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Dec 2, 2013

Pea Coat, Version 2.0?

Am I ready to make another coat?

I actually feel more excited about a donegal wool pea coat than I did about the one I just made in coated cotton canvas.   I am hoping it will look similar to this:

Here's the tweed I purchased a few weeks ago:

This tweed version will require more hand sewing, but I expect the wool to be easier to work with and much more forgiving, since the coated canvas didn't ease and any ripped seams left visible marks in the coating.  Plus, I'm much more familiar with the whole coat-making process, so I know what to expect.  And I will have more time: there's nothing else I plan on sewing this month.

I have to dive in and stay focused.  Less padding around flea markets and more pad stitching.

One of my goals with this upcoming coat is to get more comfortable working with hair canvas.  I've used it now and then (mostly in collars) but I've never interfaced a whole garment with it.  (I'll be interfacing primarily the two fronts, along with the collar and collar stand.)

In other news, I did some bike riding this afternoon (temperature in the mid-40's) in my cotton canvas pea coat and it was very comfortable to wear -- and it breathed!  One of the reasons I'm excited about making a tweed coat is that the canvas coat is a little light for the colder weather ahead. 

I think I have all the supplies I need as well as the tools.  Time to bite the bullet.

Are you finding your energy flags more easily on these late autumn days when it's already dark at 4:30 pm?  Mine certainly does.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. May we please be privy to "Peter's pad stitching tutorial"???

  2. I love this tweed, Peter. Can't wait to see the progress. And yes, I too, have to fight the energy lag this time of year. It's been dreary and damp all day here, so I've holed up in my sewing room and turned on every light I have!

  3. Yeah, it does. But you have to push through it when Christmas is coming and you only have half the presents sewn together. Not to mention that I made Imp, the two-year-old, matching camisoles and panties and now older sister, Bit, is jealous because they're cuter than her character underwear!

  4. I can't seem to get used to how short the days seem when it gets dark before 5. I like your inspiration coat. Will you do flapped pockets or the ones from your pattern?

  5. If you want warmth, you might consider a double faced satin for lining.

    Oh, can you show a picture of horsehair canvas. Not sure I know what you mean.

  6. The hands on that dressform are creepy!!

  7. Peter does that book have a pattern for a TopCoat? I mean if you aced the Pea Coat why not go to something more challenging?
    Many years ago I purchased a surplus Top Coat from a fashion catalogue but I don't fit it any more. How can a one pound box of Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Macadamias Nuts add three inches to the waist?! The kicker is that I still have the coat. If and when I get the nerve I would try to make a copy of it for my size and add a few additions on the inside.

  8. I am anxious to see your progress on this coat, the inspiration photo is wonderful. Yes, it is hard to be motivated, leave for work in the dark and get home in the dark. I have to make myself go to the gym and then when back home to the sewing room.

  9. Well it is getting hotter here, not colder, but energy is flagging anyway - Christmas preparation takes a lot of energy!

  10. Peter, that tweed will make a gorgeous man's coat. I'm sure that whatever you make of it will be stunning.

    Yes, my energy does flag more easily:/

  11. This time of year kills my motivation. The light, boss, where is the light? Only 19 more days before the light begins to come back. I think this coat will be killer! Can't wait to see it. I love the fabric, and if it turns out as well as your first one, it will be fabulous.

  12. I am so excited to see how this coat turns out. It is a real classic and I think the collar is my favorite part (though I just love the entire thing). Will you be using a grey tweed like the photo? Another color?

    I am drained this time of year. It gets dark early but or Pacific Northwest skies can be dark all day with rain clouds. My fatigue could also stem from my inlaws just leaving our house yesterday after visiting for 5 days.

  13. You will find the wool a dream to work with in comparison to the coated canvas. It eases beautifully and can be steamed into whatever shape you desire. It is also much easier to do pad stitching that will not be visible on the right side. The pad stitching is tedious, but not difficult.

    And yes, I do find I have low energy during this time of year. It's much harder to get started and much harder to remain focussed.

  14. That tweed is lovely.

    Yes, please, please do a padstitching tutorial! I have a jacket in the works and I'm not entirely sure I understand what I'm doing, yikes.

  15. Canvassing the lapels too I hope? They'll not stay crisp forever without it. The chest canvas should stretch to the lapel area.

    Sick of the loss of light here (Northern Europe) already. I keep falling asleep after work and the sewing table is gathering dust.

  16. Living in Sydney - the only answer to SAD! But then you wouldn't need that gorgeous Donegal tweed coat for more than 3 days of the year.


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