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Sep 30, 2010

Plan C -- new shirt, new accessories + chihuahua video!

OK, so I thought long and hard about your comments yesterday.

Though I hate to admit it, I did start to see that the Western shirt -- while lovely and painstakingly stitched on a 1920 Singer treadle -- is not ideally suited to the rest of the outfit.  It is not crisp-looking.  The pants pop; the shirt is dull-toned.

I thought about white.

I do own a homemade white shirt -- a very nice one I whipped up last November.  I actually bought the fabric from Kashi at Metro Textiles and it's a silky white cotton.   And just look at that sleeve placket...

So I thought I'd try it with the pants and jacket and see how it looked.  Different belt, a few small tweaks.

Dear fashion critics and reunion ribbers, I like it.  It's brighter and looks crisper with the dark blue jacket.  The grosgrain ribbon belt is more cheerful than the black one while still looking sufficiently dressy, don't you think?

I've nixed the ascot -- too Peter Lawford.  But how about the psychedelic napkin neckerchief tucked in breast pocket (I know I said I don't wear pocket squares but it does pull things together, no?).

I've ditched the Navajo ring.  I can go Danish Modern silver...

...or domestic-partner gold.  (So I don't get hit on -- you know those 30th reunions.)

Now I should mention that there is one small problem with the shirt and I am fixing it.

When I originally made it last November, I had a problem with the interfacing on the neckband and collar: it didn't fuse well, leaving me with this:

Last night I removed collar and neckband and will make new ones today. 

And that's it.  I'll wear the loafers with black socks.  I'll shave and wear deodorant.  Clean underwear.

Have I forgotten anything?  Wallet?  Keys?

Thank you for dressing me up in your love (all over, all over).  How did I ever dress myself before this blog?

As Dinah Shore used to say, Mwah!

For your entertainment... How we'll be staying in shape this winter!


  1. great choices! I especially like the 'pocket square' and how the colours tie everythign together.

    I hope your reunion goes ok. I have never been to any of mine, but I plan on making it to my 30th in a couple of years.


  2. You look marvelous---I'd hit on you!!!!
    Have a fun time, it will be over before you know it.

  3. Looking good! You'll stand out, but not in a...standoutish way.

  4. Oh, and you could just press the dickens out of that collar, rather than re-make it.

  5. You look lovely. I do hope you have a fabulous evening (don't forget everyone else will have been having what-to-wear angst, too - but they don't have 1,000 adoring fans/stylists!). Good luck!

  6. Looking very stylish!

  7. I think it's a good choice.

    A reunion look is always fraught with anxiety. The challenge is wearing something that gives a flattering visual of who you've become in the years since high school (or college, in my case this summer.)

    My goal was to tie together the elements of eccentric, elegant, pulled together, carefree and stylish-but-not-a-slave-to-fashion.

    I had to design a dress. I mean, really how DO you buy that kind of crazy off the rack.

    It worked.

    I think yours works, too. Love the pocket napkin.

    I like the silver ring. It says, "I just tossed this on...look at what an accessories genius I am."

    Have a great time.

  8. Perfect! (And Willy makes a great accessory too.)

    "Have I forgotten anything?"

    Um ... you may want to think about hemming your pants. ;-)

  9. like the move from ascot to the pocket! The brighter colors of the scarf make the pants look more sedate and tie everything together (so it's not all red pants! red pants!) Yay! And the new belt is fun!

    Domestic partner gold. Definitely.

    And you are a brave man. Once I get a collar on, there's NO WAY it's coming back off!

  10. I just love how you can sift through everyone's suggestions and come up with something fabulous and so you!

    I love the silver ring. It looks dangerous.

  11. I'd nix the pocket kerchief too--and the ribbon belt. Otherwise, I like your very together look. The shirt is really, really nice, and you should wear it with pride. I don't know about the rings. Why not wear your DP ring, and bring Michael with you? But, really I think those things are personal preferences. I am curious to see where your pants hem ends up. I see every length on men these days. I'm guessing since your trousers are nicely fitted, that yours will be not so long over the top of your Guccis. I do think you will look awfully good at your reunion.

