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Jan 13, 2017

BIG REVEAL: The Completed African Wax Print Pants!

Readers, the pants are finished!

You can get a (much) better look at them here.  (And what luck to find a mustard-colored dumpster to coordinate with them -- what are the odds?)

I intend to make another garment with this fabric, perhaps for February.  I still have more than three yards plus a few remnants -- definitely enough for a jacket if not a full-length evening cape.

This is my third African print fabric and my first foray into pants.  They're a little lightweight for a New York winter but then it doesn't really snow much in Africa, does it?

Working with these fabrics has really helped to broaden my conception of what goes with what.  Doing a little research on Pinterest, I stumbled upon some truly fabulous pattern-mixing, things I never would have dreamed up on my own.  (Do a search under "African wax print" to see what I mean.)

These fabrics are the perfect antidote to drab winter weather.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Wasn't sure I was going to like this fabric as pants, BUT they are great! You really see the potential in fabric, Peter!

  2. It's official, you're one of those people us observant/jealous-types marvel at, and wonder where indeed did you get that?

    These pants are brilliant (the inside is visual poetry!).

    I summarily concur with Linda T, you do see the potential in a piece of cloth, and we're all a little more confident going forward. Public service by merely outfitting yourself.

    The gallery setting was the perfect choice (how'd ya pull that off? Michael's invisible hand at work?).

  3. The usual six yards allows for pattern matching/not matching, but begs to make an ensemble. I have yet to make the pants to go with the wax print shirts I have, but it is just a matter of waiting for the weather to warm up. And now I see I have no reason to be hesitant, as yours look wonderful.

  4. Maybe you like to look here:

    1. Great company with loads of African Wax prints. And lucky me: their production facility is only 15 min away from my home! I love using their fabric for my summer dresses.

  5. What I admired the most about these pants is the pink motif placement. Whether you planned ahead or not, the pink molecules are not highlighting any personal parts. Always fun to see what you can get away with!!!


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