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Dec 20, 2011

MPB Second Annual "Leopard for the Holidays!"

Friends, do you remember the leopard print pants I made at precisely this time last year?  Oh, if I had a dollar for every time some stranger emailed me asking if I would make them a pair of these pants, I'd have enough to buy a large coffee from Starbucks with muffin!

Well, I was fabric shopping/wandering aimlessly in the Garment District yesterday, and at my new favorite craptastic fabric store, Nahir (renown for its grumpy owner, lousy service, and unpredictable prices), I found this stretch denim leopard print -- in a vivid cherry overdye -- for just $2.99/yd (from a 60" bolt)!

Now you might be wondering why, with all the wonderful fabric stores at my disposal, I should frequent a place like Nahir.  Friends, I can't explain it; I like a challenge, I guess. What's the fun of going to a place like B&J and finding exactly what you're looking for?  You'd never be looking for cherry stretch denim leopard print in the first place, so you'd never find it.  Do you know what I mean?

Wait -- could this be cheetah? 

For me, fabric this loud and (let's face it) tacky has strong associations, none of which I will share with you.  But if you told me it was a remnant from the Material Girl line at Macy's or something that fell off the Forever 21 delivery truck, I wouldn't be at all surprised.

That said, it's fun, and the price was right.  So today I'm deciding what to do with it.  I'm leaning toward jeans, but I don't know...maybe it calls for something wilder, like a hooded jumpsuit!

In any case, as you can see, this is the week of the mindless sewing project.  Nothing of substance till 2012 -- though you never know when inspiration will strike.

Speaking of inspiration, I bit the bullet and bought this Simplicity dance hall girl pattern.  It has some cool elements I think will be useful down the line, even if I never do an homage to Angela Lansbury in The Harvey Girls.

Friends, that's all for today.   If you have strong feelings pro or con about a man in leopard print stretch jeans, please let me know.  I think, paired with a simple white dress shirt, it could work.  Or no shirt at all.

Happy Tuesday, everybody!


  1. i think you can do it! white dress shirts make everything look classy :-)

  2. I'm voting for jeans. They would be a stunning creation.

  3. i'm rendered speechless by the last pic

  4. I am strongly in favor of leopard print jeans, especially for you as you've demonstrated you can wear them well.
    We have a similar fabric store here in Phx. It's in an old, dusty warehouse, and they carry overruns, seconds, and bolt ends so you have to look at every piece very carefully. They have the fabric organized in some fashion but no one has ever been able to figure it out. The one thing all experienced shoppers know is to never bother the staff with questions as they'll bite your head off. Why do I keep going there? I'm addicted to the hunt for the treasure: a prime bolt of suiting at 2.99 a yard or a piece of silk velvet in the 99 cent bin. I always end up with some sort of prize when I go there, and it's worth enduring the grimy surroundings and grumpy staff.

  5. I say if you're going to go for it, go all the way . . . no shirt ;).

  6. The leopard print pants are working for you.

  7. Missed out on those fabulous leopard print strides first time round. They look amazing on you! I think cherry cheetah jeans with a dress shirt, double cuffs undone, would be the business!

  8. I'm voting for jeans. I want some animal print jeans myself!

    The thrill of the hunt is exactly why I shop in the Fabric District. Cranky staff, unpredictable stores but fabric for $2-3 per yard? I'm sold!

  9. KILT!!!
    Go Howie Nicholsby on the stuff!!

  10. Leopard stretch jeans could be interesting. A leopard stretch jumpsuit with a hood -- didn't we already say good bye to Michael Jackson? Of course, a dead celeb (which, I just learned, is aka a deleb) never dies ... or does anything to make their manager shudder either. Ok, end digression.

    Anyway, if you do a jumpsuit, I will watch, because you have a way to make things fun, scary as it sounds. :-) I still vote for the jeans though.


  11. also here (helpful construction photo.

