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Oct 11, 2016

NAME THAT PATTERN -- The Farewell Tour

Readers, it's a show business truism that you should leave them wanting more.

That's why today marks the official kick-off of MPB's exclusive Name That Pattern game's farewell tourWe've had so much fun together over the years -- good clean fun -- laughing at some of the wackiest sewing patterns ever printed.  It might be time to leave while we're still on top. 

By now you know the rules: I post photos of patterns I've found online and you give them funny names.  For our Farewell Tour kick-off, we have some amazing prizes, including six pairs of Cher's used false eyelashes, three Sally Hansen nail tips, and one broken MAC lipstick.

With no further delay, let's get started.

Put your hands together for PATTERN #1!

Speechless?  Meet PATTERN #2!

But wait, there's more: here's PATTERN #3!

Can anything top -- no pun intended -- PATTERN #4?

Alas, we're coming to the end of our game; let's give a warm welcome to PATTERN #5!

But wait -- we have our BONUS PATTERN, for those who just can't get enough.  Presenting PATTERN #6!

Friends, I'm so glad you've been able to participate in our Farewell Tour-edition of NAME THAT PATTERN.  It means so much to me given all we've been through together.  As always, you're welcome to give names to any of the above patterns, but only those who name all six patterns are eligible to win our top prizes.  I'll be playing along, as will Michael and perhaps some very special guests.

Ready to play?  Get on your marks, get set, Name That Pattern!  (Maybe for the last time...or maybe not.)


  1. You've outdone yourself. And yes, #1, view 1 leaves me speechless.

  2. #3 Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice and Ken?

  3. These are great, and I will miss this game!
    Drat, Linda B. used my idea for #3, and I’ve got nothing else for that pattern, so …

    1. If Scarlet O’Hara Can Wear Drapes, So Can I
    2. How to Childproof Any Home
    3. Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice and Hans Have a Little Something in the Kitchen
    4. It’s Raining. Can I Come In?
    5. Hootenanny Rivals
    6. Stereotype Starter Kit

  4. 1. When the curtains go up, it’s show time.
    2. I’d rather have the 50 cent pattern that doesn’t include the three-fingered Deltor.
    3. Riff Raff, Janet, Rocky, Magenta and Brad in the witness protection program. And Meatloaf. Again.
    4. “That’s right, with this new gastric bypass surgery I just push the food right out.”
    6. The other girls just smiled when Nurse introduced her friend Bacteria Slide.

  5. 1. Miss Ellen's Poitiers Redux
    2. BabySquared
    3. Suburban (Apron) Swap
    4. Holly Hobby Career Edition
    5. Liesl and Maria
    6. Village People Junior
    I'll miss Pattern Swap.

  6. #1: "I saw it in the window and couldn't resist it."*
    #2: Baby garment bag
    #3: Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice and wait a minute. Who's that other guy?
    #3: Throwing shade
    #4: "Allemande right with your head on backwards!"
    #5: "Girls doing girl things"

    *I figured I'd quote Bob Mackie's OTHER famous customer.

  7. 1. "Oh, darling—I wouldn't be caught dead in a LIVING."
    2. We really wanted a baby, but couldn't afford all 3 dimensions.
    3. You know, you might not need the aprons if you didn't insist upon cooking and repairing the roof in all-white.
    4. Your hat's encroaching in my personal space, so I'll just turn myself inside out.
    5. Looks like allamen left.
    6. When you've given your bridesmaids too much freedom in choosing their dresses.

  8. I'd like to see Mary Porter in Cher's outfit, and I don't think I'm the only reader who does (Spud, Mouse, Usedtobeahippie???).

    1. Wish I knew who Mary porter is. So I cld get the joke!

    2. I'd pay to. Bring it on ...


    3. Ustabahippie, Mary is an MPB member of staff


  9. 1 Tomorrow is a another day of housekeeping, aprons for the Scarlet in you.

