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Sep 27, 2012

It's time to play...NAME THAT PATTERN!

Readers, I am SO excited!

Once again, it's time to play the sewing blogosphere's favorite game -- Name That Pattern!

The rules are simple.  I post a photo of a pattern I've found online, and you give it a funny name.  Can it get any simpler than that?

As you no doubt remember from past rounds, the competition is stiff.  Today's winner will be invited to participate in our celebrity finals, and be eligible for some fantastic prizes including a two week, all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii!!

Are you ready to play?

In keeping with the season and our upcoming MPB Sew-Along, today's theme is HALLOWEEN!

OK, let's get started.

Here's PATTERN #1

 (My answer: My mommy sews and all I got was this lousy Super Girl costume)

Put on your thinking caps, because here's PATTERN #2!

(My answer: Can't. Breathe -- Box... On... Head...)

And now something for you pet lovers -- PATTERN #3!

(My answer:  Follow the Yellow Pee Road!)

We're not done yet, folks!  Here comes PATTERN #4!

(My answer: Honey, I Shrunk Carrie Fisher!)

But wait, there's more -- PATTERN #5!

 My answer: "How the h-e-double-hockey sticks do I walk in this thing?"

And now, our BONUS pattern -- PATTERN #6!!!

 (My answer: Strictly for tater tots.)

EXTRA BONUS QUESTION: Who is the lady whose photo I've posted up top?

Friends, Michael may be contributing answers later in the day but please don't let that discourage you: he is disqualified from winning -- no matter what he may say!

Ready?  On your marks, get set, NAME THAT PATTERN!


  1. I am not good at naming patterns, but the lady up top is Rose Marie, first of the Dick Van Dyke show and then on Hollywood Squares.

  2. Pattern #4 "Come to the dark side, we have patterns"

  3. "We're off to PEE on the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz"

  4. 1. The pink cloud that blinds your fashion sense
    2. Serial strangler mom on the sewing machine
    3.Pet torture
    4. When star wars are wary of star wares.
    5. Fashion torture can't never started too early
    6. The Velcros are sticking on wrong

  5. Sweet Rose Marie is the actress you showed above!
    1: Pink is the Word
    2: Silly Jumpsuits R US
    3: Toto Incognito
    4: Luke, Where R U?
    5: Garden Bunting Gone Awry
    6: A Bunch O' Us

    1. #6 Mr Hanky, the Christmas Poo pattern

    2. "Pink is the Word"
      LOL good one! @Texicanwife

  6. Well well,that's Rose Marie isn't it?

    I'm drawing a blank for all but the oz one. Send in the flying monkeys

  7. #5 must be "You Are What You Eat".

  8. #1 Ambrosia
    #2 Braniff Airlines junior sizes
    #3 Boogie Wookie
    #4 How could you use a sweet puppy so?
    #5 Modern Sweetpea
    #6 The creature from the back of the refrigerator.

  9. #5: They say I pee all over but I don't.

  10. So it's not Margaret Thatcher then? I was quite looking forward to whatever you might have had to say about her suits.

  11. #1 Together we shall rule the earth!
    #2 Be anything with an overall!
    #3 Say it with your dog: I'm not from Kansas,at least not anymore.
    #4 In a suburbia far far away...
    #5 FEED ME!
    #6 For all you couch potatoes out there!

  12. 1 Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Pepto-Bismol Girl, and her Minime!!
    3 Toto actually auditioned for all the other parts too, but disappointingly was only cast as the dog.
    4 George's first attempt to save money by hiring new, young talent never made it past the screen test...
    5 "Non!" shouted the French chef, "I asked for ze BAY VEGETABLES, not ze babies DRESSED as vegetables, imbecile!!"
    6 You too can dress like a turd...

  13. #1. We couldn't get copyright.
    #2. Funsies in Onesies.
    #3. Ruby slippers not recommended.
    #4. May inter-facing be with you.
    #5. Revenge on a sleepless night.
    #6. Chipping the light-fantastic and couch potatoes.

  14. 1- my aunt needs therapy
    2-Not my idea
    3-Why spot called protective services
    4-Ok, now thats just a good idea!
    5- eh.
    6- perfect bladder tumor costume for the annual urology convention
    Bonus- Rosemarie!!!

  15. #1 Teehee, Halloween. When you get your mom to look like an idiot. Who's the superhero now?

    #2 Shut up! We now have anti-bullying laws for strange kids.

