don't own many clothes I haven't made myself. Other than that, I can't imagine having to get pics taken every day. Post pics are challenging enough!

  10. That Silk Scarf is STUNNING! I think im going to have to find a flea market near me , somehow! that or travel to America just to go to one!

  11. The end of that movie is gut wrenchingly honest about not fitting in, being happy for another, and letting go.

  12. Funny, another Mom and I, both of us with little kids, were just saying that what we really wanted for Mother's Day was to be alone :)

  13. It's official: I live under a rock!

  14. I would kill for a little me time on MOther's day. Both you and Michael look wonderful in those outfits. Just the right amount of traditional with a twist.

  15. Peter-- Everything you make looks great. I have made things and looked at them from a distance and was quite pleased, when at first all I could see were flaws. I guess the closeness and the quest for some kind of perfection bogs me down. Sewers are so hard on themselves. On another note, I walked by a Gucci display in S Coast Plaza and saw a vibrant suit and thought of you. I liked yours better. I had to smile.

  16. I just watched that movie yesterday! Stella Dallas, played by Barbara Stanwyck.

    Your blue blazer, white slacks and red polka dot shirt are classics. Very nice indeed.

  17. hi Peter, another great project of you. I realy like it!
    I miss your projects on burdastyle but totally understand that this blog costs you a lot of time.
    Greetings from Rotterdam,

    1. Thanks, Martin. I really should return to Burdastyle!


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