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May 21, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays and Laura Mae

Friends, it's pouring rain here this Monday morning, but luckily we're dry and toasty in our little glass gazebo that is MPB, if not quite sixteen going on seventeen (no wisecracks).  Here's what's up:

1) While I didn't formally participate in the just-ended Pattern Review New York City weekend, I did crash their Friday fabric shopping.  Not having made any plans with anyone in advance, I simply walked up to 39th Street in the early afternoon in hopes someone would recognize me -- and they did.  (Truly a Lana Turner-esque moment.)  First, I ran into Canadian reader and blogger Heather outside Chic Fabrics (adding to the serendipity of it all, Heather wasn't even participating in the Pattern Review weekend but was fabric shopping anyway).  At Metro Textiles, I encountered reader Yardbird (not her real name) and PR founder Deepika Prakash herself.  I followed Deepika to Elliot Berman (I'd never been there before), where I found Elizabeth in a fabric feeding frenzy and so many others I can't remember all their names.  It was all very fun, but after about two hours, I was all estrogened out.  I bought nothing, needless to say.

2) Readers, a confession: I have an irrational fear of sopranos and the soprano-like.  That's why I was flummoxed to receive a package in the mail from none other than sunny songbird Laura Mae!

LM & Tito

Kidding aside, I'm a big fan of Laura Mae, but for some reason Cathy doesn't like her. I suspect my cousin sees Laura Mae as something of a rival in vintage Vogue, and I hope I'm not reinforcing a tired cliche about female competitiveness by saying so. 

So you're likely wondering what Laura Mae sent me.  Readers, the mystery package contained a huge collection of men's patterns!  There's a fine line between gift-giving and disguised decluttering, but I'm going to give Laura Mae the benefit of the doubt.

Not to be outdone, I sent Laura Mae an even larger gift in return, and I'll let her tell you about its fabulous contents.  (I can play the decluttering game too, Laura Mae!)

3) I picked up a beautiful book over the weekend, Haute Couture (there's an original title for you), published to accompany an exhibit of same at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's costume exhibit in the mid-Nineties.

The photographs -- and it's teeming with them -- are gorgeous.  Can you ever tire of looking at these kind of books?

You can view more photos from Haute Couture here.

Friends, that's it for today.  My SIL, Prachee, is coming over today, but alas, I don't have an updated muslin for her to try on -- other things have gotten in the way, I'm afraid, and please don't blame Pinterest.  I hope to get back to that project later in the week.

I hope it's not pouring in your neck of the woods -- unless you need it to, of course.

Have a great day, everybody!

PS - anybody still decluttering?


  1. Fine -- yet another book on my wish list. I clicked through your other photos from the book and I'm so intrigued by the Chanel coat with just a bit of floral fabric peeking out at the collar and cuffs.

  2. I'm doing the opposite of de-cluttering! I am such a horder! It isn't raining here (for once!)The whole of the SW of England has gone Olympic Torch mad! I just do not get it!

  3. Oh Loride Lordie, I have those two patterns too. There just ain't that many men's patterns in the sewosphere. Recommendations for shirt patterns that actually work for our men beginner sewists would be most appreciated by the way! :)

  4. I love that that you crashed PR Weekend, that's PERFECT

  5. Gave away 4 bags of remnants and fabrics this week! Yay!

  6. The rain has finally reached central Mass. We can use it!
    Love the Haute Couture book. Great photos, stuff to dream about.
    I know what you mean by being estrogened out after a couple of hours with a group of women. It happens to me, too - and I'm a woman!
    Glad you were able to meet Deepika et al. She lives near me. Great woman!

  7. I will be decluttering for the rest of my life!

  8. I lost my mind on silk and chiffon. Will keep you posted regarding my caftan/vintage swimsuit progress if I actually get both made before my trip to Cuba in 2 weeks. Otherwise perfect (if hilariously expensive) trip was somewhat tainted by one snafu. Waiting in insane line at MoMa for Cindy Sherman exhibit only to be told they wouldn't check my suitcase at coat check and I couldn't bring it inside. Sigh. No identity photography for this lass...

  9. I think the Haute Couture book is wonderful. I own a copy myself.

  10. I am back to sewing after not doing much for a long time. Cluttering not uncluttering is my state at the moment. I suppose the trick is getting just what is necessary and ignoring the rest. I haven't learned that trick yet. Who would be able to ignore free bags of good quality material? A person in my building is retiring from sewing because of failing eyesight so they gave me most of their material. What didn't fit in my linen cupboard was given away. And then there is the patterns. Sigh....don't ask how many of those I have been able to get for rediculously low prices.......sigh.

  11. ... crashed PR weekend but alas...I didn't get to meet you. Maybe next time. Loved your city and shopping was fun. But Peter you missed a really truly great presentation By Kenneth King!


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