    #3 My owner told me this was the thundervest. I think I got tricked, this doesn't feel like a hug for your dog, and I feel like howling more than I did before.

    #4 Just because Dad is a geek who can't get out of the 70s, Mom, don't make us suffer for his fetish.

    #5 My what big teeth you have grandma!

    #6 Hey, the Snuggie was a huge hit.

  16. Pattern # 3 - The reward for eating her favourite heels.

  17. Rose Marie!

    Pattern's HAMMERTIME! (Can't touch this...)

    Now that song will be going thru your head all day.

  18. #1 Xanadu On Ice!

    #2 Doing 'The Creep' before Nicki Minaj and John Waters made it popular.

    #3 Dog in green hat: 'quick, you two in drag look cute while I take down the photographer!'

    #4 There is no try. There is only sew or not sew.

    #5 Mm, flowers, carrots, peas. All nice. But where's the Fava beans and a nice chianti?

    #6 So, where's the pattern for the giant pooper-scooper?

  19. Rose Marie's smile looks like it hurt her face.

  20. What is that bonus pattern? Are they dancing turds?

  21. Ooh, my mom was a California Raisin one year for Halloween in the eighties. That was an awesome costume, second only to the year she was a cowpie.

    1. Oh my gosh, we must be related, my mom was a character she called "Cow Patty" (a hillbilly cowgirl with blacked out teeth).

  22. One cannot top "we're off to pee on the wizard..."

  23. that's New Yorker cartoon caption material

  24. 1. Dollar Store She-Ra Knockoff
    4. The Family that Live Action Role Plays together, stays together
    5. Babies Are Delicous
    6. I Heard it Through the Sewer Line

  25. The caption for every one of them is, "What do you mean you have to GO? Why didn't you tell me before I stuffed you into this costume?"

  26. 1. Argh! Foiled again by the shiny booted avenger!
    2. Now you can wear the same costume- FOREVER!
    3. Tin Man: "Wait 'till I find my courage, then I'm so gonna bite your bottom". Scarecrow: "If I only had a brain I'd be out of this getup sooo fast."
    4. When genre's collide: Munchkins try out for Star Wars
    5. Making eating baby vegetables weird since 1991
    6. I heard it through the grapevine... that you wouldn't be invited to any parties this year in that costume

  27. After I finish laughing at dogs in cone hats and children dressed as potatoes.. I remember you guys do Halloween ..explains a lot

  28. 1. Women of ComicBook Cosplay need this pattern (it's a blog I subscribe to) - OR Mommy and Me!
    2. Someone stole this from the costume department at Desilu when they were making Star Trek (the original series) there. Gorn anyone?
    3.What sort of self-respecting dog allows its owner to dress it up like this? OR Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas any more.
    4.Love Darth's Googlie-eyes! Do they list ping-pong balls in the notions on the back of this pattern?
    5.Hot Chilli Peas in a Pod and a Primrose
    6. Are they dancing nuts? Or just nuts?
    7. Is that Margaret Thatcher, or just someone that she copied her hairstyle from?

  29. 1. Wonder Girlies
    2. Jumpsuit Excuse
    3. Wizard of dOgZ
    4. Star Twerps
    5. Diaper Disguises
    6. Half Baked

  30. #1 I sew, therefore we are.
    #2 Random Costume in Search of a Convention
    #3 Skirt, perhaps. Rickrack, no.
    or "Get out of my shot, Glinda, you bitch!"
    #4 Voluntarily Removal From the Gene Pool
    #5 Birth of the Pod People
    #6 Tater tot and Dicktater

    And that's Rose Marie!! I loved her so!

  31. Oops, #4 was supposed to be Voluntary Removal...

    2. 'intelligent design' illustrated
    3. What? No shoes?
    4. May the force of nerddom be with you
    5. Anne Geddes' little garden of horrors
    6. Couch potato dauphinois

  33. 1. Going Gangnam Style!
    2. Let the Wild Rumpus Start!
    3. Toto Abuse
    4. Wish upon a Wookie
    5. Vegan Delight.
    6. 70s Commercial Redux. (Really? The California Raisins??)

    Old enough to remember Rose Marie. sigh.

  34. 1. Come fly with Me and Mini Me
    2. Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!
    3. Toto: In search of self
    4. May the Farce be with You!
    5. You are what you eat.
    6. You are the couch potato of my eye!

    Sadly, I too am old enough to remember Rose Marie. SIGH!

  35. My heart goes out to the kid who had to wear the homemade Darth Vader costume! Thanks for the laugh!


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