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Apr 13, 2018

So What Else Have I Been Up To?

One (of many) of the frustrating things about social media is that there are simply too many platforms and it's extremely time-consuming to participate in more than a few.

I find Instagram (where I'm @peterlappin) to be much more spontaneous (i.e, faster and easier) than a blog, which is why I'm most active there these days.

Instagram doesn't allow for the same level of discussion (although discussions do occur) and doesn't foster as much of a sense of community as this blog does, alas, but I still enjoy it.  I'm no longer active on BurdaStyle, Pattern Review, or YouTube, and Twitter is largely an afterthought.  Don't even mention Kollabora or Tumblr. 

I have begun contributing to Threads magazine though their subscription online newsletter, the Threads Insider.  I'm writing a series of how-to articles, which began this month (see top pic).  It's fun and truly a privilege to be in such great company.  Are you familiar with it?

In other news, thank you for the dozens of excellent comments regarding embroidery machines from my last post.  I have decided to hold off purchasing one for the time being, though I haven't entirely abandoned the idea.  Space in my apartment being at the premium it is, I don't know where I would put even a small-ish one.  Also, I fear it would require a good amount of time to master and there are other things I might (i.e., ought to) be doing instead.

I'm currently deeply involved in the second (of five) classes in the Haute Couture certificate program at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).  This semester we've been tackling beading, ribbon flowers, passementerie (decorative braid and the like), embroidery, and much more.  It's a lot of material and, while it's great to gain a working knowledge of what these techniques involve and how they can be applied, there isn't enough time to truly master any of them, though I've learned how to make a decent grosgrain ribbon rose.

I'm continuing my private client work, where I've been creating everything from bridal wear to faux fur coats.  It's challenging and fun, and the only downside is that I'm less motivated to sew for myself -- in fact I have, at this moment, almost no interest at all.  Of course things do go in cycles so who knows what my sewing mojo may be like tomorrow.  But there's a reason relatively easy-to-fit people buy jeans on Amazon instead of sewing their own, even people who could sew their own.  It's. Just. Easier.

In closing, I do hope you'll join me on Instagram, where today we're exploring the mystery of something advertised as "Slenderella" in women's fashion magazines of the 1950's.  Creepy!

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Glad to read an update. Your class sounds fun. I’m so jealous of you being able to do that entire program. That would be so cool!

    I have tried so hard to get interested in Instagram. I absolutely love photographs, but I’m having a hard time making it part of my routine. I guess the main thing with Instagram is that I don’t feel that sense of community there. I continue to try.

  2. I hear ya! I, too, have had many things going on in my professional life, and have been feeling burnt on social media. Not to mention (tell me if you agree), it can kinda feel like writing and endless novel, looping back to the same points over and over again. Instagram is so noisy, and like speed dating for folks with a short attention span. Glad when you post, totally understand when you don't!

  3. Peter,

    You continue to grow, year after year.

    Where ever you go, what ever you do, please leave bread crumbs for those of us who enjoy finding your latest iteration.

  4. Glad to hear from you, I was wondering what you were up to! Glad everything is good.

  5. Thank you for the update! I don't follow instagram and I enjoy reading long, detailed posts, so keep going, at least once in a while. Your style is great!

  6. Like Mimi, I also hear ya. I've been slacking on my blog lately as well, (though I don't think too many people have missed me). But I especially empathize with your feelings of not being motivated to sew for yourself. Often its' the case that the more work we do for clients, the less we feel like sewing for pleasure. Kind of a catch-22! I've been using my time teaching kids' sewing classes to bring out my creativity and enjoyment. This time of year, when the studio is littered with sparkles and bits of tulle from all the prom alterations, it's fun to see the work through the eyes of my students, as they wake up to the possibilities sewing will bring!

  7. I've really missed your blog posts! Glad to hear that all is well. I'm not an Instagrammer, but I am a past subscriber to Threads Insider. Maybe I'll re-up with them if it means access to PL tutorials!

  8. Pics are fun. I have subscribed to Threads for a long time. Have tried Threads Insider but which provides some really good how to demos, but it just doesn't run very well on my smart phone. Many of us, even though we are very busy, want and need discussion.

  9. Congratulations on contributing to Threads! Things do go in cycles and knowing that makes it easier to accept not wanting to engage in something that had once been a passion. I used to read a crazy amount of books. I became an author and reading fell by the wayside. After finishing my last contract, I've put aside writing temporarily and I'm reading again. It feels good. Oh--and thank you for making me feel better about not making my own jeans. So much work. I like to buy my bottoms and make my tops.

  10. It's always so exciting for me to follow your exploits into the world of fashion and you know I am a great admirer of your one request I have is for you to come up with a "slenderfella" line of fashion! You're the best!

  11. I'm on a blog-hiatus myself at the moment, although the late, grudging arrival at last of spring has heartened me to the point I may resume. We shall see.

    And your grosgrain roses are marvelous! I'd like a dozen, please, for my spring hat...

  12. So happy you blogged again. I missed you.

  13. Thanks so much for that excellent threads article on cuffs. I loved the sample and am seriously contemplating drafting a cuff pattern with a fully triangular overlap ( though I could imagine getting myself in a terrible sweat trying to make two with matching angles and exact points!)


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