  12. Ok, I have to chime in. I think this combo is more conservative and very preppy. Oh, the belt scares me! I had a Bermuda bag in junior high that looked like that.

    I also have 60-year old men in my office wearing bright corduroy pants like that with a white shirt. And that doesn't sound like the Peter I've come to know. Don't tone down your outfit especially not in this situation, be your best self at the reunion! I loved the hipness and pizazz of the earlier look with the vibrant purple, cranberry, and navy combination with the ascot as the perfect touch. Think about it, ok?

  13. Pocket square is just the right touch. Love it. If any one is interested I am doing a give away on my blog
    far away from men's clothing, but still handmade. It is a little girl's princess dress made to size.

  14. I was thinking the same thing, Peter. :-)

    Did you sneak that hilarious video in later or did I just completely miss it the first time? Shame on me if the latter. I'm right there with Willy, BTW. I'd be sliding off onto my butt too.

  15. I suspect once you walk into the reunion, you won't give a second thought to what you have on as you march down memory lane with your classmates. Seems to me anyone who is confident enough to post a photo of themselves (repeatedly!) in their underwear will wear anything with confidence. Have a lovely time - looking forward to hearing all about it!

  16. Wow Peter, perfect combination. And I was a little behind on reading, but how quick you sew and very well too. I would never have taken the collar off and made a new one (too lazy for that I confess) and would have pressed the heck out of it.
    And wear what you feel comfortable in, that's the most important. Have fun at the reunion.

  17. Much better with the white shirt! I agree that the hanky in the pocket brings it all together and adds a nice funky touch. But I think you should nix the grosgrain ribbon belt. It seems to bring the outfit down a notch. The black belt looks good and doesn't cut you in half as you feared.

    You are going to look so good that you will need to wear the DP gold ring for protection! ;-)

  18. Peter and Debbie Cook -you crack me up!

    Peter, I think at this late stage (!) you need to just go with your instincts and choose the outfit that you feel most comfortable in and with as you don't want to be self-conscious all night due to your clothes. You look fabulous in A,B and C and no doubt D through to Z anyway as you are a good-looking guy (ok I'm not including those pleat front trousers in there..). Enjoy! It's always the events I am dreading the most that turn out to be the most fun and I hope this one does for you.

  19. Love the new outfit - minus the ribbon belt - which seems to be appro for Cathy.

    I love the placket work on the white shirt!

    Have fun at the reunion...supposedly my 20th is coming up - but when you graduate from a DoD high school, that was recently closed after 50 years, it might not be happening :(.

    And I love the hankie in the pocket!

  20. great look!!! Love the colors now and it shows your personality without overwhelming it.

  21. Bravo Peter! This is a great look. The bright pocket square really pulls it together. I vote for the silver ring. Better yet, I vote for the silver ring on me!

  22. I think everything looks great except the belt buckle does not work with that jacket. If you can find a way to cover up the D-rings, I'd call it a day. I like how the colors in the belt pull the outfit together.

  23. I like it! It's fun and a bit quirky, but still formal. Two thumbs up!!

  24. The belt is better suited for a summer wardrobe. Doesn't work with the suit.

  25. hurrah!
    love the silver ring
    love the white shirt
    love the pocket 'chief
    not made mind up about belt....

  26. Very good! Have fun at your reunion.

  27. What are you missing?

    A hat. Haven't I seen you in a hat (not one of Kathy's)?

    I don't love the ribbon belt. Can you post a photo with the plain belt but WITH the pocket kerchief? And with a hat?

    Wait - I guess men take hats off inside. So that's not going to work, is it?

    You have a tie? I think most guys will be wearing ties - not that you should - but I'm wondering if you have one (or could make one) that would add to the look - especially since you're not going to be wearing that ribbon belt.

