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Feb 24, 2016

Peter Models the Denim Overalls and Flannel Shirt!

Today's the day, friends!

To see me in my new flannel and denim attire, just click here.

At the eleventh hour, I decided I had to do something about those skimpy front pants pockets, which just didn't look right on men's overalls (they were clearly carried over from the women's version of the pattern).  So I drafted my own, which I lined in the same flannel as my shirt.  I think it's a big improvement and I hope you agree.

As far as the styling goes, perhaps I do look a bit like a refugee from a Vermont food co-op (or worse), but whatcha gonna do?

Have a groovy day, everybody!


  1. Peter, you amaze me: Normally I would say that nobody over the age of 5 can pull of the denim overall look, but you do.

  2. OMG these are awesome! I've been a bit obsessed with vintage overalls lately but haven't really jumped in yet. These are so ridiculously cute. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. The matching lining, the mattress ticking, and of course, YOU!

    Completely won over, all over again!

  4. The matching lining is very Garanimals - brings back childhood memories!

  5. Love them! Love the lining, the workmanship. Two comments: The buckles look like they need to be up the straps a little and the folded leg cuffs look too unfinished for look of the overalls.

    1. Unfortunately the buckle doesn't move -- it's attached to the piece that loops around the jeans button. I could get a second buckle...

  6. You absolutely pull off this look. I really like it. Not a fan of the front pockets (didn't like that style back in the day either)...but that is just personal preference. Winning combo and a great color on you


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