  12. I'm on the leopard print jeans bandwagon (possibly careening off a cliff). Although, actually I think you should just send me the fabric, because I would not only actually make leopard print jeans out of it, but wear the crap out of them, too. All the stretch denim I can find around here is sooo booooring!

  13. I am having Garment District Envy. Hmmph!

    I wish the cherry cheetah fabric had some shine, for some reason. I say shine, not bling -- sequins or rhinestone bedazzling would be going too far. Just a hint of a glaze or something.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing those jeans come together. Fun!

  14. "This is how I sew,
    animal print pants out of control

    -LMFAO "I'm Sexy and I sew it"

  15. That is definitely left over Cheetah Girls fabric. Tight jeans and matching jean jacket or hoodie. Short ruffled skirt and leggings too. Think tween fashion with marabou trim with lots of singing and dancing. lol.
    I will interested in the outcome here, this fabric will be hard to accessorize.
    I think it would make a great anorak.
    Your present leopard jeans are so much better.

  16. LOL. Thanks for the Cheetah Girls reference -- I'd never heard of them but I think I'll be ready to join the group when these pants are finished!

  17. Zubaz. With a dress shirt.


  18. Jeans...........or I'll trade you for a Starbucks coffee and a muffin and then I'll have a very cool skirt!

  19. Jeans, yes - and I like the idea of "taming the leopard" with a white dress shirt. I believe it would be absolutely stunning. And I want to see pictures!

  20. Hooded jumpsuit! Hooded jumpsuit! I'm still waiting on the sparkly black one, too.

  21. Jeans...I love the first pair! I have a pair of red over dyed zebra print jeans that get comments whenever I wear them. You'll get lots more wear out of the jeans than the hooded jumpsuit, wouldn't you? Maybe not.
    Avidly waiting to see what you decide...

  22. YOu're hilarious. Love the description of Nahir. Can't wait to see the jeans (but we'll forgive you too if you never get around to it).

  23. I bought a pair of leopard print skinny jeans (chocolate brown with a very small black print) from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago and have already worn them out at least 6 times! They always bring compliments. Of course, has to be styled cool...a black silk shell, black leather biker jacket, boots. I have been generally having a leopard obsession lately. If you find any lush-but-cheap leopard knit..traditional tan/brown and black, none of that over-dye stuff..think of me! I'm dying to make a hooded sleeveless leopard vest (inspired by a faux-fur one seen in a local shop that seemed all too impractical and expensive).

  24. I am in the minority. I don't like them at all. I guess it is because I don't like animal print anything, or faux fur.

    I am sure you can make something you will like and will fit you well.

  25. I'm with anonymous. The only things wearing leopard prints should be leopards.

    Now, if you come up with tire track printed fabric... that would be impressive.

    And of course I am a tad jealous, because if i tried to sew a stretch print fabric, I'd have a stretch print wadder.

  26. Ah come on you two, it's christmas isn't it? If leopards can look good in their lovely spots then why shouldn't we copy them, it doesn't mean we want to skin the poor things. I made an animal print top in the summer (dark blue / black with grey background) and when I compelled my 70 year old mother to try it on, even she was converted. I have made her one for christmas. Seriously. And don't worry about that stretchy material, all you need is a hardcore sewing machine (I use a 100yr old + Singer) and stretch the material as you sew a running stitch (then sew it twice for good luck) - it's actually a breeze. I think the trousers are ace, Peter, and with the Sensible shirt and jacket accompanying them, somehow you've managed to make them look not over the top. I'm not going mad am I. Men's fashion needs a bit more zing.

  27. Jeans and no shirt, just a black suede vest unbuttoned. It's Christmas- time bring out your inner rock star.

  28. The guy in the last pic is cheeta-ing ....

    Don't tattoos count as a stand-in shirt?

  29. I would like to have a pair of leopard jeans but I dont think it would go well with my rugby players thighs:_)

    Still thinking of my next outfit for the Mardi Gras in Australia 2012(which is in March)

    Btw, love your blog and I am addicted to a daily dose of male pattern baldness :)


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