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Oct 12, 2015

NAME THAT PATTERN -- Happy Birthday, Luke Perry Edition!

Readers, I know as well as you do that former teen idol and star of Beverly Hills 90210, Luke Perry's birthday was actually yesterday, October 11th, but I still think it's not too late to celebrate this beloved actor's 49th.

I know what you're thinking: "How could Luke Perry be 49?  That must make me...."

Don't even go there.  We're going to celebrate today by playing another round of the Internet's favorite sewing pattern-naming game, MPB's exclusive NAME THAT PATTERN!

You already know how it's played: I post photos of patterns I've found online and you give them funny names.  Simple, right?  As always, we have some amazing prizes in store, including an autographed 8 x 10 glossy of Luke Perry's Hollywood dermatologist!

Without further delay, let's get started.  Here's Pattern #1!

A drum roll, please, for very, very vintage Pattern #2!

You ain't seen nothin' yet: here's Pattern #3!

But wait -- there's more!  Put your hands together for Pattern #4!

Finally, a true classic:  Pattern #5

As always, friends, we have our BONUS PATTERN for those seeking extra credit.  Here's Pattern #6!

Beloved MPB readers, Luke Perry fans, and 90210 obsessives, I hope you've enjoyed playing this very special edition of NAME THAT PATTERN.  As always, I'll be playing along, as well as anybody else in my household I can coerce.  

Remember: you can name as many patterns as you wish, but only those who name all six patterns will be eligible for our awesome prizes.

On your marks, get set, NAME THAT PATTERN!

(Who can name all the characters in the photo below first?)


  1. Modish conceal-the-jowls dress

    Prep-school training pants

    Wild-Wild-West (1970s version) and 1 tennis visor

    IT'S SO SCARY IT'S Still in print

    Upcyled Vests from Granny's Table Cloth and Random 1970s Decor items?

    Gingham Horror Stories by the Campfire

    * never watched the show, sorry.

  2. Girls: Kelly, Andrea, Brenda, Donna
    Boys: Steve, Brandon, Dylan, David

    Long live the original eight! Lol

  3. 1. Turtle time
    2. Train 'em young
    3. A cow died for this?
    4. We were tired of sex anyway
    5. Just point me west
    6. My mommy is a little scary

  4. An "agectomy" is a matter of keystrokes, simply lessen your age gradually (no one will ever notice).

    On certain websites men drop 10 years overnight, but isn't that crass, and the vanity equivalent of a glaring jet black rinse?

    Peter I'm now within one year of Luke's new,age (through subtle subtraction, of course). Join me on a pilgrimage toward youth recaptured, and fret not when those heart throbs of old age in place.

    Or, dear blogger, you could opt for a quick rinse and a binge on 90210, the college years.

  5. So nice to know that Luke Perry is 2 years less two days younger than me - yes I turn 51 today!
    1. Raise the Titanic! (Or one of its steam funnels, anyway)
    2. What the fashionable little Jewish boy wears to day care.
    3. One of these guys is not like the others...
    4. One size fits all
    5. Leather and lace
    6. How to wear a shower (or little girl's bedroom) curtain with panache.
    Nope. You got me me. Never watched 90210.

  6. 1. Society neck lift recovery wear. The earrings will distract people.
    2. What Mick Jagger wore in preschool. That and the flogging made him Mick Jagger.
    3. Wardrobe rejects for Brokeback Mountain.
    4. Quilt together some Sham-Wow's and you've got a look!
    5. Why Sarah Jessica Parker will never appear in a Square Pegs revival.
    6. Poltergeist wardrobe check.

  7. #1 Goitre Gone
    #2 Sissy suits for boys
    #3 Hats for bad hair days
    #4 The full body Hoodie
    #5 How to use those leftovers
    #6"The Misinterpretation" - "When I said I wanted a new dolly dress... I meant for dolly"

  8. 1. How to Hide a Bad Neck Tattoo
    2. Mommy wanted Girls.
    3. Three Hats for Porn Stars and One for the Loser
    4. I Don't Have a Thing to Wear
    5. Grannie Was Determined to use her extra embellishments, So Smile Kids!
    6. I have the Bride of Chuckie under my dress...Mwah ha ha Ha ha.

  9. This is is so much fun! Didn't get into 90210 and Luke is one year older than me.
    1. Halloween Neck Costume
    2. Angus Young Before AC/DC
    3. Hats for Miss Kitty's Saloon
    4. Blueberry and Trusty Side- Kick
    5. Flowers and Fringe Galore
    6. I'm Coming to Get YOU!!

