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Jul 8, 2020

Why I Won't Be Hosting MPB Day This Summer

Readers, I'm guessing this will come as no surprise.

When I look at photos of MPB Days past, I realize that holding this event this summer would be challenging on many different levels.  For example:

1) The FIT Museum is currently closed and it's not clear when it might reopen.

2) Restaurants are open for outdoor dining only and few eateries have more than a handful of outdoor tables available (if they have any at all).

3) Large groups, even masked, are not encouraged unless strict social distancing is maintained.  I think that's a lot to ask and not very practical (or fun).

4) Travel also has its risks, particularly on airplanes.  Many people from out of town would not be able to attend, along with anyone with health concerns or who might be living with an elder, like I do.

I haven't traveled to the Garment District since March but my understanding is that many fabric stores have reopened albeit with reduced hours.  Certainly those that sell online like Mood, Fabrics & Fabrics, B&J, Elliott Berman, and Metro Textiles are open for business virtually.  I hope you will consider supporting them in what are certainly trying times for small, independent businesses.

At Metro Textiles.  Funny, the things we took for granted not so very long ago.

So far, everyone in my family continues to be healthy but we are not socializing with others.  This is achievable for us since we're homebodies anyway and none of us works outside the apartment.  We go out to get exercise, walk the dogs, and do some local food shopping (though we get the bulk of our food delivered) but that's about it.  I feel fortunate that in New York City the worst seems to be behind us but who knows what the next few months might bring.  I'm optimistic by nature but this situation is going to be hard on the city for a long time.

All that said, the summer has, so far, been beautiful.  The city is relatively quiet, most people wear masks, and New York continues to be a lovely place to be.  A city is more than its attractions: it's its people, its spirit, and its synergy.  These continue as before, if in ways that are perhaps less immediately apparent.

I am truly grateful that we were able to celebrate MPB Day last March and I'm confident we'll be celebrating again.

I hope you are healthy and happy and don't forget to keep sewing!

PS -- As always, you can check out my latest projects on Instagram, where I post daily.


  1. Sorry to miss it this year, but I totally understand! Hope to see you next year, and hope you and yours stay safe and healthy.

  2. I was so happy to get to come there last August. It was my first trip and I look forward to my next trip whenever in the future that will be. I bought some fabric online recently from Metro Textiles. You introduced me to Metro Textiles and I will be a frequent shopper. I'm so glad that things are looking up in NYC. I live in Alabama. Things are ramping up here. Our mayor just mandated masks be worn in the city and there is quite a bit of resistance. I totally don't understand that attitude at all, but attitude abounds here. We are wearing our masks and staying close to home for the most part. My daughter, Jessica works at a small office.
    I'm hoping for the best, but afraid for the worst. Hoping you and your family stay safe.

  3. Great decision!!! What you have done should be held up for a nation to bear witness to. You are taking care of so many people you know and don't know. Impressive, thoughtful, sane!

    Now, about your career: with Craftsy making a comeback, you can, unlike Cathy's mother, not switch studios after your first star turn.

  4. Good call. One of these days I will make it to MPB. I knew it wouldn't be this year anyway.

  5. I was in New York on Wednesday, and I was so happy to see that everyone (that I saw) was wearing a mask. It's a scary time right now, on so many levels. But we will get through it, and we'll be stronger on the other side.

  6. Today my calendar sent me a reminder for MPB Day. I had set it a year ago. I'm sad it won't happen, but it's a wise decision, for all the reasons you mention. My company had us all Work From Home, starting in mid-March and I've been busier than ever. Go figure. Just glad I still have a paycheck. I'm in a "high-risk" group, so I rarely go anywhere, except for a neighborhood walk or to get groceries. But I'm a homebody, too, so it's really not that bad. At least I've been doing SOME sewing, even if it's just masks. I will miss seeing you, Peter, as well as everyone in the MPB Day family. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Hugs!

  7. Happy MPBDay Peter! Although it is canceled this year, it still goes on in my heart.


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