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Sep 3, 2014

NAME THAT PATTERN: End-of-Summer Edition!

Friends, now that it's back-to-school season, it's time to put our thinking caps back on and play another round of MPB's exclusive pattern-naming game, NAME THAT PATTERN!

In case you don't know the rules, they're simple: I post photos of patterns I've found online, and you give them names.  You don't have to name all the patterns, but if you do, you'll be eligible for some terrific prizes, including a beautiful Magnavox Mediterranean-style color television console!

With no further delay, let's get started.

Here's Pattern #1!

Still with us?  Presenting Pattern #2!

But wait -- there's more:  Pattern #3!

Not to be outdone, here's Pattern #4!

We're coming to the end, folks: our final entry... Pattern #5!

But wait -- as always, we have our BONUS PATTERN, for those who simply can't get enough.

Presenting Pattern #6!

Friends, I hope you've enjoyed this very special edition of NAME THAT PATTERN.  We can now officially move into fall.

As always, I'll be playing and even Michael too (Do you hear that, Michael?).

On your mark, get set, Name That Pattern!


  1. 1. Oops, I Crapped Some Fabric
    2. Patchwork Nightmare
    3. Take Me Away, Calgon!
    4. And Now, Starting for the New York Giants
    5. "If I Hold The Collar Like This, Maybe Someone Will Buy This Pattern Not Realizing How Droopy It Is"
    6. Saved By The Bell: The Home Sewist Years

  2. 1. Now with Ziploc bustle for convenient canape storage!
    2. Quilty Pleasures
    3. Shuffleboard Chic
    4. "Bridesmaids Revisited"
    5. "Honey, I Shrank My Cranium"
    6. Co-Ed Dorm Disaster

  3. 1. Does this taffeta make my ass look fat?

    2. Patch Adams

    3. Shuffle Bored

    4. Holy Laura Ashley Batman

    5. Just Strangle Me.

    6. Why

  4. 1. Junk in the Trunk
    2 The 70's called. They want their pattern back
    3. Pants for cleaning the toilet
    4. Sister Wives Uniform
    5. A dress for Billy Crystal's Grandmother (refer to Mr. Saturday Night)
    6. The 80's called they want their pattern back.

  5. 1-Satine 2-Cybil 3- Donna 4-Brooke 5- Linda 6- Amnesia

  6. 1) GravityAss
    2) PatchaPalooza
    3) HighWaste
    4) Poofy & Puffy
    5) Bilbo Blassgins
    6) BadTasty

  7. 1) Business in the Front, Not Much in the Back

    2) I Don't Wanna Grow Up, I'm a Kid with Standards

    3) Never Play Shuffleboard with Anyone Whose Hair Projects Like an ICBM

    4) Recommended Fabrics: Old Sheets from Salvation Army or Faded Upholstery from Aunt Lina's House

    5) Legs Like a Supermodel, Neck Like a Bodybuilder

    bonus) Saved by the Bell: the Juvie Years

  8. 1. Shhhhh I need somewhere to hide my bourbon wedding dress

    2. Bring on the free love! (And the Penicillin)

    3. From the waist up I care, from the waist down I'm dead inside.

    4. I'm smuggling a gerbil in my sleeve to prom dress

    5. Mc hammer's line of winter wear

    6. Not saved by the bell

  9. 1) What Kate wishes Pippa had worn
    2) Quilters be stylin'!
    3) Laura Petrie on a bender
    4) What I wore to work after that creep asked me out
    5) What I wore the day after that
    6) What the creep was wearing

  10. 1. Bubble Guts Dress
    2. Chevron Delight
    3. It's a Cinch
    4. 80's China Dolls
    5. Sho U Right
    6. Doomed by the Gong

  11. 1. Does my B** look big in this?
    2. Corporate patchwork party.
    3. Pucks and pearls
    4. Stepford wives - 80's style
    5. Have hessian - will sew.
    6. The emperor's new clothes AKA 'Hey Mum, why are they wearing pyjamas?'

