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Mar 7, 2015


Friends, can it really be time to turn out clocks ahead again?  Spring is on its way!

What better time than now to play another round of the sewing blogosphere's favorite pattern-naming game, Name That Pattern!

As always, the rules are simple: I post photos of patterns I've found online and you give them names.  This time our winner will be going (staying?) home with some fabulous prizes, including two weeks' free parking in the North Dakota parking lot of your choice!

With no further delay, put on your thinking caps and let's get started!

Here's Pattern #1!

A walk down memory lane for many of you, here's Pattern #2!

Just when it couldn't get more glamorous, it's Pattern #3!

And now something for the boys -- Pattern #4!

We're coming to the end, folks.  Join me in welcoming Pattern #5!

Finally, as always, we have our BONUS PATTERN, for those who may need extra credit.  Here's Pattern #6!

While you must name all the patterns above to win our grand prize, please feel free to name any that inspire you.  Naturally, my whole family will be playing and I hope yours will be too!

Are you ready, readers?  On your marks, get set, Name That Pattern! 


  1. That top one strikes me as kind of creepy, with the little girl unzipping her pj leg. What sort of pedophile thought that up?
    You know that 60s beach cover up with the elasticized hem is going to creep right up to her waist.
    Is it wrong that I want the Missouri River one?

    1. The little girl photos are designed to show how to put on ant take off the garment. I think it is just as likely or likelier that it didn't even occur to the person who thought it up that the photos could be taken as having a sexual connotation.

    2. the zipper was for changing the kid's diapers. How pedophiles came into it I don't know. It certainly is a lot easier than unzipping the whole thing off then changing the diaper , especially at 3 am.

    3. I want the capote AND the kaftan

  2. The first thing that popped into my head:
    1) Today I only get as far as the couch
    2) Here are my shoulders
    3) Star Trek Chic
    4) How to wear your blankie
    5) No shirt, no shoes, no service
    6) When naked is just not an option

  3. #1 You can't make me grow up onesie
    #2 Hide every hint I have curves dress
    #3 The Million Pesos dress
    #4 Grizzly Adams spring wear
    #5 Peep-a-Boo boo-boo
    #6 Despite our lilly-white skin, we'll blend right in Gaza

  4. 1. Toddler jammies for everyone!
    2. What I wore to my cousin's wedding.
    3. camo for the 1%
    4. Truman, is that you?
    5. It's underwear! It's a swimsuit! What is it?
    6. Midnight at the Oasis

  5. 1. Too Cheap for Heat PJ
    2. Lilac Lunacy
    3. Cutesy Camouflage
    4. The Shining, The Prequel
    5. Sheer Madness
    6. Waterpipe Wardrobe

  6. #1 - Tony Orlando & Pre-Dawn (Slumber Party)
    #2 - Mother of the Bride of Frankenstein
    #3 - Martina Navratilova Prom Dress
    #4 - Peter Pan-Dowdy
    #5 - Now you see it, now you still see it!
    #6 - Commando Couture

  7. 1. These'll put the hokey in your Hokey Pokey
    2. Moving me two tiers
    3. Am I showing too much wrist?
    4. The Kaput-e
    5. Am I risking too much show?
    6. Go down, Moses

    1. 6.5 Keep going, Moses. . .Just a little further. . .

  8. ok here go's
    1. kiddie pj party, costumes made for tea parties
    2. joan collins .. i need bigger shoulder pads .. and more bed skirts before i do my scene on Dyastasy i want to make a statement
    3 DVF pukes .. jungle pattern to fit in with my 70's sears home collection
    4 deer skin outfit .. native american goes cheap bangledesh .. including cheap cheap cheap made by blind workers for 1 penny per hour
    5 oh please is my bathing suit look good as a niteee ... i made it myself on my vintage singer
    6 caftan HELL .. the slit should be high and low so can see my nice bum and other parts


  9. 1. Flannel Conga-line wear (still in print, I believe)
    2. 1980s Mother-of-the-Bride-of-Frankenstein dress
    3. Tropical-Turtleneck Dress/a Million Polyester Fibers…
    4. (It's a Native American garment, so I'm passing on this one, sorry.)
    5. Beach Blanket Underwear?
    6. A Happy Caftan Future for All!


  10. 6) Joseph and the Technicolor Nightgown

  11. I made #2 out of seersucker when I was in 9th grade. Cotton & the elastic waist on the skirt were about all my skill set could handle at the time.. I was so proud of it that I wore it while giving a speech about my sewing hobby. Lol...thanks for the humorous walk down memory lane.

