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Apr 19, 2011

Tuesday Stream of Consciousness

Good morning, friends!  I'm back and feeling rested, thanks no doubt to the subliminal messages I received from Joey Heatherton's Serta mattress commercial yesterday.  I may be sleeping on a Serta myself for all I know; I should look.

Today is all about reflection and re-centering.  I hope you'll indulge me and perhaps join me.

First off, Cathy.  Thank you all so much for your kind comments about Cathy's taffeta dress.  They mean so much to my cousin, who's just getting back into the swing of life.  I'm staring at the dress now, as it's still strewn across my ironing board.  I don't know where I'll store it and I may just have to make it a permanent part of the living room decor.

As you may already know, Cathy's lace redingote has three ties across the front bodice made of the same narrow velvet ribbon I used for her slip straps.  I am glad I opted for the thinner strap and thank you for your strong support of that choice.

And speaking of lace overlays, here's a recent picture of Joey Heatherton in her version.  To quote legendary Broadway songwriter Frank Loesser:  Joey, Joey, Joey....

A number of you asked why Michael wasn't wearing a matching bow tie at Saturday's party.  Friends, I made one, but in the end I/we decided it wasn't quite up to snuff.

I'm very much on the fence about Cathy's choice of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Coralberry.  While very striking against the green taffeta (a classic combination), I think it was too pale for evening.  Next time we'll stick with the blue-reds.

In other news, I have received some wonderful vintage patterns from MPB readers recently, which I always like to acknowledge.  So you can well imagine my chagrin when I confess that I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the generous woman who sent me these wonderful men's shirt patterns.  I searched through my email for fifteen minutes and...nothing.

Kind person, won't you please identify yourself in the comments today and accept both my apologies and warmest of warm thanks?  I love these and, miracle of miracles, they're all in my size (14 1/2" neck, 36" chest)

More recently I received this lovely surprise from reader/blogger Sunni, The Cupcake Goddess herself.  Where can I begin?  Cathy is desperate to star in a remake of the Audrey Hepburn classic thriller, Charade, even if it's nothing more than a YouTube video.  Now I can get started on her wardrobe!

I'll likely save this Vogue Bill Blass gem for the big premier.  To. Die. For.

Apropos of which, I think it may be time to drag Cathy out of the late Forties/early Fifties, don't you?  One doesn't want to get stuck in a look.   (Joey...?)

Oh, before I forget!   I got an email from Rain yesterday!  He tells me he's almost done restoring my Singer 15-91!  He says he's "just waiting for some parts to come in."  Readers, I'm confused about what parts Rain can possibly be talking about.  You'll recall that the machine was in working order, though the wires were brittle as Joey Heatherton's blonde shag.

My real fear is that Rain is restoring my 15-91 -- into a bedside lamp.   Recalling our last conversation, I'm not sure I ever clearly articulated my desire to actually be able to sew with this machine.

Seriously though, I have every confidence in Rain's abilities, and am hoping he'll also be able to loosen the screw on my Featherweight that would allow me to disassemble the hook assembly so I can install the new loop guard screw I purchased. How long have I had that Featherweight already?

Beloved readers, we're out of time.  I need more coffee and then who knows?  I really must get organized as we have our upcoming MPB Jeans Sew-Along starting Monday, May 2, I begin teaching at Textile Arts Center on Tuesday, May 3, and then -- I really shouldn't divulge this yet -- I'm planning a Summer sew-along involving none other than Cathy herself!

Tentatively titled "Cathy's Live the Dream Fantasy Sew-Along," participants will create a glamorous day or evening ensemble using a pattern of their own choosing, something they'd normally never wear in real life.  I am a big believer in "build the gown and the event will happen" -- a Field of Dreams-type thing.  We'll post pics on Flickr perhaps and maybe have a contest with categories like "Most Likely to Be Worn by Lana Turner in Madame X."

To quote Joey Heatherton, You'll LOVE it!  How does that sound?

Have a great day, everybody!

A different side of Joey: "contemplative, quiet, beautiful..."


  1. I LOVE the fantasy sew-along idea! Oh, and my husband, knowing what a huge fan I am of the movie Priscilla QOTD, surprised me with tickets Saturday for my bday. We loved it but I do have to admit I did miss the ABBA music a bit.

  2. You have just made my day with the Cathy Sew-a-Long. I have been feeling ever so blue lately and this may be just the thing to pull me out of my dark cloud! Can't wait!!

  3. lipstick colors should always be determined by your skin coloring. Definitely stick with blue reds

  4. "Build the gown and the event will happen." That's fab.

  5. I am so excited about the sew-alongs! I've wanted to make jeans and I think I will have to join! Thank you so much!

  6. Fantasy sew-along sounds like fun. BTW - I just finished 3 boys' dress shirts from the 3/08 Ottobre (complete with collar stands, sleeve plackets - the works) and a Negroni long sleeve dress shirt (with self-drafted collar stand) all for Easter. Now to get my new Vogue Donna Karan dress sewn...

  7. A Cathy sewalong? For evening gowns! That really does sound superb. I've contemplated making an evening gown, but yes, alas no where to go in it. I would bet anything that the event would come up if I had the gown first! Never thought of that before! Can't wait to see Cathy's version of Charade with the Bill Blass thriller! So glad you liked it!


  8. I agree, I am excited about the evening gown sew along. I won't be making one, just watching. I remember my Grandmother use to make evening gowns and wedding gowns back in the 40/50/60's all on a treadle sewing machine.
    I wished I had paid more attention.

    Like everyone else I am looking forward to the Audrey Hepburn number. I love this site, it is so fun.

  9. I never participated in a sew along before, and as much as I would love to make jeans (I certainly wear my ill-fitting RTW ones enough) May is sadly the month of big scary exams. And summer is always busy, but I may just have to make Cathy's fantasy sew-along a major priority. Now I will spend the better part of the day thinking about my stash of (far too many) glamorous patterns that I really haven't have occasion to use, trying to pick out just the one I want to make for the sew along.

  10. OMG! Thanks so much for reminding me about the jeans sew-along. I don't want to miss it...Peter you are so funny, your blog keeps me laughing and interested I like must tune in everyday :D

  11. Maybe you'll end up with one of these... :-)

  12. OMG, a nightmare! Let's hope Rain isn't reading...

  13. hmm, a fantasy sew along. I have some hideous plaid taffeta that I inherited that would be perfect for something or other. As long as I don't have to wear it in public.

    Ready and waiting (and excited about) for the jeans sew along, pattern, fabric, zipper, buttons, topstitching thread and regular thread and needles. All I have to do is tidy up the sewing dungeon. 13 days might be enough time,8-).

  14. I LOVE the idea of a fantasy sew along - oh I have so many things I would love to sew but have absolutely no reason or place to sew them for! I am so glad I found your blog - you are a bright spot each day! Thank you (and your cousin Cathy too!)

  15. It was delightful to see the lace dress in action! I must say, Cathy > Jake anyday! Also, the idea of a Cathy-fantasy-sew along is brilliant... I am very excited! I have a habit of buying dresses I love (only when they reach dirt cheap, so this has happened three times maybe) and then finally having the right occasion to wear it a few years later, so I'm also a big believer in "build the gown and the event will happen!" Have fun teaching!


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