  12. I think it's safe to say #6 should be Saved By the Bell. lol.

  13. 1. Look, Ma! Who needs a purse?
    2. Project Runway Remnant Challenge!
    3. Posture Pants - keeps you upright all day.
    4. Dinner date dress with built-in bib!
    5. Wing suit prototype.
    6. Annual McCall's "Guess how many will actually make this" office pool.

  14. Pattern n°2 makes me think of Desigual coats ...
    (Not affiliated, of course ... )

  15. 1. All New Soggy Bottom Dress, ideal for combining a love of baking and sewing!
    2. Only got fat quarters? No problem.
    3. Introducing the sexiest trousers ever to grace the earth - who needs little black dresses when you can have a waist so high it touches your boobs?
    4. Noooo, of course there wasn't an explosion at the lace factory...
    5. Stylish Convict Dress
    6. Chav-tastic

  16. 1. Does my bum look big in this?
    2. Patchwork Annie
    3. She's buried him under the patio
    4. Chastity dresses
    5. Fashion for cell block five
    6. For when you want to wear your pjs outside!

  17. Nr.1: Kardashian-ass-dress
    Nr.2: When you transition from patchwork to garment sewing
    Nr.3: The angry housewife uniform
    Nr.4: Make sure your daughters boyfriend dumb her
    Nr.5: The ostrich dress - Now you can hide your head when trouble comes your way
    Nr.6: Its good as a couple to do things together!

  18. 1. Cellulite camouflage
    2. A patchwork Orange
    3. Pusher pants
    4. The devil wears pouf sleeves
    5. Neck brace style-a-thon
    6. Duck dynasty pajama party

  19. 1. Self contained PortaPotty Dress (for evening events where there aren't enough ladies rooms)
    2. I started a quilt, but I made a new wardrobe.
    3. Why?
    4. Big Hair Required
    5. I could hide a Buick in here!
    6. PJ Party in the 80's

  20. Hot off the press… from McCalls new Colostomy Collection.
    Don’t spoil those first impressions, put that bag behind you, cleverly concealed in the latest evening gown from the collection. It may only be temporary, but that is no reason to disregard fashion.

    And you though color/pattern blocking would never come back. Quilt your way to wardrobe heaven in one of these smart outfits from the Be Wild and Crazy collection.

    Be ready for sport or work around the house. Be daring, Be ADVANCEd. Flaunt those arm pits and ankles in our newest ensemble, the SPORK. But work or sport, or just wading through some deep *bleep* don’t be a dork and forget your pearls.

    Don’t forget to tune into this new McCall’s pattern, RETURN TO DALLAS. Relive those unforgettable moments. Dream of giving J.R. what he’s got coming.

    Vogue has once again captured the essential look of today in the HULK SHIRT DRESS. If you’ve got one of those muscle bound creatures at your house, he can wear it too!

    And last but not least.

    Be the best dressed lesbian on the block. Blend in with the guys and keep those whistlers, oglers and pinchers at bay. Show ‘em your not easy, with Easy McCall’s I AIN’T NO PRINCESS togs for fun times and pajama parties.

  21. Ouch!! I made bridesmaid dresses from #4 P212 for my wedding.

    1. Well, at least you made them yourself! I had to shell out serious $$ for a nearly identical but badly fitting RTW version for my friend's wedding.

  22. 1. Bustle
    2. Patchwork
    3. Shuffleboard
    4. 80s?
    5. Vogue Blass
    6. Saved by the bell

  23. 1. Bustle gone Wrong
    2. Indecisive Color Choices
    3. Shuffleboard Mom
    4. Sleeves can also be used as a flotation device
    5. Coats for the claustrophobic
    6. Revenge of the 80's

  24. I love your blog. I'm a non-sewer but love reading everything. The responses to this post have me laughing SO HARD I actually had to stop for a tinkle break so I wouldn't pee my pants. I've got tears in my eyes from laughing! My favorite so far is's #1 "What Kate wishes Pippa had worn". Priceless! Pam from Minnesota

    1. I'm so happy that you liked my comment, because it's my goal as a blogger to make everyone pee their pants. Though I have to say that the entry below for #4 by Anonymous ("The Row in an Alternate Universe") took the cake as far as I'm concerned.

