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Dec 1, 2020

Modeling My Finished Flight Suit - McCall's 2054!

Friends, the flight suit is finished and here I am wearing it!

Did I mention in my last post that it shrank a few inches in the wash?  I ended up adding a 5" wide panel to the bottom of each leg so that I would have some extra length in case I want to tuck it into boots, wear it rolled up or just leave it long.  I'll share a few shots of the shorter version (which honestly doesn't look bad) and the lengthened version as well.

Here's the shorter version.  It's fine but remember, the hem is unfinished, not turned up at all.

And here's the lengthened version:

I guess you can guess which one I prefer.  Here's the flight suit from the back.

Would it have been more practical to sew this entirely in one color?  Probably.  But the orange makes it a little more interesting.  Plus, with a jacket on top, the only orange visible is the collar and only if I'm wearing it down.  If I'm wearing the collar up you only see a little orange along the outer edge.  Plus the orange zipper and orange topstitching of course!

At the Chelsea Flea Market (before I added the extra length).

And that's it.  I don't think I have anything else to add about McCalls's 2054--it's an excellent pattern and very wearable.  I'm actually tempted to make another one in solid navy twill, but that may have to wait till next year.  Then again, next year is but a month away; time flies.  And in my new flight suit, I can fly with it!

Thanks for reading, everybody and happy sewing!

PS -- Simplicity also has a flight suit pattern, 8722, but I think the McCalls one is a little nicer.  Still, you might want to take a look: it has a fly shield and seems to include a hooded version.


  1. As always, Peter, your sewing is so much fun. Not in the least, you have a good photographer, and you model your fashions so well. Is Cathy coming in with a fashionable holiday outfit this year? I do hope so!

  2. Fit is fantastic Peter! Great job! How about one for Aunt Cathy? She needs some Aviator chic! With the aviator glasses, please!

    1. *Cousin* Cathy is PURE cat-suit!
      Make it a saturated jewel tone, in a 4-way stretch fabric, in matching ankle high boots (to elongate the line of her legs) sporting as a high a heel a gent with an 8.5 shoe could negotiate for several city blocks.

      Cathy would sooner wear wrap-around sunglasses from the 80s before attending the church of redux vis a vis a style of glasses worn by lecherous photographers she suffered (never mind her competition all trying their version of aviators over a wet-look lip gloss).

      Though at the end of any day, one is more likely to find Cathy rocking a pair of cats-eye frames (her spirit animal is a feral cat).

    2. I love it!!!!! Especially the ankle boots! The cat eye frames would be again, fab. . . aviators are soooo bourgeois now and a bit skeezy . . .

    3. Yes please! I see Cousin Cathy channelling Miss Phryne Fisher in aviatrix mode.
      Great workmanship as always.

  3. Beautiful job as always, Peter! And the fit is spot on!

  4. Love the color combo! Beautiful as usual, Peter 😁

  5. I absolutely love this on you! Great job with adding interest with the perfectly placed orange highlights. :)

  6. You are so much fun! I love the flight suit and the placement of color on it. I have absolutely no need of such a garment, but now I am trying to figure out how to justify the making of one!!

  7. This turned out better than I expected! I was hesitant about the orange, but it looks great!

  8. I love it!

    Dunno if I'd dare wear it as casualwear (maybe I would!) but as a true flight suit for paragliding it runs RINGS around anything commercially available...

    I want one! Medium gray with accents in intense turquoise to match my glider...

    1. Aaarrgh! The pattern is 15€ in Amazon, plus all that fabric, for something I will most likely botch... Oh, hell, now I don't know what to do!

      I really think it is too difficult for me. Your sewing looks perfect, with those perfectly parallel topstitch lines, and the fitting is fine. I don't think I can make it look that good, and it is something I would wear with my ho-ho paragliding colleagues (and which I would want them to envy, haha!).

      I'd need to do a couple toiles or three, maybe in non-woven fabric to speed things up... Thing is, I want it!

      How long did it take you to make it? Times four it might give me an indication...

    2. Well, it's not an easy sew, but it's worth giving a try in my opinion. If your thread matches your fabric, your topstitching doesn't have to be so accurate.

  9. love this suit! also, that first pic has an awesome Stanley Tucci vibe

  10. Wear that flight suit... and head to my hometown (Akron, Ohio). Maybe you would find a few DEVO fans or at least be able to pose at the DEVO art /photo/bilboard at our Lock-3 downtown outdoor event venue. Love your choice of colors... Fab result.

  11. I love this
    It looks great on you.
    I like the Simplicity pattern as well.
    Well done. I like the orange touches

  12. I think I speak for everyone here when I say, your next jumpsuit needs to be a Ghostbusters suit.

    And I second the Stanley Tucci vibes!

  13. Great piece! I like the sketchy patchy color thrown into it not too deliberately. For me, DIY is mainly motivated by wanting things I cannot readyly buy, so this one hits the spot.

  14. The chicness is so strong here it's warping time and space. I am super long-waisted and curvy, and the only jumpsuit I've ever tried sewing was such a total fitting failure that I couldn't even bear to finish it. It's still hanging on my upstairs banister, where I glare at it every time I pass by. I'm too disheartened by it to even try and upcycle it into something to salvage the fabric.

    All that said, your UTTERLY STUNNING version here makes me want to pick myself up and try again. Thank you for the much-needed dose of beauty and inspiration!


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