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Oct 31, 2013

Muslining the Japanese Jacket, Today's Trash Find, and Laura Mae!

Let's start with today's trash find.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to be ditching.  But all ditch and no dumpster makes MPB a dull blog.  Look what I found on my afternoon dog walk!

Who can't use a decorative gilt mirror?

Meanwhile, I spent more hours than I care to admit working on the muslin of my Japanese coat, which henceforth I shall refer to as a jacket.  I decided to trace the size Medium instead of the Small.  Since this garment will be lined and likely worn over sweaters, I think that makes more sense, don't you? 

Tracing the pattern pieces and adding seam allowances wasn't that big a deal, but it did take a lot of concentration and time on my knees.

The diagrams in the pattern book are relatively clear, thankfully.  I'm adding only 1/2" seam allowances, at least for this trial run.  (I may need a wider allowance at the hem.)

I'm using an old thrift store sheet for the muslin.  The pattern is miniature white Scotties.

I'll post photos of me in it when I've finished the collar, hopefully tomorrow.

In other news, I rarely highlight other people's finished projects -- that's what THEIR blogs are for -- but can we talk about Laura Mae for a moment?

I'm not a huge fan of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2, inspiration for the film scores of a thousand women's weepies, but Laura Mae was going to her local symphony gala to hear it and needed something to wear, so she whipped this up.

Not only did she sew the dress, she embellished it with beads, created a matching hat, belt and handbag, peacock feather brooch and shoe clips.  And padded her hips.  And dyed her gloves.  I also suspect she donned false eyelashes.  I say Brava!  You can say what you like by visiting her over at her blog, Lilacs & Lace. 

With that -- Happy Halloween, everybody!

(Pass the hankies...)


  1. Oh good progress. I have been working on that coat (well #7) for my husband for months. Have not been in the mood. The pieces were a pain to trace because I used dotted paper. But I got 2 reams of tissue paper at the trash4teaching place so now I can use those.

  2. I suppose the concerto is a bit schmaltzy, but I do love it. This time around I did have a few flashes of the opening credits of Bridget Jones’s Diary – I guess it has been that long since I last heard the entire piece!

    And yes, I am wearing false eyelashes (although I did not make them myself).

    Oh, and I love the pictures of the universal sniff-check that every dog does with any new item that comes into their territory! I bet they are terribly jealous that hundreds of Scotties are walking all over you.

    Happy Sewing!

  3. Wow, you're zipping right along on this. It looks like you're rounding off the lapels. Good move! There's something off balance about them as drafted IMO.

  4. Whoa. Peter. I'm amazed by how quickly and well you work.

  5. I'm almost always jealous of the amazing freebies you find on the streets of NY. This one, not so much. It looks like a VBS craft project - macaroni and gold spray paint. In a few weeks, I'll bet you rethink it, and it gets the ditch.

  6. Wow, I am loving this jacket already. That muslin would make a great chef's jacket, Peter. Do you cook? I wish I found such great old sheets where I am, but no dice.

  7. I never thought of using a sheet for the muslin - incredible idea! I too am rather liking the jacket in its muslin phase. Great savings idea! Thank you for sharing!


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