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Dec 24, 2014


Dear friends, it's Christmas Eve and what better time to play a special Yuletide edition of the sewing blogosphere's favorite pattern-naming game, MPB's exclusive NAME THAT PATTERN!

The whole gang is here: Freddy and Willy, Michael and I, and you never know who may drop by -- maybe even Liza and Lorna!

The rules couldn't be easier: I post photos of patterns I've found online, and we give them funny names.  You can name all the patterns, or just the ones that inspire you.  It's all about having fun.

Since it's Christmas, we have some super-special prizes in store, including a 25% off coupon to Bed, Bath & Beyond with no expiration date!

With no further delay, let's get started:

Presenting, Pattern #1!

Perplexed?  No worries -- here's Pattern #2!

But wait, there's more -- feast your eye on Pattern #3!

Now things get challenging.  Make room for Pattern #4!

Finally, there's Pattern #5!

But it's ain't over yet -- as always, we have our very special BONUS PATTERN, for those who want to make an extra-good impression on Santa!  Here's Pattern #6!!

Readers, I hope you've enjoyed this special Yuletide edition of NAME THAT PATTERN.  Even if you don't celebrate the holidays, I hope you'll share the cheer by playing along with us.  As always, I'll be contributing my answers, along with Michael, cousin Cathy, and the whole gang here at MPB.

Wishing you the merriest of merries, get on your marks, get set, NAME THAT PATTERN!!

And during your downtime this holiday, be sure to watch this Xmas classic:


  1. 1. Fly swatter squatter
    2. Off like a prom dress
    3. Why pleats are a bad idea
    4. Dad-N-Lad gone bad
    5. Dorothy Lamour wannabee
    6. Debutante daywear

  2. 1. Tyrolean Cosplay with Paddles
    2. Festive Tampon Wrapper
    3. Sorry, Peter, I just can't go there. But can I have Judy Garland's dress?
    4. Grandma's Gone OCD on Sewing Again
    5. "South Pacific" Revival at the Racine Dinner Theater
    6. Christmas is Divine on Amphetamines and Contac!

  3. #1 - Maria von Trapp, Lorna Doone, and Madame Butterfly get ready for cooking class.

    #2 - Garment bag make over.

    #3 - Frumps r Us capes make your full figure fuller!

    #4 - This is what you get son when you forget a woman's birthday.

    #5 - Use the resort's tablecloth and napkin for a new beach outfit!

    #6 - I actually like this pattern. :)

  4. Oh My, you have outdone yourself on the first four !
    But I love the last two :)

  5. There is only one I will comment on.
    Pattern #2 the Ho Ho HO dress.

  6. 1 - the hills are alive with the sounds of fanning
    2 - holiday scrunchy dress
    3- puppy love poncho
    4- do I hunt it or run from it--all ocaasion fashion staples
    5- all tied up
    6- I love tulle, really I do

  7. First time for me, here goes
    1. A Tale of two Fezs'
    2 .What's inside the cracker
    3. Love me, love my dog..I mean poncho
    4. Sew-Easy. How to embarass your husband
    5. The 2 minute beach costume makeover
    6. Stumped on that one.... I actually like this pattern
    Merry christmas louise

  8. 1 Miss fantastic fan-tassles vs her tartan twin
    3 as the dogs get smaller, the ponchos get bigger
    4 sewing in the decade when every dying sitcom introduced a bowl hair-cut kid.

  9. 1. Dirndl Aprons for Int'l Octoberfest (A. Scottish barmaid, B. Classic München fraulein, C. "Eastern" exotic with tasselled flyswatter pockets)

    2. Open-heart surgery costume.

    3. The HOAX Solution for Unflattering human-doggie outerwear.

    4. Unlimited Room for Expansion Options.

    5. Hoist those Girls Up with a Scarf (might work for Rita Hayworth, but not for me :/ ).

    6. The Sound of Tulle (yards and yards of it).

    Happy Holidays!

