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Dec 31, 2010

Peter's best (and worst) of 2010!

Friends, as 2010 draws to a close, let's take a few minutes to recall some of the high -- and low -- points of this, our very first year together.

Worst Garment of 2010 

Readers, this was a tough one.  While I have no doubt created some winning garments for myself, Michael, Cathy, and others, there have been some clunkers along the way.

This bathing suit/matching tank top combination is best suited for a member of the Romanian women's gymnastics team circa 1972.  (Olga Korbut anybody?) Though made from an honest-to-goodness vintage men's underwear pattern (McCall's 3438), something is very wrong here -- primarily the cut and the fabric.  The scheduled for any day now.   

Little known fact -- That tank top went straight to the Salvation Army; let's hope it doesn't turn up in the neighborhood this summer.

First Runner Up:


Second Runner Up:


Why did I ever?

Best Men's Garment of 2010

Let's face it, like every sewist, I make a lot of things that end up sitting (or hanging) more often than not.  But there are always a few favorites that become wardrobe staples.

I wear these Kwik Sew jeans nearly every day.  To the wise guy who asked about the bathing cap, that's a Wigwam Headliner cap I wear when I run or when I'm cold.  My bathing caps have flowers on them.

I love my toggle coat and the timing of the construction couldn't have been better.   Could it possibly win the Pattern Review Winter Wear contest?  We'll see.

My banded collar shirt turned out so very nicely.  If only it were warm -- and opaque -- enough to wear in December.

Best Cathy Outfit of 2010

This is a very controversial category, friends.  We all have our image of Cathy and what suits her best and I would hate to alienate any of her fans.  But my favorite is...

Maybe it's because I was at my physical peak in the Eighties or just because I like Joan Collins, but this Dynasty dress, McCall's 9037, made from a Ralph Lauren bedsheet, is my favorite.  Cathy modeled it on the first day of Spring, and the weather that March day was glorious.

Has Cathy ever looked so fetching?

First Runner Up

Cathy's a natural flapper.

Did you know?  Cathy has a 16-inch waist hidden under 14-inches of adipose tissue.

Worst Cathy Outfit of 2010

Never. Again.  (Vogue 9128)

Best Garment Made for Somebody Else in 2010

Michael's Liberty of London print shirt (McCall's 6890).  Gets a lot of wear, too!

Best New (to me) Book of 2010

This one just arrived on Wednesday, friends.  I saw the legendary Hollywood costume exhibit, curated by Diana Vreeland in the Seventies at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, when I was a kid.  I finally tracked down the accompanying book, Hollywood Costume: Glamour, Glitter, Romance, published by Abrams in 1976, on Amazon.

My favorite coffee table book and I don't even have a coffee table.  Gorgeous!

Great photos and text.  A lot more pics here.


Friends, that's it.  Thank you all for helping to make 2010 such a fulfilling, fun-tastic year and I look forward to even more fun in 2011.  I wish all of you a happy and healthy new year.

Have I missed any MPB highlights -- your favorite pics, posts, outfits?  Don't be shy, make your argument!

See you in the new year, friends --  Hugs!

In memoriam...


  1. Peter, I'll bet fabric your "worst of 2010" tank top ends up being worn and loved by *someone* ... my guess in the teen or early 20s age range.

  2. Again, that toggle coat is amazing, and your jeans too. Your construction skills are superb.

    I'm entering my coat into the Winter wear contest today. I doubt I can compete against you though. :)

  3. And this is why I love your blog- you are not afraid to be real and show everyone not only your triumphs, but also your foibles. I am so glad I found your blog- you've inspired me to spend more time at the sewing machine. Happy New Year!

  4. Peter, I am Romanian (so is Nadia Comaneci) but Olga Korbut is not.

    You are a real entertainer! ...While we, girls, just post pics of stuff that came out well or which we pretend to like because we stitched it and now we have to take pics and show everyone!

    No doubt you've made more this yr than me, not that it's a competition (I mean I wouldn't enter coz I'd lose) but I am really envious that you completed so many things!

    I am still undecided - who to give the "best dressed 2010" award to....hmmm... Cathy or Michael? ( sorry Peter...)

  5. Renee, we exhibitionists have no choice. We don't (can't?) hold back.

  6. Hugs to you Peter and many blessings in the New Year.

    One of my favorite quotes of yours (although I'm sure something you say makes me laugh with each post) was in today's post.

    "My bathing caps have flowers on them."

  7. I have to put in a vote for your wonderful western shirt!

    And the You Tube video clip of the year has to be the duet with a parrot.

