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Oct 22, 2013

NAME THAT PATTERN - Halloween 2013 Edition!

Can it actually be Halloween season?  Wasn't it just Memorial Day?

I'm already seeing people in costume in my neighborhood -- though where I live the line between costume and everyday street clothes is a thin one.  Anyway, it's time to play another round of MPB's exclusive pattern-naming game, Name That Pattern, this time with a spoooooky Halloween theme!

The rules, as always, are simple: I post photos of patterns I've found online, and you have to give them names.  We have all kinds of fabulous prizes in store for our winners, including a complete 1973 World Book Encyclopedia!

Ready?  On your mark, get set, NAME THAT PATTERN!

Here's Pattern #1!

Too tame?  Presenting Pattern #2!

But wait, there's more: here's Pattern #3!

And let's not forget Pattern #4!

We're coming to the end, alas -- Pattern #5!

And finally, our special BONUS pattern, for true Name That Pattern devotees: Pattern #6!

Friends, I hope you've enjoyed our Halloween 2013 edition of Name That Pattern.   It always pays to get your answers in early, since great minds think alike and there are an awful lot of great minds out there; be the first with that "fresh" idea!  I'll be getting my answers in soon and, with a little arm twisting, I'm confident Michael will too.

Can't wait to hear what YOU'RE going to be for Halloween.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. #1 - "Treacly or Treat!"
    #2 - Indian Love Sarong
    #3 - "Lollipop and Balloon Not Included."
    #4 - Where's the De-Greaser?
    #5 - Bell (Sleeve) Choir
    #6 - Bad In-VEST-ments!

  2. #1 – Little BOO! Peep
    #2 – Hiawatha Hoedown
    #3 – I'm not the Naughty One
    #4 – Greasy Moto Mojo
    #5 – Choir Boyz in the' Hood
    #6 – Vested Interests

    Fun, thanks

  3. Well, all I know is that #3 is definitely the Daisy Gamble

  4. #1 Creepy Bo-Peepy
    #2 Seventies Suburban Sewing Sluts
    #3 Twiggy's Tied Tent
    #6 Various Variety Vests or How to turn a half yard of fabric and alot of trim into a fashion faux pas

  5. 1.Take Your Daughter to Work Day!
    2. Down to Sexy Nature!
    3. A Nun's Bikini!
    4. Grease Chic!
    5. Vestment Galore!
    6. Vest-In Show!

  6. 1)Bo Peep vs. Glenda in 3D
    2)That's Just Wrong!
    3)The Real Bow Peep
    4)Rizzo 'N Kaniki Wear
    5)Choir Mojo Dojo

  7. Oh, I actually really like #6! And I am going to be a bumblebee (once i finish the custom.) not a big fat bee, or a sexy bee, a cute bee! It's a fine line....

  8. 1. Little BoPeep - The Project Runway years
    3. I want tHAT Girl
    4. T-birds and Pink Ladies (you too can be slutty)
    5. Bass (pronounced base) Pro Shop
    6. You Go and Save the Vest for Last

  9. 1) Little Ho-Heep
    2) Politically Incorrect, yet "Quick 'n' Easy"!
    3) That Girl is on Crack, Girl
    4) One Size Fits Most
    5) Politically Incorrect ... see #2
    6) A-Vested Development

  10. Uh-oh! I remember making something very like version 1 of 8143 a loooong time ago. I think I'm disqualified from the contest.

  11. 1) Welcome to the Neighborhood!
    2) The Village Inn People
    3) Meet Your New Roommate
    4) The Golden Age of VHS Porn Collection
    5) Are you sure Father?
    6) These Fabrics Aren't Just for Furniture Any More!

    Going as...
    The Grand Dutchess Anastasia...although I'll probably look like Tugboat Annie

  12. #1 Hey Bo, Peep them Fairies
    #2 NOT your last of the Mohicans, Honey
    #3 Sarah Audrey Jessica Hepburn-Parker
    #4 TMZ: Rizzo and Danny, Creasing the Fleece?
    #5 GOP disguises
    #6 And the Oscar for Vest Picture goes to . . . .

    from Creative Hormone Rush

  13. #1- Princess & the Peeps
    #2- Quick Tricks for Turning Treats
    #3- Hat Girl
    #4- Drop Outs Gear
    #5- Clerks & Clergy
    #6- A Waste-coat of Fabric

  14. My Mum had the Butterick pattern number 3. And I remember her making it in dove grey and us searching every shop in Nottingham for a hat similar to the one illustrated on the pattern. It is one of my earliest memories. Can't believe it is already nearly Halloween Peter, is that one year since the floods?

  15. 1- Silence of the lambs
    2- The curse of the were-rabbit
    3- The hat of horror
    4- You're the one that I want
    5- Choir of calamity
    6- Vest in peace

  16. I think I've made no. 6 in the past sometime. Does that disqualify me?

  17. 1. Bi-Polar Mothers & Daughters
    2. This is Sewing?
    3. Why, Yes, I DID see Georgy Girl
    4. Sha Na Not Quite
    5. A Gathering of Gathers
    6. I Dream of Vests


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