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Aug 17, 2017

Bridal Update + August Shirtmaking

Friends, with all the MPB Day excitement, you may have forgotten about my wedding gown projects.

Here's a brief update:

As you can see up top, Christina's gown now has a very full skirt.  It's a circle, cut in four quarters.  I've also purchased the fabric: a stiff ivory silk taffeta.  It's going to be gorgeous.

Meanwhile, Val and I have also had an additional fitting -- actually more than one.  Here's the back with some of the alterations that were necessary from the original muslin.  The center back is open above the waist.

I started making some samples with the lace we purchased (at Metro Textiles).  On most of the dress the lace will be underlined with a lightweight poly charmeuse.  I experimented with silk organza (immediately below) on the portion above the bust, but while it looked lovely on the dress form, it didn't flatter Val.  (That's the pattern envelope on the right.)

Instead, we're going with full-on lace, with the bust area underlined and the rest left nude.  It looks lovely against Val's skin.

Val's wedding is at the end of the September so it's really time to get cracking on the final garment.  Now that we've got the fit down and our fabric choices made, we're good to go.

I have found some time to make a shirt for Michael.  You'll see the finished product very soon but here's a sneak preview.  My shirting is a very lovely ribbon-print from Mood Fabrics -- very Liberty of London-like, though it isn't true Liberty.

Sleeve placket.
Collar with contrasting inside collar stand.

Finally, I was left with more than 85 patterns after last Saturday's MPB Day pattern swap.  How could anyone have left behind these highly collectible classics?

Fortunately, a friend from FIT expressed interest and was willing to take these treasures off my hands.  I am confident they will be put to good use.

And that's it, readers.  I'll keep you posted on my wedding gowns as things progress.  In the meantime, I hope you're all enjoying these last few weeks of summer.  I know I am.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. What someone gave up the "dancing turd" costume pattern? Or wait, is that supposed to be the California Raisins?

    1. Hi , so glad you recognised what these were supposed to be 😁

  2. That's going to be one special gown for her special day! Watch, we're going to see those patterns posted somewhere as Rare Vintage Finds, at 25 bucks a pop.

  3. Just noting that I have that California Raisin pattern...and somewhere in my mother's attic is the costumes that my sisters wore made from it ...

  4. My friend would TOTALLY have gone for matching winter accessories with her Cavalier King Charles spaniel XD

    The dresses are starting to look really gorgeous!

  5. That's a shame you gave them away, you could have hosted another round of your special pattern naming game!

  6. Uh...what are those, The Three Muske-turds?

    The wedding gowns are going to be gorgeous, Peter!

  7. Peter, you nailed the difficult-to-fit bodice of Christina's gown. If I had a dime for each poor set of instructions I have read on this subject . . . Val's lace is knockout gorgeous. Your arrangement of it will make the most of its beauty. (Metro Textiles is my kinda place.)

  8. FIT can decoupage their corridors with those pattern tissues (just a little Mod-Podge, a few artistic volunteers, and VOILA!).

  9. I was wondering how the wedding gowns were coming along. But, of course, we know they will be lovely!!

  10. Absolutely stunning dresses. I bet the owners will look utterly gorgeous in them. Xx

  11. The California Raisins!!!

    Love love love Val's lace and dress pattern!!!

  12. thanks for the update: i love that dress and i'm vicariously involved in the process. can't wait to see more. Michael's shirt fabric and the details pictured are fab. thanks.

  13. Both of those wedding dresses are going to be absolutely gorgeous!!

  14. Loving the wedding dresses , that lace is lovely , been watching the shirt coming together on instagram, is gorgeous.
    Was bewildered by the simplicity pattern , so glad Gene enlightened me on what they were!!

  15. Beautiful work on the dresses, Peter. Love how you try things and are so confident in your decisions. You go!!

  16. I, too, made the California Raisin costume. It was a big hit! Hot as the was like wearing a sleeping bag.

  17. Your choices and execution have always been good, but you're rising into even loftier territory. You were born to do this, sir.

    I have two copies of the Raisin pattern. People give them to me. Disturbing frankly.

  18. You can say those are raisins all you want to. Doesn't change the facts. ;)

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Sorry, no offense intended, but that shirt fabric looks like tapeworms to me.


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