  8. Michael looks so good in that shirt. I hope you make him many more. I, too, enjoy your foibles as much as the triumphs. It takes the sting out of my own losers. But just try sewing for children, that is a real tough crowd.

  9. Happy New Year!

    (3:40am 1st Jan 2011 here)

  10. Ah, yes, parrot video...

  11. Your blog is one of my favourites! Toggle coat wins my award for 'best in show' for 2010. Mission for 2011: to make Ginger Rogers's sable trimmed costume from the 'Hollywood Costume' book for Cathy! BTW, this is a book I covet above all others. My college library had a copy and 30 years ago I spent many an hour salivating over the photos...Did you see the costume exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum and the MMA this year??? Fantabulous!

  12. There are not many "2010 in review" posts that are particularly interesting to me (usually because I already saw everything they sewed when it happened) but your post may also be the your best blog post of the year :) so funny. The toggle coat is amazing, as are your jeans and white shirt. I think I like Kathy's #2 look better than #1 but you made a good case for your choice. I like the harem pants better than you do (seriously, I LIKE them). And I agree Cathy didn't pull off the menswear jumper outfit. The menswear look isn't her forte, I guess. And finally, the tankini is smokin' hot. If you've got it, flaunt it.
    Happy New Year, Peter!

  13. I vote the parrot video in the non-sewing category, and am so envious of your duffle coat. What a year, Peter! Happy New Year :-)

  14. Only allowing 3 for best?? You've had more winners than that, I think. Your western jacket and shirt? Your cabana set? Your cord pants (who cares if the jacket isn't done and never will be)? Just to name a few ...

    Happy New Year to you, Michael and the pups!! Hopefully I will find myself back in MY sewing room in 2011.

  15. I loved the "whatEVer shall I wear to the reunion" yes/no/maybe discussion...

    Love your blog; especially love your sense of humor! Happy New Year!

  16. Happy New Year! Your blog is great fun to read for so many reasons - the Cathy photoshoots, the debates on style and the vintage sewing machine adventures. And of course the things you sew! All the best for 2011!

  17. Where's the best and worst sewing machine catagory? ;) Or the best and worst things done to them...

    Wonder if a linen version of the banded collar shirt would work for winter wear?

    I think my favorites are Michael's shirt, the flapper dress for Cathy and your toggle coat.

  18. Oh, Peter! Those harem pants are scarred into my brain for all eternity! Ugh.

    I do love your Kwik Sew Jeans, shirt, and your toggle coat, as well as your club collar shirt, your corduroy pants, and your navy cord jacket. All fabulous!

    I would love to see a best/worst review of sewing machines, too.

  19. Hi Peter,
    I've only recently discovered your blog and sewing. Your witty telling of your sewing adventures has really inspired me. As a matter of fact, I just got back from Value Village with 5 sheets to cut up and test drive. If I'm half as successful as you've been I'm golden. Thank you and happy New Year!

  20. The beige all in one is all sorts of fabulous.

  21. Your mankini actually stopped my husband in his tracks as he walked through the room. Hilarious. I like Cathy's pink the best.

  22. Happy New Year Peter - looking forward to peeping in on your sewing adventures of 2011. You're inspirational :)

  23. You've had a fabulous and very productive year. Your best has been truly awe inspiring and your worst has, at the very least, had a compelling fascination! Wishing you a very happy sewing year in 2011.

  24. Happy new year Peter (and happy new year to Michael and the hounds as well)! The toggle coat and the jeans are both fabulous, my votes go to the shirts- love them both and hope to see more on shirts in 2011.

  25. DAMN! i wondered where that bathing tank went! you so would have spotted me at sonic yoga in it.

  26. Wow, what a great year you've had! I'm even jealous of the worst projects. Happy new year, and here's to an equally productive 2011...

  27. some of those worse are kinda cool! Love the Liberty print shirt... and Cathy is a real stunner!

  28. Liberty print fabric is just the best

  29. Wow, you've had a great sewing year! LOL about the swim caps with flower:) Your best picks are definitely mine. That coat is awesome! Can't wait to see what you create this year:)

  30. Michael's shirt is really nice. I like Cathy as a flapper.

  31. Peter, I have to be honest. I brought up this post and could not get past the first picture and sentences without laughing out loud! Crying I was laughing so hard! And identifying! I love that you are so real and honest about your best and worst. I learn much from the blog...and knowing that others have regrets and joys in their creations along the way is comforting. Keep sewing and posting!


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