  25. 1. Her booty DO need explaining
    2. Scrapsy Daisy!
    3. Shuffle Along Sally
    4. Misses Dress/Double Toilet Paper Cosy
    5. Kimon-andgetme!
    6. Saved By The Bermuda Short

  26. 1. If I can just…squeeze out…a few’s up, up and away for the honeymoon!
    2. My painfully rigid smile hides my shame
    3. Just what every girl needs: a pearl necklace right before the shuffleboard tournament…
    4. Four legs, two heads, but only three arms. Ah well, we’ve got sleeves enough for 8!
    5. I just need…to unscrew this…and I can lend my head to my pal here.
    6. It's no good turning your back dearie, we can still tell it's you in those embarrassing shorts!

  27. #1 When Bustles go Bad
    #2 Chev-Wrong
    #3 OC-Dorable
    #4 The Row in an Alternate Universe
    #5 Hot-Flash-Dance
    #6 japanese street BMX style

  28. 1 - The Dump Dress
    2 - The Stash Buster
    3 - Hayseed Roundup
    4 - Waterwing Couture
    5 - International Spy Coat
    6 - Jungle Romp

  29. I'll give this a shot.
    1. Poop chute
    2. I ran out of fabric
    3. Moe's Florida retirement high waisters
    4. Floatie dress
    5. It's a shirt. It's a Jacket. It's a mess
    6. White in the 'hood

  30. 1. Droopy diaphanous drawers
    2. Chevron quilt chic
    3. Mom Capris
    4. Gunne Sax lives!!!
    5. Coat-burka-- for the modest woman who never wants to be looked at.
    6. Basketball jammies

    1. Howl! Love 2 & 4-Gunne Sax...those were the days of pattern domination.

  31. This is way too funny,
    1. Shes so Poop-ular
    2. McWrong
    3. Gam Diggers
    4. Does my head make these sleeves look big
    5. Collar me hole
    6. Lucy would love these. They're like those burlap sacks she and Ethel wore in Paris.

  32. 1-evening buttsle gown
    2-Swedish teen nightmare suits
    3-red carpet cleaning ensemble
    4-Sweet Stepford date-night dresses
    5-Siberian chic party dress
    6-Anyone-can-sew pjs (trust us)

  33. I need medicinal alcohol, STAT!

  34. 1. 90s CalvinK with a bum bag.
    2. My 4H 70`s Show sewing homework
    3. Yacht club snazzy without the club pass
    4. Ubiquitous floral tea dresses (why make me suffer)
    5. Playing with Bill
    6. WHAM meets In Living Color

  35. Bustles Gone Bad
    Angle Agony
    Mother of All Mom Jeans
    Pouf! Be Gone
    Fabric Scraps Revolt

  36. 1. I Keep My Cheese Puffs In Here
    2. The Kids Of Today Must Protect Themselves Against The Seventies
    3. Shuffleboard Madness OR I Need To Lean on The Shuffleboard Stick Because My Girdle Is Cutting Off The Circulation To My Head
    4. When Laura Ashley Attacks
    5. Flying Squirrel
    6. Gag Me With A Chainsaw

  37. 1. The Pamper'd Bride.
    2. Georgette's Wardrobe (special calico/denim stash buster edition)
    3. Dust Croppers/Cropped Dusters
    4. A Bridesmaid Dress that Your Best Friend Will Never Forgive or Forget.
    5. Convertible Turtle Batwing Trench and Portable Changing Room.
    6. Pants that tell the world that you have given up and have some regression issues.

  38. 1. Failed Bustle Class 101 (deflation)
    2. Packing for Branson or Dollywood
    3. Country Club Intrigue: Hubby's smashed on gin and tonics, meet me for a quickie in the parking lot
    4. Revival meeting sin-free get ups
    5. Blass underling designed for a day
    6. Hazing outfits to embarrass newbie pledges

  39. Just home from a short trip to the other side of the world, suffering from jetlag after 40 hours travel, sitting here crying with laughter. What creative people you all are but I love.'what Kate wished Pippa had worn' most. Thank you all for a great end to my day! Anne-Marie

  40. Your Name That Pattern contests are timeless. . . unlike some actual patterns.


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