  10. 1. Cultural Appropriaprons
    2. El Completo
    3. Canine Survival Shelter - Crazy Dog Lady Edition
    4. We Be Jammies
    5. Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of my Hair Sarong
    6. Summer's Evening Gowns

  11. OK Let's give this a go ...
    1. Is my waist small enuf for this hideous apron
    2. Freddie Kruggers Zippered Prom Dress Nightmare
    3. My dog made this for me, does it make me look FAT
    4. PJ's hit the streets - Dad and Son take bedware to the battle field in Afghanistan
    5. Hollywood CAVECHICK chic
    6. Mauriel's Wedding - Pas Deux

    1. Choking with laughter! Anne-Marie

    2. Thanks, an update
      2. Pretty Woman - Julia inspired hooker wear, with easy zip, for in and out access, no underware needed.

      5. Hollywood CAVECHlCK Chick - Wilma Fintstone and Betty Rubble go to the beach

  12. 1. Menstruation Apron
    2. The Prom Dress He'll Love
    3. Full Figure Problems
    4. The Clone Wars
    5. The 5-minute, No Sew Dress for Beginners!
    6. London Bridges Floating Up.

  13. 1. Cooking and cardiac arrest paddles, all-in-one!
    2. Convertible bath towel and evening gown
    3. This hasn't solved anything
    4. Don't let this happen to you, your husband or child
    5. Jane called and she wants her outfit
    6. I dreamed I was floating in my McCall's gown worn over my Maidenform bra

    1. Ha. Being full figured myself, your #3 made me laugh. I understand the idea of creating a system to try to make it easier to find clothes that flatter. But did they really need to call it "hoax"?

    2. Seems the letters related to different body shapes: H, O, A, and X. Double whammy on the pattern, the acronymn and the baggy styles.

  14. 1. if I could get into the blouse and crop pants, I wouldn't complain out the ridiculous pockets on the apron.
    2. YUK. no other word for it.
    3. fabric in B would make a crazy wild poncho. yes I would wear it. c in waterproof fabric would be perfect for the pouring rain we have today.
    4. boys pajama party.
    5. if I could get away with it I would wear them.
    6. like the green one. I am too old for the debutant look of the other two.

  15. Merry Christmas to you Peter and everyone at MPB Industries, Inc. Also attaching some more healing energy for your Momma Lappin!

  16. #1: “Hmm—He’ll never notice me with this run-of-the-mill pelvic decoration.”
    #2: Your dress is so fly
    #3: “ In this, I can smuggle a whole litter of puppies into Whole Foods”
    #4: Sorry, this should’ve read “Limited, unfashionable options”
    #5: Matching heels and hibiscus not included

    1. #5-howl! :) Remark reminds me of tv commercial voiceovers saying batteries not included in the toys shown.

  17. 1. "Just guess where I store the birdie!"
    2. Have surgery in the afternoon, go out dancing at night!
    3. Does this dog make me look fat?
    4. Dull and Duller
    5. Pin Me Up Before You Go Go!
    6. Prom Night on Ecstasy

  18. 1. Ovarian overload
    2. Ziplock snack
    3. Tents for camping lassies and Lassies
    4. Duds for dudes
    5. Lamour l'amour
    6. Wheeeeeeeeee!

  19. #1 - Fetish frocks to keep HIM interested
    #2 - Zippity Froo-frah
    #3 - You look marvelous but who's that fat lady walking you?
    #4 - Kmart Kouture
    #5 - Is that SA-RONG? (so wrong)
    #6 - Chekhov's "Three Sisters: The Musical!"

  20. 1. B&C are reasons enough to splurge at the lingerie store instead.
    2. The scary bubble gum dress.
    3. Before blanket scarves, there were tablecloth plaids..
    4. Where the baggy pants era came from
    5. Couldn't afford the airfare to warm destination so made "resort" wear.
    6. Inverted dresses-not enough fabric on top but overwhelming bulk below. Can't breathe...

  21. Glad your Mom's doing better, Peter. By the way, I saw a 70s Halston men's "Shacket" pattern today, probably on Etsy, where I'm spending the holidays.

  22. no 1
    oh dear , my boobs have descended to hip level- is this called getting old?


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