  10. #1: Anne Klein debuts the “skirtle-neck!”
    #2: Just beat us up now and get it over with, or "Bully Bait"
    #3: The James’ Brothers Meet Dewey the Math Nerd
    #4: EXCLUSIVE: Human heads grafted onto teddy bear bodies!
    #5: 90210 WANNABES: Shopping Tori Spelling’s 1992 closet
    #6: Pattern Envelope Outtake Gold-Medal Winner or “First hem the drapes, then make the dress!"

  11. 1. Dr Who Alien
    2. Where Mental Illness Begins
    3. Welcome to Miss Kitty's Saloon (Sandra beat me to it!)
    4. Onsies for Two-sies
    5. We Wore That??
    6. Child Abuse

  12. 1) Astronaut shift
    2) School uniform for gays
    3) ReenHATment fun
    4) No Sex Suits
    5) I miss the 80s!
    6) Dress for 5 years of growth

  13. 1. No kissing on first date.
    2. Provincetown playsuit
    3. Pleather Palace
    4. Furry training suit
    5. Unbuckled the Bible belt or Rumspringa linga linga
    6. Ghoul de Gingham

  14. 1. Hmmm...cut or uncut ?
    2. She's a...boy ! Or is he...
    3. Leatherbotomy.
    4. Tell it, Tubby.
    5. Too much snow will leave you on the fringe.
    6. Oh, Rhoda--a cemetery skirt of your classmates!?! Why, Monica, you shouldn't have!!!

  15. lifetime just ran unauthorized bh 90210 story.

  16. 1. Early photoshop attempt
    2. The reason Du Barry patterns aren't around any more - the really smart women bought other brands
    3. Willy Wonka hat tryouts
    4. Snuggies gone bad
    5. "Learn to Sew" with this pattern and you will take up woodcarving instead
    6. Another reason people are volunteering to go to Mars

  17. 1. Billie the Kid Bandito Dress
    2. Who Wears Short Shorts?
    3. I Wanna Be a Cowboy
    4. Teletubbies Say Hello
    5. Look, Ma! I'm a Doily!
    6. They're Ba-ack...

  18. 1. Another take on pee-ka-boo garments
    2. I say, dear chap—that's a lovely blouse
    3. One of these things is not like the others….
    4. That's not a sofa in the background; it's their other sister
    5. La vie en blech
    6. They told me I could be anything, so I became a bulletin board

  19. 1. Is it the Anne Klein "Summer Weight Winter Knit Dress"?

    2. "Holy crap, Honey! You want him to wear that to school?"

    3. The 'Hat Pattern Pak' brought to you by the makers of the TRS-80 personal computer.

    4. The Snuggie Formalwear Collection.

    5. ""

    6. Why, it's the first 3 yard little girl's dress!

    Never watched 90210.

    John Thomas

  20. 1. Cocktail dress to Cover Hickeys
    2. Kurt & Friedrich Von Trapp Go To Lunch
    3. Rejected Easy Rider Audition Hats
    4. His and Hers Portable Dutch Ovens
    5. Brenda & Dylan Go to the Galleria
    6. Dress Companions For Lonely Girls

  21. 1. The cowl that ate New York
    2. I'm not touching you...
    3. Complete hats for dudes with mustaches, with trainer option
    4. Keeping warmth in, and fun out.
    5. Raid your grandma's panty drawer!
    6. Mine & yours, and the whole neighborhood

  22. I'm not clever enough to come up with names for all of these patterns, but #4 just made me think of Oompa-Loompas. Even if the crotch on that whatever-it-is is dropped about a foot, their legs seem oddly short

  23. 1. The turtle dress
    2. Boys in short pants and scallops
    3. Hat man: hats for all occasions
    4. Hide-a-long coverups
    5. Embellish it! Everything but the kitchen sink
    6. The mother/daughter dress. A dress big enough for the whole family.

  24. This is always way too funny : )
    1. Plus - a neck noodle at no extra charge!
    2. Get them boys some guns and flat tops
    3. I absolutely adore finding new places and way to wear leather
    4. Beat The Clock game show onesies
    5. Piece the revival - I got scraps and I know how to use them
    6. Momma - sistergirl done gone and shrunk in the wash

  25. #1: For the messy eater: our patented crumb-catcher collar

  26. 1. Bazooka Joe's girlfriend
    2. Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts.
    3. I'm not a cowboy, I just found a cowboy hat (or bank teller)
    4. Union Fleece
    5. Denim décor you can wear - if you dare.
    6. Dolly hem weights

  27. 1. Is that orange ribbing round your neck or are you just pleased to see me?
    2. Rally for the trans-gender caucus of the Hitler Youth
    3. Wanted - dead or alive - for crimes against millinery!
    4. It may be so easy but who the hell would ever both wanting to try!
    5. Tiffany and Glen Medeiros on comeback tour
    6. Underage flasher shows her little girl bits!


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