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Nov 29, 2014

Battle of the Turtlenecks: And the winner is....!

This has to be one of the sorriest sights I've ever photographed (click pic to super-dupersize).

On my way home from the flea market this morning, I spotted this dilapidated sewing machine table (with someone's trash on top--merciful heavens) outside the former entrance to the garage that formerly housed the indoor Chelsea flea market on weekends.  The building was purchased by Marriot months ago but, so far, remains an ugly eyesore (and dumping site).

In happier news, I received my Uniqlo turtleneck shirt today, in a box large enough to hold two dozen of them.

I purchased a size Small.  While the fit is trimmer than the L.L. Bean turtleneck, it's still somewhat roomy.  Let's see what it looks like after washing a few times.

This is a cotton/poly blend (the L.L. Bean version was 100% cotton), though I can't tell the difference by touching it.  Overall, I like it.

UPDATE: The label on the shirt reads "100% cotton" as does the paper tag.  Good news!

My one gripe: no cuff on the sleeve.  I think a cuff belongs on a turtleneck shirt sleeve -- it seals the warm air in, you know what I mean?  Also, the sleeve on the Uniqlo shirt is nearly 2" too long.  If it doesn't shrink in the dryer, I'll hem it.  I guess that's how they can afford to sell these for $7.90 (well, normally $14.90).

Michael went online to pick one up for himself and discovered they're nearly sold out: just a few Extra-smalls in white, so I grabbed one.

In other news, last night I laundered and preshrank my denim: the new stuff is the lighter blue on the right.  To the left is denim I picked up during the summer.  I may use them separately or combine them.

And that's it.

I hope those recovering from too much Thanksgiving stuffing (he he) are on the mend.

Have a great day, everybody!

Michael likes no cuffs, go figure...


  1. Was there no salvaging that sewing table? Its so beautiful or it would be if it could be doctored up.

  2. No Cuffs! Bummer. I like cuffs to keep the sleeves that are always long for me pushed up. Too bad about that flea market . We went there in May and it was near closing then. Where do you go now?

  3. Peter -- the turtlenecks are adorbs on both you and Michael. Happy Thanksgiving! I concur that is a sad sight. . .

  4. Had I been at that garage, I would've snatched that sewing machine cabinet so fast because I want one for my Singer 201K. Anyway, this turtleneck looks better on you than the L.L. Bean one.

  5. Ouh man! That table is so lovely! Sad that we don't have these kind of sewing machine tables here. I've only ever seen the Soviet time sawdust board boxy kind, that opens from the front and looks ugly as hell.
    No cuffs? Yeah my boyfriend likes those cuffs too!

  6. I have that very same table housing my beloved Singer 401!

  7. As a guy that is 6'4" tall, with the long arms to match, I would much rather have sleeves that are too long than not long enough. Ending up with 3/4 length sleeves when they're supposed to be full length is a perpetual problem with store bought clothing and a big factor in why I'm sewing for myself.

  8. That table looks almost exactly the same as the one I have. I got it (with sewing machine) from my Great Great Aunt. I love it so much. It makes me sad how much that poor table has suffered. I feel like I should oil my table so it feels extra love.

  9. Ah, the Singer #40 table, Queen Anne style. I'm not sure which is a more pertinent commentary on modern life: that it was dumped or that it was still sitting there when you found it. From the filler panel, I'm guessing it housed a 15.

    Count me another who prefers cuffless and too-long sleeves. The Uniqlo certainly looks better but I guess I'm just not feeling these cheap rtw tops. Is sewing in my future?

  10. I also prefer cuffless turtleneck sleeves - to me they seem less casual & look better under the vests and shirts I wear turtlenecks under.

  11. The turtleneck fits better then the LLBean. Its too bad its not 100 cotton or a cotton lycra mix.

    The sewing table is very lovely and would look terrific restored even as an end table. It looks like it would fit a 15 or 201 Singer. I have some similar, not the queen anne style. Its a pitty that people don't appreciate the workmen'ship that went into the table made of real wood and not the particle board junk that is made in china and sold today.

  12. This turtleneck looks so much better! You could always add a cuff. But I like the cuffless look better, more dressy, less LLBean.


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