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Jul 28, 2019

Cathy Models the 1970 Vogue Dress!

Readers, my cousin Cathy is back!

I whipped up Vogue 7935, a vintage 1970 dress pattern, for her last week and I must say she looks stunning in it.

I made it from a poly georgette print purchased years ago at Fabrics for Less in the Garment District.  The faced keyhole is a stand-out feature, along with bishop sleeves and front tie scarf.

You may be surprised to learn that I select all of her accessories for our photo shoots.  For this ensemble I chose faux snakeskin T-strap heels for a 70's-does-40's vibe, gold link belt, boho felt hat, hoop earrings, and vintage mod sunglasses.


Flowers (that happen to match my outfit)--for me?

You might be wondering what Cathy has been up to this summer.  Mostly she's been taking long walks and stealing stealth smokes.  It's gotten so you hardly find a place to enjoy a Virginia Slim in peace.  Like most models she'd rather be skinny and waif-like than strapping and leather-lunged.

Cathy's bishop sleeves, which I underlined in nylon tulle for fullness, drape beautifully.

Originally I'd added wide cuffs, but they resulted in too much sleeve.  Bye-bye cuff!

Daughter Simplicity continues to be a thorn in her side as well as a daily reminder to stay well-stocked with spermicide. 

You're probably admiring Cathy's lavender pantyhose: more refined than bare legs, don't you think?

Cathy loves her new Vogue frock, whose undeniable modesty is a bit of a departure for her.  Normally in the summer she's found in Daisy Dukes and tube tops but this dress is practically Amish.

Cathy loves dogs and dogs love Cathy!

Cathy couldn't care less but I'm very proud of my invisible zipper insertion at the center back seam.

Let's get some more shots as Cathy meanders through the nabe...

It could have been worse: Simplicity could have been twin boys!

CAPTION NEEDED: First prize is him.
Cathy's many moods: mysterious...

As always, Cathy sends her very best wishes to my blog readers as well as a special request for sound advice on managing a tween with a sugar habit.

Drop-dead glamour!
Till next time, friends -- Mwah!


  1. Beautiful! Love the fabric. The accessories are perfect. Your cousin rocks this dress.
    "Well stocked with spermicide" - LMAO!!!

  2. This takes me back. I made this dress in highschool... I had to flare the skirt because hips. Wore it just above the knee.. with french heel wet look vinyl mary jane shoes. Yes, and opaque tights when I felt like it. It looks timeless on Cathy and she has the hips for the chain belt. Great version

  3. Caption: Cathy was so distracted she walked into a tree.

  4. Lovely dress, Cathy looks lovely in it. Your changes on the sleeve really make a difference. Good details make a garment special.

  5. I had that pattern but I would have never looked so chic! Lavender pantyhose is also an effective birth control! Having a mother so gorgeous and well-turned-out as Cathy, no wonder her teen is rebelling.

  6. Cathy looks as lovely as ever. Hopefully boarding school straightens Simplicity out. Just imagine the problems if she had had a twin sister named Vogue!

  7. Stunning Cathy! Beautifully done.

  8. Love that you underlined the sleeves with tulle, never thought of such a thing.

  9. see the family resemblance...but Cathy seems to get younger every time I see her....hope she'll be joining us & wearing that lovely frock on the 10th of August..........

  10. The tulle in the sleeve. Peter, your choice to learn to sew was exactly the right one. You have a gift for this.
    As for Simplicity, please let Cathy know (I'm the parent of a 22 and a 19 year old), they do eventually come around to reality. If you live long enough.....
    and now I really miss smoking.

    One last thought: the 70s featured a wider chunky heel. But Cathy rocks them all.

  11. Caption: We approve your efforts, dear sir!
    Cathy looks lovely in your creation. I think I sewed either that same Vogue pattern, or one very like it, in High School. We weren't allowed to wear slacks to school until the following year.

  12. Caption: [Voice over by Marlin Perkins, from Mutual of Omaha's "Wild Kingdom"] "Cathy is poised innocuously, yet is about to demonstrate her "catch and release" skills upon joggerus oblivious."

  13. (slight pause)[VO by Marlin Perkins] "Jim lost the coin toss."

  14. stunning and perfect sleeves - they really balance the float-y-ness of the dress. Wonderful accessories (coveting the sunglasses). Summer suits Cathy, I love her pixie haircut - elegant as always

  15. Peter your sewing is amazing...and Cathy is just too COOL for words! Love following you both! --Erik in NW Ohio

  16. Welcome back Cathy! You look stunning as always!

  17. Cathy is owning it. The sleeves are perfecto.
    I'd have thought she'd let the boarding school deal with the tween issues. Perhaps they're pushing back ...
    Best wishes back to Cathy - would LOVE to see her in Daisy Dukes and a tube top.

  18. Cathy looks great in this number! Luv the accessories, even those white tights! 😉

  19. thank-you for posting my first comments. Please be careful when referencing other groups of people. "Almost Amish" should not have been used. The are great group of people and wonderful to work with. Happy Creating.


  20. (Caption) And in that moment, Cathy realized why her daughter talked about 'craving a snack' whenever the pool boy was around...

  21. Peter, your cousin Cathy looks beautiful. She is so fortunate to have such a smart seamstress in the fam. Your invisible zipper is stupendous/ The fabric, the hose, shoes. Well done

  22. Stunning outfit and I imagine Cathy walking through your neighbourhood with Heartsdales' Foxy Lady blasting from an mp3 player. The fabric print is something else.


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