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Apr 5, 2014

Flea Market Fun on a Sunny Saturday!

So many fun things at the flea market this morning (on an amazingly April-like April day: sunny and mid-50's).

Vintage Seventies avocado fondue pot...

"Handy Hannah" hair dryer.  1950's?

Sewing machines galore...

Lots of "miscellaneous"....

Here's my $12's worth:

3 1/4 yards of vintage unused cotton ticking for $4.

Old sheets @ $1 apiece -- perfect for muslins.

Vintage purple glass brooch, just $2.

Three vintage comic books: "Millie the Model" from 1969 and "Just Married" and "Girls' Romances" from 1965.  The last two are over-the-top hilarious, as nearly every image is ironic refrigerator magnet or coffee mug-worthy!

Which is your favorite hoary cliche?

I'm toying with the idea of returning to pick up some vintage fabric I saw there that would make a cool shirt.  Get thee behind me, Satan!

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Peter, WAIT! How can you stop without telling us what happens with the widow and Cal ? Was Ron really faking it, or was his love true ? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. Millie the model caught his eye with all those flashy furs!

  2. Getting kind of old for "pulsating love" so I might have to settle for that Singer you spotted. Looks similar to the Singer 15 I learned on, which was the family workhorse for a lot of years.

  3. I'm going to be in NYC for one Sat. In May. Is this flea mkt. every Sat? I will be dragging hubby to Mood and other sewing venues but he loves flea markets.

  4. God, I remember those comics. They will still being churned out in the 1970s, but I don't think the characters had moved beyond the late 1960s. My Mom used to devour those magazines--"True Romance" and the like.

    And don't you mean "Get thee behind me, Satin"? Or was it a different type of fabric? :-)

  5. Oh gawd, I see those avocado fondue pots EVERYWHERE. But the purple brooch is really nice, and the ticking is definitely a SCORE. And yes: sheets for muslins is a GREAT idea. Wow, that's quite a heap of cuckoo clocks there in that one pic! and yes, I remember those turgid comic books; I got so sick of them because the women are all so VICTIM-ISH and LAME. Millie the Model? Meh. I liked X-men and Sgt. Fury BETTER.

  6. OMG I never wanted this post to end. Hysterical! Laughing so hard at these "comic books"

  7. Those comic books! What a find, hours of entertainment - the possibilities! I would be tempted to print some of those to poster size and hang them. Pulsating Love - what more could one ask for?

  8. An embrace that made her HEART throb with rapturous joy? Methinks she as her anatomy all wrong then! LOL! BTW I am emailing me the Ron Made me fall in love with me to my Mum (Mom) who married her Ron after a whirlwind romance about 9 years ago, and still going strong!

  9. I got the smarts, the glasses, AND the love. If only my hair would behave...

  10. You shouldn't have left that fondue pot behind, they are the best!! I love how wearing glasses automatically makes you smart, and taking them off makes you prettier. So glad we are living in different times. I am pretty sure people know when I am wearing my glasses I still can't spell.

  11. I think that's my fondue pot!! Had one just like it way back when . . .

  12. What a riot. Thanks, Peter. Wish I could go flea marketing with you when I come home for a visit in June : ).

  13. I still have yet to go to the flea market. I would love to tag along someday this summer!

  14. I think it's the lighting. The shots a few days ago of you in the shirt look duller ... not you ... the shirt itself.
    Beth S


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