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Sep 21, 2011

A girl, a camera, and a pretty dress

Friends, the BurdaStyle halter dress is finished and the photo shoot completed!

Actually, the dress still needs a few tweaks, but nothing visible from the outside.  Both Leah and I love the look of the dress strapless as well as with halter straps, so I'm going to make the straps button-on so she can remove them whenever she wants to.  Leah came up with that idea; I was thinking velcro.

Unfortunately, I think I should wait until the BurdaStyle sew-along formally ends next week to show you the full photo shoot -- I don't want to get sued or anything.  Picture all the glamour and thrills of a Cathy photo shoot, only without the occasional 5 o'clock shadow.

We all love Cathy, but Leah is a such pleasure to work with and -- I hate this about her -- doesn't have any bad angles.  Just like Lana Turner.

I enjoyed playing photographer for a change but it's a lot of work -- especially if you're also the stylist, the gopher, the director, and the location scout.

As you can see up top, my vintage luggage set (the one with the permanent stink) is prominently featured in the shoot (and sadly, may find it's way into the Daily Ditch) and this classic image appears as well. 

Identify it and win....well, the satisfaction of being right!  And speaking of the Daily Ditch, here's what's getting tossed today:

This milk glass vase used to be somebody's old lamp base (hence the hole in the bottom).  I've had it for a zillion years, half-a-zillion of which were spent in my closet.  Let someone else enjoy it.

Not all of Cathy's accessories are fabulous.  This handbag looks like something Ruth Buzzi carried on Laugh-In (Anyone remember that?).  Out it goes.

I often enjoy Bollywood musicals, but some are duds.  Next stop, Salvation Army.

Now, here's an example of the Magic of the Daily Ditch.

When I went to drop off a bag of Cathy's shoes at the Salvation Army yesterday, I found this beautiful Alvar Aalto vase, in its original box, for $5.99.   Yes, $5.99.

A very good deal indeed and I immediately felt better about that horrible Huskylock serger.

It occurs to me that some of you might be interested in seeing all of my Daily Ditch items to date in one place.  You can view them here.

Readers, I'm off to put some buttonholes in halter straps and continue digging myself out of my junk.  You?

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. It's Bette Davis! I'd say Now voyager but i'm not sure.

  2. Ah, poor Aunt Charlotte... Come on now, Peter. You can do better than that!

  3. You are a fan of bollywood music. Count me in! I love indian filmi music, there is more to it than just bollywood! I would be glad to share more with you in case you are interested!

  4. Congratulations - I think we paid around 100 Euros for the same Alvar Aalto vase in a slightly different shade!

    I am still sewing jeans as I was much too late for the jeans sew-along. No junk around me so there is some time for sewing ;-))


  5. Bette Davis in Now, Voyager - one of my all time favorite movies!

  6. can barely wait to see the full photo shoot Peter....being an instant gratification kinda gal it's going to be a challenge having to wait.

  7. Will you bring that vase to the Salvation Army next year? I like it very much!

  8. I never saw Ruth Buzzi on Laugh In, but she was great on the Muppet Show!

  9. Love times three today ~ the button off straps, that stunning vase, and all things Bette Davis!

  10. Peter,

    Thanks for the Now, Voyager one of my favorite movies. Bette's transformation is so much fun to watch.


  11. I'm looking forward to getting a look at the finished dress! I think it will be sad if the vintage luggage does get into the daily ditch - it has so much fabulous retro chic about it. But of course I can't smell it - so maybe you know best.

  12. I'm surprised you can't smell all the way over where you are -- it's that bad.

  13. My round suitcase is getting refurbished. It's old lining is already gutted, it's been scrubbed clean and given a shot of polyurethane to further seal it. New pockets, lining and divider to follow.

  14. I had to laugh out loud at the Ruth Buzzi purse even before I scrolled to her photo.
    I'm so impressed at how much stuff you are getting rid of! I only wonder what ever possessed you to pick up that lamp base. Yikes!

  15. You should make a list of your favorite Bollywood films, so we can check them all out!

  16. Ah. Your Daily Ditch is inspiring me! Went through the fabric stash yesterday evening and whittled it down a bit. Some lucky thrift store is getting my bag of scraps! lol. Now the vintage clothing may be a bit harder to weed through... ;)

    Can't wait to see pictures of the finished dress!!!

  17. So unfair-- I always get this three hours after the east coast does-- but that is indeed Bette Davis as Aunt Charlotte Vale from Now, Voyager, just before she tells Dr. Jaquith about her first lover, Leslie Trotter, and her mother's interference with their romance.

    I love that movie-- it's the only one I remember seeing where the woman who cheats with a married man doesn't pay for it-- and makes mature decisions about her life. She doesn't pine for him, she doesn't whine, she adopts little Tina and just keeps going. The first time I saw it, I was home sick and almost fell off the sofa when the credits rolled and the ending didn't include JD's wife dying or Camille dying. No cliches, and a whole lot of lessons in "sticking to your guns and not firing."

  18. < wail> Why, oh why, do you live in a world where you can buy an Alvari Aalto Iittala vase for cheap and singlehandedly sell off Arabia dish sets? Why don't I live in that world, but instead in a world where I live near a shop with Finnish design I can't afford?

    I'm looking forward to that photoshoot. :-)


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