  28. I very much like the look, including the belt, which I think is about the same era as the pocket poof print. And, LOVE the silver ring, but then, what's not to love about modern jewellery? If you wear the wedding band, people will ask where your SO is. Boring, but true. Both are good. I think the white shirt will make your face show up better in reunion photos, too. Overall, smashing A++!

    My question: how do you stand it? I'd be curled up in a ball on the floor whimpering if the world were critiquing how I looked.

  29. Hot cha cha! I love it -- every detail! I can imagine you laughing with a cocktail in your hand at the elegant bar, cutting the rug to some great 70s tunes, and turning with a cocked eyebrow as you hear your name shouted from across the ballroom. I'm sorry I missed out on all the wardrobe therapy yesterday, but obviously there already was enough cacophony to bring about this wonderful development. Now spend the next couple of days casting back in time so you have some 30 year old dish to dazzle your old classmates with . . . ciao bello, Pam

  30. This is it w/Danish modern. All good.*

    (*Hem pants.)

  31. Thanks! I'm glad I don't have to wear the cocktail dress. ;)

  32. I love the pocket square and I love the belt. I liked the first shirt, but I agree that the white does make the outfit pop. I prefer the Danish modern silver, I think it adds a quirky little twist. Oh, and I love that doggy video. I keep laughing.

  33. Is everyone in the Lappin household getting something to treadle?
    Wait, is this a meme?

  34. I agree with Laura -- keep the belt, lose the d-rings. Also, the silver ring is great but it is very directional and I think it would look better on your other hand.

  35. Peter!! I absolutely LOVE it!! It's bright, fun, and snappy - totally Peter! :)

  36. Love how it is looking now. The neckerchief in the pocket and white shirt make the look more pulled together. I like the belt but I think substituting a regular belt buckle in it would be better; the D-ring is rather casual.

  37. DP gold, and black belt, please, the ribbon belt seems to me to cheapen the outfit somewhat.

  38. Perfection - loving the new belt, and I'm so glad the scarf-thing made it in there somewhere.

  39. really, it IS a wonder that you managed to get dressed all these years....

    love the pocket square thingy, don't love the belt, but hey, it's not my reunion now, is it? Didn't think so. You have fun!!!!

  40. I love it! Home run. The belt, silver ring and pocket square are perfect accessories....adding just the right zing of personality. I spent the last week looking for just them right silver ring to wear to a reunion party this weekend (shows you're artsy, but not trying too hard). I don't have your skills, so it 's a foxcroft shirt, jeans and loafers for me. (awfully calculated, but we're all doing it, aren't we? Love you and your blog to bits.

    Anonymous because I can't figure out how not to be.

  41. Oh btw, be true to yourself and your SO. Gold band on the left, silver on the right. That's my anonymous "home run" comment above.

    Guess I can just type my name In this box.
    Love, Annie

  42. Can't wait to see you and your outfit at the reunion!

    Selene :)

  43. A touch of 4th July, but probably much more so on screen than in real life :-). Much brighter and crisper, I think it's much improved. And I totally approve of the pocket square, which does pull things together in a much less boho way than the neck thing. Danish modern ring too, unless you think you might be tempted by the lack of the domestic-partner version.

    If you're going to take out the collar anyway (good idea..), how about starting by pressing the hell out of it? You never know, you might succeed in either re-fusing the interfacing or completely detaching it, saving the redo either way. An interesting scientific experiment??

  44. I too missed out on the all the craziness, but I love the final look (if this is it). I think it looks great, and you seem much more comfortable in the picture, and *that* is a great sign!

  45. OMG, Selene, just above, is FROM my high school class! (And an old friend)

  46. Much better, Peter. Have a blast!!

    I'd hit on you too if I were the proper age!! ;-)

  47. Here it is, knew I must have missed a post when I saw you in the white shirt!! Love the napkin and the belt. You are so very brave, first, for making a white shirt and, second, for taking the collar off a year later and r-e-p-l-a-c-i-n-g it. Phew, could barely type that. Fabulous job!!!


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