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Jun 1, 2013

Fun at My Apartment Building's Flea Market!

Readers, as many of you know, once a year the apartment complex where I live (made up of ten high rise apartment buildings) holds its annual flea market -- basically a big, junky swap meet.  The quality can vary, but some things are certain: you'll find tons of "As seen on TV" appliances (and their ilk).   This year was no different.

Remember "Perfect Pancake?"  (Me either)

How about a "Digital Coin Counting Money Jar" tagged a "perfect solution for her."  (Math is hard.)

This needs no introduction:

This flea market is also rich in "collectible" dolls people apparently can't wait to dump. Barbie as Dorothy!

Vintage repro "Poodle Parade" Barbie!

Then there are the boxes and boxes of books, VHS tapes, DVDs, cassette tapes -- every format for every possible shopper!


Finally, women's shoes, women's shoes and more women's shoes.  And bags -- lots of bags (Michael bought himself one, actually).

A few other notables seen today:

Eyelashes! (I resisted.)

Coffee makers -- I think there are more of those than anything else.

Vintage buttons!

Christmas ornaments!


Holly Hobbie dress!

As you've probably noticed, very little of this stuff is truly old and most of it is just one step from the landfill.  Like I said, it's pretty junky.

Here's my take -- all for $5.

Plush rabbit head/dog toy.

Some DVDs to get me through the hot weekend:

And look who we saw riding through Chelsea today.  Can anyone name him?

Friends, I hope you're all staying cool and sewing productively.

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Could that fellow on the bike have been Bill Cunningham?

  2. Hey! Math is hard. Just ask Malibu Stacy.

  3. I'm probably telling you something about myself (but I'm not sure what) by saying that I have never heard of Bill Cunningham. However, I did notice, when looking him up on Google, that he's exactly one year younger than my dad. There you go, something else about me and my family that you probably didn't need to know.

  4. My guess was Bill Cunningham as well. Oh, and that coin counter is not meant to imply that math is hard. It is trying to fill a genuine need. Husbands of women have this strange desire to amass as many coins as will fit in the house. Men virtually never see this as a problem. Women occasionally try to stem the jingly flow. Such a device might help with this.

  5. Hrm... If I'd been there, those buttons, or at least the most attractive ones, would have followed me home to live in my button tin...

  6. Did you jump out in front of his bike and ask why he wasn't photographing you?!

  7. I thought maybe it was Kenneth King. But the jacket wasn't cool enough to be him!

  8. Arrghh! I'm looking for collectible Barbies and I would have cleaned up today! *LOL*

  9. You didn't buy those buttons?!!!!

  10. A perfect solution for HER?!?

    Sexist marketing men can KMA.

  11. Aww, that is a cute chihuahua!!

  12. Looks like fun. And ooh... Bill Cunningham!

  13. Hey,it's Bill Cunningham. Check out the documentary about him on Netflix. Peter, I have 5 yards of 50's silk chiffon...want it?

  14. I watched the most delightful documentary on Bill Cunningham a few months ago, I'm so pleased to see he's out and about still! I developed quite a soft spot for him and his no-nonsense ways despite having never heard of him before then.

  15. Wow, I've been craning my neck at every older gentleman I see in hopes of spotting Bill Cunningham-- what a great sighting!

  16. I totally love the Holly Hobbie dress!

    Peter, I'm super-paranoid about bed bugs and I'm wondering how you avoid them while secondhand shipping in NYC, the world's most notorious bed bug hotspot. Do you own a Packtite or are you just really lucky?

    1. I do launder everything I bring into the house and I won't pick upholstered furniture up off the street. They've been found in even NEW clothing stores, so what are you going do?

    2. I doubt you'd find them in used DVD boxes but who knows?

  17. OMG I laughed out load at the roller disco skates and I hope someone snapped up that cute little vintage Coach crossbody bag


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