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Jul 16, 2015

Modeling My New Boxers!

Readers, the theme of this week (so far -- it's only Thursday) seems to be boxer shorts!

Yesterday morning I whipped up yet another pair, this time using a remnant of a panel print (purchased at Elliott Berman; I think the fabric is Hugo Boss) that I used to make a shirt with last fall.

With Deepika of Pattern Review at a PR Anniversary Party held at Elliott Berman Textiles.

This pair doesn't have bias trim, but rather is cut straight across the bottom with vents on the outside leg seams for ease of movement.  I wasn't sure I had enough fabric to get the full effect of the fabric design, but with a little careful piecing (and seaming), I managed to do it.

My purple and green print boxers (fabric from Mood Fabrics), worn with the matching shirt, looks a lot like a vintage cabana outfit.  Maybe I'll create one for our (late) summer beach vacation.

Finally, my Liberty boxers (made from remnants from Zack's shirt).  These feel super-luxurious and are so comfortable to wear.

I'd love to make even more boxers.  They're fun to put together and help use up leftover fabric -- so practical!

If you're interested in making boxers and aren't sure how, be sure to check out my Men's Boxers Sew-Along links in my archives.  I used them myself to refresh my memory!

In other news, Susan and I have chosen some fabrics for the projects I've been working on for her and I wanted to share them with you.  The lavender is a lovely cotton sateen and the floral is a Liberty poplin.  For a coordinating informal jacket, I'm thinking maybe gray linen or cotton seersucker (or even a pale blue chambray).  We'll see.

And that's it.  Anybody else sewing boxers this week? 

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Mate, Im so glad to find your website, it is way cool! I have this old bernina from the 1960s and im always doing some man's sewing hehe. I will certainly have your website in my top list favourites from now. I recently bought a beautiful slim suit blazer jacket on ebay and it was a bit tight, so i thought i could use it to make paper models and try out making one myself. sad illusion it's almost impossible being a first timer. I would ask your opinion about some dilemma I have run through in this process: I drew all the pieces on paper and left a margin of about 5mm on all sides of the patterns hoping it will give me a perfect larger size, but while doing some thinking about it, I realised that some parts ie. the shoulder and underarms circumference will not match will it? or you reckon Im safe, since everything has that extra 5mm extension? If you could give some advice that would be awesome! Thank you so much, love your colourful pattern suits btw. Im looking at making some star trek ones just for a bit of fun!!!! cheers from New Zealand.

    1. Ric, you might want to do a Google search under "pattern grading." You'll need to add more to some areas than others as you make your pattern larger.

  2. I think I have never made a pair of pants but now I really gotta go through my pattern stash for simple shorts bottom. btw, matching shirt and bottom is the best thing ever

  3. there are so many ways you are much braver than i. modeling boxers is definitely now added to the list. (ps - they look great!)

  4. Michael is one lucky guy! You have a very hot body!

  5. Heh. Watching this week's episode of Extant and there's a woman wearing a dress made of something very similar to your black and white dotty shirt!

  6. That was one of my favorite shirts you made with the speckles on it. The boxers are just as stylish : )

  7. Nice boxers, look out Top Models Peter is about to set out!

  8. My favorite boxer pattern is First Choice Boxers by Timber Lane Press. They are the original boxers with the saggy seat and no side seams. They also have a children's version. I have made over 50 pairs of these and everyone loves how they fit.


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