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Dec 27, 2010

Leopard Print Pants and the Holiday Hangover

We're in post-holiday recovery mode here today, folks.  I feel so grateful this time of year -- mainly that I'm not stranded in a Chicago airport waiting for my flight to be rescheduled.  Life is good.

We're snowed in here in New York City.   It's cold, blustery, and very, very white. Luckily Michael and I returned home from his parents' house in suburban New Jersey before the snow started to fall on Sunday.   We had a very nice weekend and I received as a gift a lovely pale gray cashmere sweater.  No complaints here.

We made time to create a visual homage to the legendary, leoparded Ann Margret. I think this portrait captures perfectly the spirit of Christmas, don't you?

Refined readers, the novelty of the leopard pants is beginning to wear off and I think it's time to put them away until I have opportunity to debut them in public.  Please help me create that opportunity.  Do you know any celebrities? Are one yourself?  A-list, B-list, up-and-comers, has-beens -- it's all the same to me.  Let's have dinner.

Last leopard pics before toll:

Those who wish to follow the leopard journey in its entirety can view my Picasa file here.

The week between Christmas and New Years is generally a period of rest.  Not at MPB, however.   There's so much sewing yet to do, so many machines needing oil, spit and polish, and new wiring (ugh).

And how about you?  Are you sewing this week or just returning gifts?

What's going back to the store and why?  Change the names to protect the innocent but do tell.  Any good sewing-related gifts?  How were your gifts received?

Jump in!


  1. Love the homage! Very well done!

  2. I think your homage is even better than the original!

  3. I came here this morning for photos of....snow.

    You let me down.

    NOT! I just adore those leopard print pants. If I were in the garment district, I'd suggest we visit Trattoria Casa Di Isacco which is a place I enjoyed during my fabric shopping spree last spring. Twice. It was just a few steps from my hotel (Hampton Inn). Evidently the owner is an Elvis impersonator. He'd appreciate the LPP's.

    Anyway, I vote for another LPP post: snow poses. You could be a snow leopard.

  4. I can't believe how much snow you got!! We're only 2.5 hours away and didn't even get 2 inches.
    I am sewing on my 1930 Sears and Roebuck Franklin Deluxe Rotary since my regular, newer machine is in the shop. I'm making a camel hair straight skirt, but won't be able to install the zipper until the new machine is repaired. I am considering heading back to the PA Fabric Outlet for more camel hair to make a matching jacket from Burda's November issue.

  5. No rest here, either - I'm in a rabid sewing mood!

  6. Love love love the homage!

    As soon as my in-laws leave, I'll be starting my daughter's bday outfit for her big 0-3 in Feb.

    and sadly I didn't get my requested sewing related gifts, but did get some cash, so now to talk hubby into letting me sewing tools for me rather than power tools for him! :)

  7. I sure hope you wore those pants to the in-laws, nothing could convey better how lucky they are that their son ended up with such an utterly glamorous person..

    But I can tell this was a US Christmas dinner - let me assure you that no French chihuahua could possibly lie on its human's stomach any time before February after what we ate last weekend..

  8. I love your homage to Ann Margaret! It's perfect.
    I had a seamstress' Christmas. My family and friends all bought me sewing related gifts. Most notably, my parents gave me a dress form which I am super excited about. I also received some fabric and sewing books. Nothing to return here.

  9. I need to oil my machine. And after that, I need to fix my pajama top (the sleeves are about ten inches too long) and start on Evie's fancy corduroy overalls outfit. But only after I get over this lovely case of stomach flu that I've been gifted with!

    Glad you had a good Christmas, Peter!

  10. I recant my original perspective on the pants. I think they look great! (But I do think they could be a bit tighter in the bum...)

  11. Just remember: it's the leopard's skin, not mine! ;)

  12. brilliant homage foto, -long, georgeous red hair is totally overrated!!
    For the pants, - I still have issues with animal prints, but the fit sure is purrrfect.. Let`s meet up for a visit to a hip berlin nightclub!
    And for christmas - no sewing related gifts at all, maybe a family conspiracy answering my "I-won`t-sew-for-you"-attitude.....uhm....

  13. My husband bought me a sewing book (The Bag Making Bible) at my insistence but it won't be here until the 29th (not that much time, I know, but when you're Christmas was severely lacking in sewing gifts, it feels like forever).

    I am taking one thing back: a tea board and tea coasters that my husband got me from Teavana. I feel super guilty, but I know that I'd never use them and I'd rather get something that I'll use than something that will sit in the cupboard unopened. I'm thinking of either a tea set or a bunch of different canisters with tea.

  14. I love the pants! Meow! My hubby got me a Singer Fashion Mate 237! It seems to run well, but I haven't been able to test it yet. We're also debating where it will live - it came with it's own cabinet!

    I'm sewing this week - just finished a giant messenger bag-slash-tote bag hybird out of funky japanese fabric and scraps of leather! And I need to make a new coat for the ipod touch I gave hubby for christmas! Right now just snuggling with the dog and catching up on the blogs!

  15. I got new Gingher shears and the book "The Art of Manipulating Fabric" by Colette Wolff, both from my husband. At the moment, I am holed up at the Sugarloaf ski resort with that book, a couple knitting projects and a cup of tea (still recuperating from a pre-Christmas bout of flu).

    Love the pants, AM's got nothin' on you, baby! :-)

  16. Here's an idea--a great place to wear and celebrate those pants!

    Happy new year! I LOVE your blog--not that many people can make me guffaw!


  17. Such fun gifts, guys!

    Carla, THAT is hilarious. Thanks for the link!

  18. The pants are wonderful and your dog is the cutest!

  19. "Last leopard pics before toll"

    Giggle. Seen too much of the NJ Turnpike lately?

    Love the homage! Love the snow pic ... from afar.

    Probably no sewing here this week. I seem to have brought home a killer cold from my travels that's kicking my butt. I didn't know I could sleep for 36 hours straight. Yikes.

  20. Those pants look terrific! Well done!

    I took advantage of an after Xmas sale at my fave local fabric shop yesterday (whipstitch fabrics) and now have lots of projects. Most for my gorgeous toddler.

    But one project for me. I saw an awesome camo ruffled skirt on Barneys' website by Junya Watanabe, on sale for $409. I'm going to make my own camo skirt for considerably less!

  21. I am going to spend as much time as possible cleaning and oiling my sewing machine collection!

    And then maybe I can tackle that pile of pants-needing-alterations on the cutting table.

    I didn't receive any sewing-related gifts, but I didn't ask for any. I have more than I need --well, except that now I am wanting a treadle...
    Maybe it will go on the list for next year.

  22. K.LineDecember 27, 2010 11:11 AM
    I recant my original perspective on the pants. I think they look great! (But I do think they could be a bit tighter in the bum...)

    PeterDecember 27, 2010 12:08 PM
    Just remember: it's the leopard's skin, not mine! ;)

    Alex - LOL - Good one.


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