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Mar 29, 2013

NAME THAT PATTERN -- 2013 Edition!

Friends, it's time once again to play the sewing blogosphere's favorite pattern-naming game -- MPB's own "Name That Pattern!"

I've scoured the Internet for the most unusual and provocative sewing patterns from yesterday and today.  All you have to do is give these patterns a name.  You can choose to name all the patterns below (if you're a true "Name That Pattern!" aficionado), or only the patterns that inspire you.  Time is of the essence however: when you hear the buzzer, please put down your pencils.

As always, we have many exciting prizes in store for our winners, including a $10,000 gift certificate to Gimbel's!

Are you ready to play?  Good.  Behold PATTERN #1:

At a loss already?  Feast your eyes on PATTERN #2.

Now here's a little something for you home dec lovers -- PATTERN #3!

But wait -- there's more.  Feeling peckish?  Here's PATTERN #4.

We're almost done, folks.  Here's PATTERN #5!

And finally our bonus pattern, for the truly competitive among you: PATTERN #6.

Contestants, I'll be chiming in with my answers in the hours ahead, but please don't wait for me -- leave your answers below ASAP.  Remember: you've got to be in it to win it.

Have a great day, everybody!

PS - The first person to name the celebrity up top wins a dog walk with Willy!


  1. Pattern #6: Dosie-don't, don't, don't.

  2. Pattern #1--I have another McCall's pattern with the same style of spooky women's faces on it. *SOMEONE* must've been having a little toot before they sat down to sketch! And how on Earth would those drawings ever get approved?

  3. look, no more underarm hair
    poofy goofiness
    outhouse crap cover
    frankenfood friends
    dress like a baby day
    "Kids, if you don't clean your room..."

  4. #1: Hi Charlie!
    #2: Dynasty Bride
    #3: Inside the Outhouse
    #4: coussin de la recolte
    #5: Beehive Nightie-mares
    #6: Holstein Hoe-down

    I have no idea who the celebrity is!

  5. Pattern #4: Frankenfood, looks delicious!

  6. no.3 OH! de Toilette.

  7. I love Totie! I remember waiting her comedy ballet skit when I was a little girl.

    1. Zombie Suntan Girls
    2. Lampshade Bride
    3. Not as Delicious as They Look
    4. Home Stink Home
    5. Bouffant Blues
    6. Childhood Trauma

  8. Definitely Hollywood Squares and TF! Blast from my past, pattern #1. I think I made view A in at least 2 different fabrics. That was a popular top as I recall :-} No doubt polyester fabric, probably something "double knit".

  9. 1. Down at our rendez-vous...
    2. Cankled-Bride's Delight
    3. Honey, Please leave the seat UP!
    4. Fruit of the Stash
    5. Hairem Scarem
    6. Lookin' for a New Daddy

  10. 1 Charlie’s angels
    2 Forget-me-not
    3 Little house on the throne
    4 Juice-licious
    5 Slumberous
    6 Mother knows best

  11. My answers:

    1. Beach Blanket Bimbos
    2. Bride of Franken-pattern
    3. "I Gotta Take a Craft!"
    4. Sew Your Own Food
    5. Nightie Night-mare
    6. Fringe Festival

  12. #1: "Quick and Easy" says it all.
    #2: Waddling down the aisle.
    #5: Not tonight, I have a headache.

  13. Love this quiz! :
    1. First photo casting for Charlies Angels. We need a brunet.
    2. THIS is scoliosis.
    3. I was laughing so hard, I just peed myself.
    4. Yes, we do have to go to the church potluck.
    5. Eternity modernity maternity.
    6. Cut from the herd.
    Thanks for the laughs, Totie and Peter.

  14. 1. Tube-y or not tube-y.
    2. Little Mermaid 2: The Princess Bride
    3. Please take a ****.
    4. Food fright.
    5. Slum- slum- slumbertime.
    6. How the West was fun, not.

  15. 2. Gone all out....of proportion
    4. Remember, it's all about the portion size.

    I love those posts, they're so funny.

  16. #1: Sunburn is so sexy
    #4: You've come a long way baby! -- Worked on your personal development so that you've left Fruitarianism behind for Breatharianism? Here's a safe and colourful reminder of how far you've come.

  17. First pattern 'quick and easy' pretty much sums up the look of the incredibly flushed girls, ha ha.
    The celebrity reminds me of a much older frumpy Liza Minnelli, but I'm hoping it's not her

    Jean x

  18. 1. Tan Mom, the Early Years
    2. Why we cry at weddings
    3. Stool Sampler
    4. Getting to Gnaw You
    5. A Nightie to Forget
    6. Ranch Dressing

  19. 1. Look, Ma, no bra!
    2. Delta Burke, eat your heart out!
    3. There are no words. Well, there are, but not ones I can use in public.
    4. Stuffed animals are murder!
    5. Demure, or pregnant? You decide.
    6. Polyester round-up.

  20. I love everything Totie is wearing, just maybe not together. And Polyester Round-up, Ranch Dressing, and Stool Sampler are my favorite titles.

  21. 1: Let Me Show You My New Deodorant

    2: My Shoulders Sprout Cabbages

    3: Holy crap! No butts about it, this pattern is the shit!
    3 (my boyfriend's entry): Don't shit where you live!

    4: Figure Flattery for Pear Shapes

    5: The Wedding Nite Surprise Delite!

    6: Jokelahoma!

  22. 1. crazy eyes summer collection
    2.mermaid bride
    3.Outhouse chic
    4.Felt foodies, fun for the whole family...
    5.miss muffet sleepwear
    6.Giddy-up Rawhide

  23. 1. Xanadon't! (Unbonded Edition)
    2. Fishin' for a Husband
    3. Crafty Crapper Cozy
    4. Veggie Tales Taxidermy for Tots
    5. Colonial Brothel Babes
    6. Childhood Humiliation is Parental Obligation

  24. #1: Farrah and Friends for Arrid Extra-Dry

  25. the late, great Totie Fields, although her hair, makeup and fashion stylists were off the day she appeared on Hollywood Squares...
    4. the true picture of genetically modified food
    5. look Peter, we HAD to wear those hats because of all those orange juice cans we were using for hair rollers (and you think i'm kidding?)
    6. photo archive: 'case history of a matricide'

  26. #4 not title but the comment."Look Billy! Someday I am going to get a real pair just like these!"

  27. #1 - Tan and Band-eau (and other variations)
    #2 - on land dead-pan mermaid wedding dresses
    #3 - Home is where your butt sits

  28. #1 Farrahmones (Farrah Moans? everyone groans)
    #2 My Bride is a Mermaid
    #3 Tra-La-La! (from Captain Underpants and the Talking Toilets)
    #4 Stop Playing with Your Food
    #5 Sweet Dreams, Baby
    #6 Cow, Hide!

    Name #3 is provided by the 9-year-old beside me. I am blameless.

  29. #5 Nightie Nightmare? I thought that was soooo Cousin Cathy.

  30. P.S. That was Totie Fields, right? Not somebody in drag?

  31. love everyone's hilarious names, but i have to say i would totally rock that jam set in #5. sans sleeves, probably.

    and "why we cry at weddings"?! GENIUS!~

  32. Oh! I remember REALLY wanting those giant fruits and veggies! Some store near me had similar ones made up and they were just such fun. I was about 8, mind you. WAIT... I am having this vague memory of actually MAKING a giant pea pod with removable peas. Can that be? Will have to give the names some thought, with what's left of my brain.

  33. So here's something I haven't told anyone in about three decades, because who would care? -- I spent the first night of Passover, 1978, at a seder hosted by Totie Fields. Wanna hear about her house?


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