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Dec 24, 2012

MPB KITSCH-mas Spectacular or "Name that Pattern - Holiday Edition!"

Readers near and far, the holidays are finally here!

There are two ways to celebrate Christmas (and all those other end-of-year winter holidays): straight, or with a twist of irony.  Of course, many people would rather have just the twist, but irony doesn't work that way.

With no further delay, I present the MPB "Name That Pattern -- Holiday Edition."   These unique patterns are for those inspired crafter/sewers who can't get enough yuletide spirit (and may have been hitting the yuletide spirits a little early).  Seriously, I think these patterns are fun, plus they keep our minds alert, our fingers busy, and our stress levels manageable.

Shall we have at it?  You know the rules: you can name all the patterns or just the few that inspire you.  Sometime today I'll be contributing my own answers and, if I can twist his arm, clever Michael will contribute his too.

Presenting...Pattern #1!

Pet lovers, here's Pattern #2!

Pattern #3!

Speechless yet?  Here's Pattern #4

But wait, there's more: Pattern #5

Pattern #6

Pattern #7

Pattern #8

Last but  not least, our holiday BONUS PATTERN -- Pattern #9!

Readers, whether you choose to play "Name That Pattern" or not, I wish all of you a very happy and healthy holiday.

Merry Kitsch-mas!

(Christmas "all'italiano" -- the fun begins at 0:35)


  1. I actually really like the Christmas robe/cloak from #5 but the
    #3 - "Santa of My Dreams - Fantasy Father Christmas"...code for a Christmas themed sex toy cozy! Make one for all your girlfriends!

  2. Oh, I have pattern #4!!! I made those reindeer years ago when my children were little. I have them sitting out near our tree, right now! It's called Christmas Guests! It has Mr. & Mrs. Reindeer and the kids! I made "Mr. & Mrs. Reindeer"! :)

    1. Bonus points if you post a link to a photo of them, Marla!

  3. We don't get a chance at the first one because it's too obvious? "Zombie Christmas"
    #1 Chucky's Christmas
    #3 Stick 'Em Up Santa!

  4. Even the dog looks embarrassed to be seen in that Christmas tree sweater.
    Merry Christmas Peter and Michael!

  5. Totally at a loss to name anything, but I think you should auction off #five. I can see a nice flannel house coat or even a fifties style swing coat in my future.
    Oh, and happy holidays to you and Michael. Not to get all sappy-but I will...thank you for a great blog and lots of smiles.

  6. #1-Sprite Fright (should really be a Halloween Pattern)
    At a loss to come up with anything clever for the rest, so Happy Holidays, everyone!

  7. #1 DIY Elf on the Shelf
    #2 I hate my dog
    #3 50 shades of Santa
    #4 Old pantyhose gone wrong
    #5 Little Red Riding Hood's stripper robe
    #6 Get-a-life Christmas Caroling costume
    #7 Anatomically disturbing snowmen (why the heck does it have legs?)
    #8 Perfect Mother-in-law gift
    #9 Howdy Dorky

  8. OMG! I remember working on that Annie pattern when I worked for McCall's.

    Thanks for the memory!

  9. #3 Inquisition Santa
    #4 The only family left who would vote for Sarah Palin.
    #5 Samantha Stevens' Wicca Christmas morning.
    (Deleted cuz I have made the vest and it's fast and dirty.)
    #7 These snowmen will walk right into your mountain cabin and change the locks.
    #9 Mama likes her nog!

  10. I have that Miss Piggy pattern!! AND...the matching Kermit pattern! Jealous yet? you know you

    They came in a big box of vintage costume patterns, and I don't have the heart to toss them.

  11. Here are mine:

    Annie Get Your Muff

    1. Sock it to me!
    2. Deck the Dog With Kitschy Clothing
    3. Let's torture the fat guy!
    4. Rudolph hits forty
    5. Xmas wrapping
    6. Honey, get the water balloons!
    7. Bride of Frosty
    8. Stuffed stocking pork
    9. Ding Dong Merrily on Howdy Hi Hi

  12. What's with the giant sized cat? Wasn't Sandy a dog?

    I think the hanging Santa likes bondage.

  13. I am so full of eggnog and overloaded with bad Xmas music that I can't possibly think of one pattern name. Annie's eyes always scared me!!

  14. i REMEMBER all those patterns, for the video: busby berkley gone wild with big balls and lots of the italians fighting up to 00:35...happiest of holidays to you two.

  15. Best wishes to all...

    1. Warning: Outfit may cause low elf esteem.
    2. I saw Fido licking Santa Claus
    3. Saint Nick Knack
    4. All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call them names.
    5. Eat all you want Cover-Up
    6. Fleece Navidad
    7. Freeze a Jolly Good Fellow
    8. Swine dreaming of a White Christmas
    9. There's no place like home for the hollandaise

  16. 1. Toys to Scare Naughty Kids
    2. The Cat’s Revenge
    3. Recluse Santa
    4. Homeliest Reindeer Family
    5. Red Riding Hood's New Line of Loungewear
    6. Because you’ve never wanted to be a caroler
    7. Mary Poppins Christmas Decor
    8. Stuffed Christmas Pig
    9. Have a Very Stepford Family Christmas

  17. I am a little too boozified to even make an attempt at naming the patterns, but I just wanted to say Merry Christmas!!!
    Also, I grew up in Italy and I am always amazed at the worlwide appeal of Raffaella Carrà in the gay community. She reminds me of singining "Com'è bello far l'amore da Trieste in giù" under a rainbow flag with my friends in Milan in the 1990s.

  18. I believe one name does it all...


    Happy New Year


  19. OMG, my mother had the final patern and an apron for every holiday...and she didn't even cook! But every couple of years she'd drag us to the store to choose new fabric (usually net - for its great powers in protecting her dress from stains) and embellisments.


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