  12. 1. We don't wanna grow up- we're pajama freak kids.
    2. I couldn't decide how long to make it.
    3. Tropical Camo for Tree Climbers
    4.Maybe the next thing she makes me WON'T look like a TENT
    5.Can you believe the tiny girl didn't cover her skivvies?
    6.Told ya I look better in a dress than you do, Lisa!

  13. 1. weeee're off to see the wizard (no.2), the wonderful wizard of Oz (no 2) (with bonus squadron of flying monkeys)
    2. You don't frighten me, Alexis Carrington-Colby!
    3.And if you want to catch hubby swinging in the hot tub, this will help you blend right into the supergraphic.
    4."part cajun. part coat?" Thank god he's remote? It's a shame about the stoat?
    5.Faster pussycat, pose, pose.
    6.Looove citteee, looove cittee (sorry sly)

  14. 1. Gateway outfit to being a Furry
    2. Banquet-wear for the Ladies Football League
    3. Million-dollar dress for that $50 night
    4. Orienteering my way to Comic-con
    5. Pillowfights and kissin' ahead!
    6. I made this in 9th grade. I'm not kidding.

  15. 1. Jungle Sleepover
    2. MOTB WTF (80's version)
    3. Jungle MOTB WTF
    4. (no, dear god, just no)
    5. MOTB (Mrs Robinson version)
    6. (disqualified - I sewed this pattern for a costume)

    PS: I write these down before I read the other entries, and I see that JetSetJules has also sewn #6. Jinx!

    1. Oh why oh why did I wear it when I was young and cute? Nowadays I could use that Road to Morocco silhouette.

  16. #1 Six Onesies for the Price of One.
    #2 You look Mauve-alous!
    #3 Me Tarzan! You Jane! Jane? Jane? Where go Jane?
    #4 The Eighth Dwarf they don't talk about.
    #5 Brassier und Höschen mit Moskitonetz
    #6 Raëlian Wardrobe Item #6

  17. Number 3 was a sixties design from the American designer who also created the first no-bra bra made from a glistening see through knit (came with matching bikini.) The dress really was the Million Dollar Dress as they were everywhere in the mid-60s in loud Gucci style prints, then ugly bargain basement prints, in the 'new' polyester knits that were comfortable to wear and didn't wrinkle. An original cost a lot of money back then (an now, if you can find one.)
    They were part of the revolution in women's wear from fussy 50s restrictive clothing.
    But, ya, it looks like camo gone bad.

  18. 1. Cozy up by the fire for a rousing game of charades
    2. Dynasty Cosplay
    3. The jungle swallowed my neck
    4. King of the Wild Frontier
    5. It's almost like it's drafty in here
    6. We all wear dresses to our toes in utopia

  19. 1. Mount Kisco Community Theater presents "Cats"!
    2. From the Dame Edna Castoff Collection
    3. I'm so very FROND of you...
    4. Truman repurposes his baby blanket
    5. Black and white and nude all over
    6. Oms the Word!

  20. 1. For those times when a Snuggie is too damn chic
    2. The Battleship dress: shoulders out to here; bust down to the waist
    3. Help! I've been eaten by the Amazon! or So many many polyesters died for this frock
    4. Green felt is my spirit animal
    5. Boudoir attire for the seriously repressed
    6. Fashions by Omar the tentmaker,
    or the "we cannot be effing bothered with fitting the human body and yet we wish to sew *something* to wear" pattern

  21. Funny just this morning I was thinking it was time day light saving finished here in Australia as it was still mostly dark at 7am! So sad summer has finished. Luckily the days lately are warm and sunny. I love autumn (fall) except that it means winter is on the way.

  22. 1. They look great even after shrinking in the wash!
    2. It's a dress! It's a lampshade! It's a dress AND a lampshade!
    3.Look like a million bucks and blend into the forest at the same time.
    4.What to wear to your next Iron John meeting.
    5. In 45 years, celebrities will wear this to red carpet events!
    6. What you wish Kim Kardashian would wear on the red carpet.

  23. 1. Blair Witch Sleepover
    2 Lilac Wine by Falcon Crest
    3 You Tarzan, Me Need Makeover
    4 Sheriff of Nottingham finally throws in the towel
    5 Sexy catwalk show to raise money for Chiropody Awareness Week
    6 Mufti in the Casbah

  24. Love the game! You've surpassed yourself with the patterns!!

  25. Thought I'd share a little bit of silliness.


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