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Mar 3, 2020

What Shall I Wear to the Winter Frolic?

Readers, I can hardly believe it but the MPB Day Winter Frolic is this coming Saturday, March 7th!  (Details can be found here.)

It's so true that time speeds up the older you get: wasn't it just Christmas and wasn't I recently in college?

I always like to wear mostly me-mades to MPB Day events: I mean, I have to set an example, right?  I could wear the vest I recently finished, made from vintage McCall's 5051 (below). 

I could pair the vest with the William Morris print shirt which I'm wearing in the top photo, because when I unbutton the vest....

That beautiful fabric was actually a gift from my friend Pam, who is expected at Saturday's event.

I could also wear my Davy Crockett shirt.  Since it's likely to be a sunny day in the mid-40's, I might wear it layered over one of my favorite me-made flannel shirts.  (Do you think the leather laces are too long?  I might trim them a little.)

Of course, I could always fall back on something from Thom Browne's Fall/Winter 2019 collection, though I hate when my hem drags on the asphalt.

My outwear choices depend on the weather.  I could wear my new Eighties jacket, but I'd have to really layer up.

There's always my faux fur but I wore that to last year's Winter Frolic.

Another option is my wool tweed peacoat but I'd need to replace the lining before Saturday as I removed the old one, which was fraying.  May not happen though maybe this is just the kick in the pants I need to get it finished.

As for my makeup, I'm going for an overall pale palette with an emphasis on the eye. 

On a more serious note, with the Winter Frolic just a few days away, please finish your outfits as soon as possible and do check to cut off any dangling threads.  It's embarrassing when I am forced to do it for you.  I will have my clippers at the ready!

In closing, I hope to see you on Saturday.

Have a great day, everybody, and happy sewing!

Thom Browne says it's ruffles for Spring/Summer 2020.


  1. I’m sorry, but when clothing like that you show fromThom Browne is presented as fashion I really feel insulted!

    1. The models look really unhappy. I don't blame them.

  2. I'm a new reader of your blog, and I'm hoping to join the Frolic for lunch and shopping! Looking forward to seeing what outfits everyone picks.

  3. WM print shirt and vest under the Tweed peacoat? Love the peacoat under any circumstances.

  4. Of course I think it should be "Cathy's Frolic"; wearing high-waist cigarette pants, a ruffled blouse (ode to Thom), and your bomber jacket. Short, sassy, and on the move!

    Her public never waivers.

  5. I agree with paintbrush but all your makes are fabulous! Wish I could attend. Karen

  6. I think Cathy should attend.

  7. Sorry to miss you! And that vest is fabulous.

  8. I was gandering at the Thom Browne 2020 slides today on the webs, and I really like them. The fauz Mickey hats, meh. But the bias trim on the regatta jackets, and some of the black and while winter sets were enough for me to be clipping and collaging.

  9. Peter, Sorry I was not up to joining you and the group today, but I was there in spirit & look forward to seeing the photos.

    Best regards, Howard

    1. No worries, Howard. Hope to see you in August!


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