    2 Baby envelope (with hood)

    3 Bob, Ted, Carol and Alice + 1 for the Barbeque

    4 Handless parasol and dress ensembles

    5 Do Si No! (What terrorized me in Jr. High P.E. class - compulsory square dancing).

    6 Stereotypes for Halloween - costumes for little girls

  10. 1. "Oh, Barbara, I love the way it DRAPES! (chortle, chortle)"
    2. Fed-Ex Billy to summer camp with our new flat-rate envelope.
    3. Bob & Carol's key party took an unexpected turn with the arrival of Blue Lagoon star Christopher Atkins.
    4. "Getting through Doorways is hard but necking is worse."
    5. In 1956, Peggy introduced florals to Square Dance Night at the Women's Penitentiary.
    6. Honey, I shrank the cast of General Hospital.

  11. 1.For the Hostess with the Mostest: Spil-Pruf Attire
    2.Rosemary's Baby Bunting
    3.Bob And Carol meet Ted, Alice, and their handy friend Sandy
    4.Tweenie Togs
    5.Scarlett O'Hara Trainees
    6.All That and Zombies Too!

  12. 1.Living Dangerously: Cooking with Fringe & High Low Apron, because everyone knows cooking splatters happen behind you.
    2. Papoose Baby
    3. "Excuse me. I thought you said we were cooking?"
    4. Habrella with poofs and tucks.
    5. Ruffles for Square Dancing Girls
    6. Careers for Little Girls. Live your Dreams Today.

    1. 6. Alternate... Girl Breaks Ankle in Photo Shoot

  13. 1: Oh you used the curtains? I used the drapes...
    2: The Hannibal baby bag
    3: Couples who cook together stay together, men with toolbelts stay single
    4: No hat will cover that arm!
    5: Lets square the night away
    6: The stereotype package

  14. 1. "And I made my husband a suit out of our old carpeting!"
    2. Convenient Baby Freezer Bag
    3. "Carol's Boston Cream Pie first, THEN the orgy!"
    4. Do these pintucks make my chest look fat?
    5. With their wives away, Brad and Don played polka party.
    6. Fem-bots From Tiny Town

  15. 1. Calling all young homemakers!! See how easily you can dress up that little black dress;
    2. Modern Convenience - how to pack your baby for traveling;
    3. Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice and Carol's tennis instructor;
    4. Getting sentimental for dresses from grade school;
    5. Where's the May Pole, anyway? I'm getting dizzy.
    6. Dress like your dollies!

  16. 1. Altho my contacts were out, I saw this vision in the window and decided to wear it!
    2. Flat babies are easier to handle
    3. Bob and Carol and friends boycotting the barber at the BBQ
    4. Tall and skinny as only Vogue can do
    5. Don't you love dime store fashion?
    6. Girls' lives before the pink amoeba morphs into Ebola

  17. 1) "Curtain up, Light the Lights, We got nothing to hit but the heights!"
    2) Spongebob Squarepants Babywear
    3) The Great Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Bakeoff Show
    4) Vintage Parasol Hat
    5) Sister Wives Formalwear
    6) It's never too early to reinforce gender roles

  18. 1. Drapey apron
    2. Coathanger Kid
    3. Bob and Caro; and Ted and Alice aprons
    4. How About that HAT??!!!
    5. Ric Rac Ruffles and Crinoline

  19. 1. Swag Queen
    2. Tote Bag Carry-all, with Center Pocket for Baby
    3. Party Aprons for Today's Grillers and Drillers
    4. Paris in Spring, Pleated Dress
    5. Kentucky Round Dress for Square Dance
    6. Girls Outfits for Real Life, One Easy Pack

  20. 1. Don't give me shade sister
    2. What about his legsises
    3. Carol muses "should have gone with a clutch instead of an oven mitt"
    4. Don't give me shade sister
    5.swing out sister
    6.i want to be a nurse when I grow up, or maybe a flan tester....


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