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Mar 1, 2014

Ten Yards of New Fashion Fabric!

Something good arrived in the mail today!

Did I mention I'd ordered three yards of the Alexander Henry "Home Sewing Is Easy" cotton print?  I found it for $8.95/yd at a place I'd never heard of before,, and it arrived just three days later, Priority Mail.  (They're in West Springfield, MA.) 

I'll probably make a shirt out of it, maybe even this week.

But that's not all the fabric that came into my life today!  At the flea market this morning, I found seven and a half yards of this 48" wide vintage gold toile de jouy for just $8.  I'm using some of it to muslin my culottes.

Even though it's not the most flattering color for me, as a child of the Sixties, I have a soft spot for gold (and avocado, actually).  And as a devoted Sound of Music fan, I'm strongly reminded of you-know-which outfits, which makes me love this fabric even more.  It's not the same print, obviously, but it could definitely work for community theater.

In other news, today I made a few alterations to my Butterick culottes pattern, lowering the waist two inches and shortening the rise an additional inch.  I'll be adding a front fly and fly shield and probably both side and back pockets.  The pattern calls for neither.



And that's it!  I may sew a little today but since it's already getting dark, maybe I'll wait till morning.  What would you do with seven yards of gold toile de jouy? 

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Your online source sounds like it may be the mail-order end of Osgood's, the only big independent fabric store around western MA. Well done!

  2. I see many many Alexander Henry and gold toile du joy garments in your future ... and everyone else's that you know...
    BTW that first fabric is seriously Cute!

  3. Are your new culottes for Peter or Cathy? I remember seeing some shots of WWII British and Canadian Army officers wearing very pleated shorts for summer. They were very attractive though they weren't quite culottes. I guess length and amount of flare has something to do with whether they look feminine or masculine.

  4. I adore that Alexander Henry fabric. I keep seeing it popping up all over the place and I need some in my life so badly. I might try smiling sweetly at my husband

  5. I love it! Is it quilting cotton?

    1. Officially, yes, but it's quite soft (I just laundered it) and not particularly heavy.

  6. That vintage gold toile de jouy fabric....lucky you :-)

  7. I'm jealous! I'm coveting the Alexander Henry but can't justify the shipping to Australia!

  8. The Alexander Henry fabric looks really nice on Michael. :-)

  9. Great fabric, am looking at "learn to sew part II" fabric to make a tailors ham and roll. Well that's the plan. Sassy Sewing Bees ❀

  10. Is that Davy Crockett sitting on the grazing horse on your toile? That's got to be a 50s theme fabric. Great find!

  11. As a child of the 70s, somebody would have to pay me to take that much gold toile! If it were something other than gold, olive or rust it would be used somewhere in the house, or maybe a jacket or pants. Maybe a cover for the dress form.

  12. Peter have you heard of the Roxbury Motel in the Catskills? They have (among the many amazing theme rooms) a room devoted to that curtain fabric! It i s a lovely hotel, i highly recommend it and the Mary Anne Cream Pie room was fantastic too!

  13. Mary Ann's Cream Pie room sounds inappropriate when I read it back (oops) but it is a room devoted to Gilligan's Island, infused with coconut smell, and tiki from top to bottom. Best part is the ceiling is an upside down coconut cream pie. And the Maria's Curtains room is so detailed it even has the bathroom tile moasiac in that print!

  14. The second I read "West Springfield, MA," I thought of Osgoods (this is def the mail order arm of Osgoods). If you're ever traveling 91 North thru CT/MA, it's worth a stop.


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