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Jan 25, 2011

Giveaway winners and SO MUCH MORE!

Readers, it seems this McCall's 1954 sport shirt really struck a nerve with you yesterday.  Sadly, the only recourse is a root canal.  Please make an appointment with my secretary on your way out.

This shirt has proven as polarizing as Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars, or for those of my generation, new Chris on The Partridge Family.  Love, hate, and everything in between.  So let's move on -- quickly.

It's snowing hard again today but luckily I managed to get to the fabric store yesterday just in time.  (Unlike Meg of Shop the Garment District, who simply couldn't bear the cold to walk three blocks from her office during her lunch hour.)

Here's my take, a Liberty-esque cotton from Metro Textiles that will make a beautiful shirt for....Michael. 

He is so difficult to buy fabric for because he literally has a wallet-sized Color Me Beautiful color chart I have to carry with me when I shop for him, and if the teal isn't the teal he thinks it isn't right for him.  It's annoying.  Anyway, this pattern is enough of a blur that it works and what's more, he likes it.

In other you ever make one of those What was I thinking purchases on eBay (or elsewhere) and literally, two seconds after clicking "Commit to Buy" you're wondering what possessed you?  That happened to me late last week and the result arrived in the mail yesterday.

Brace yourself.

It may be time for a clutter intervention.

But I also received something I am excited about.  I'm not really a silk-screened tee shirt type, but I saw this on Etsy and had to have it.  It's an organic American Apparel tee and the printing is done with water-based inks.

The Etsy store is called Elemental Shop out of Oregon.  Less than $20 with shipping.  I think we all need one.

(AFTERNOON UPDATE: The lovely people at Elemental are offering MPB readers a 20% discount on anything from their online store.  Just enter the coupon code MPB20.  Thanks, guys!)

Oh, before I forget -- our Vogue pattern winners.  First, the winner of the Dior Paris Original.  I am happy to announce that for the first time ever, we have an Aussie in the mix. 

She's a Sagittarius who makes her own paper (for sale in her Etsy store, The Forty Acre Wood), join me in congratulating SARAH! 

Next, the winner of the Vogue 1947 reproduction:

A curly-headed brunette with a killer recipe for potato chip cookies on her blog, Chicken Marie, please give a big hand to JANNA (aka Jannamo)!  

Sarah and Janna, please email me your addresses (peterlappinnyc at gmail dot com) and I will send your patterns off to you ASAP.

Friends, we're nearly out of time.  So many of you have expressed concern about my poor cousin, whose life has been reduced to something out of that Lady Gaga / Beyonce Telephone video with much dumpier outfits.

Please rest assured that Cathy will be sprung from the clink shortly, a sadder but wiser girl.

Folks, that's it

Sew-Alongers, we're one week away from our starting date so make sure there's plenty of wood in the woodpile and cookies in the fridge...we're gonna need 'em!  Do you have your fabric, your pattern... a sewing machine?

Happy Tuesday, everybody!


  1. Peter, you have totally made my day (and it was an awful one, really). Please make that Batman costume. Please.

  2. I am afraid to go to sleep tonight thinking someone dressed in that Batman costume will be chasing me. It scares the crap out of me!!!!

  3. I think I'll have everything for the sew-along by February. My Colette Negroni pattern was shipped January 20th and sometimes takes up to 2 weeks for delivery which would be the 3rd of February. I ordered fabric today (enough for 2 shirts!), no proper shirting fabric as I just couldn't find anything that rang my bell. That should arrive Monday at the very latest. EXCITED to start!

  4. na na, na na, na na, BATMAN! Omg, I cried, I laughed to hard. Even the tights are shiny!! ha ha! congrats to the winners! I do love the print of that fabric. Very nice!

  5. I'm afraid it's the batman costume that needs the intervention. What happened to that hood?!?

  6. That hood certainly is lame but I think the cut of the shorts reminded me of a vintage men's bathing suit. There WAS some reasoning involved!

  7. Oooh, you need to get the Elemental Shop to make you MBP tees!

    The Batman pattern is so bad it's AWESOME. LOL

    Cathy reads sports? Who knew.

  8. I must have missed the post detailing Cathy's brush with the law. What happened? Did they raid the dime-a-dance place again?


  9. That Batman costume is one of the best things I've ever seen. Don't listen to those pangs of regret. They'd be much more intense and painful had you let such a piece of pattern awfulness escape your grasp!

  10. Peter, Peter, Peter. What ARE we to do with you? I burst out loud with laughter when I saw the Batman costume. Dear Peter, if you are going to go as Batman, for the love of Camp Television, PLEASE use Simplicity 8714 from 1970-odd and grade up to a grown up size? Please.

    When you're possessed (I can't remember how to spell that properly and frankly, my dear, I don't give a...) to purchase something that you aren't quite sure of... Step back, wait a while and then look at it again. ;-D

    By the by, do you have a resource handy for a treadle machine belt? I've got a Wilcox & Gibb from 19-aught seven or so that has a broken belt. It's in pristine condition otherwise - including a TON of accessories. It's an heirloom, so you can't have it ;-P but I'd love to be able to get it working.

  11. Search under "treadle belt" on eBay -- they're cheap. You'll have to fit it yourself, of course, which is a little painstaking but is the only way to do it. Good luck!

  12. So many great little tidbits in this post!

    -You look like an old-time movie villain in the first picture. I love it!
    -Love the shirt fabric. I'm sure Michael will look great in it.
    -Batman pattern - not quite sure what to say.
    -LOVE your new t-shirt! I definitely need one too!
    -I second the idea of MPB shirts. ;-)
    -And please let Cathy know we miss her.

  13. Oh and I always love the shots with Michael and/or the dogs in the background.

  14. Don't kill me, Peter, but that fabric looks perfect for either: 1) a quilters' calico 2) dolly dresses 3) small children dresses/blouses 4) civil war reenactment/ pioneer dresses for kids and up!

  15. Laura, there's a root canal with your name on it. ;)

  16. 1/ Did you change the top buttons on your shirt or is it simply the reflection of the light? They look white in that top picture.

    2/ Love the fabric for Michael's shirt! Great colour combination and will make a very nice shirt indeed.

    3/ Batman costume is the funniest scroll-down ever. I admit to bursting out laughing and you made my day!

    4/ Lovely T-shirt. I'm not usually big on sewing themed things but that is really cool.

  17. FWIW, I really like the '54 shirt. It makes me think of Beaver Cleaver's rather sporty and geek hot uncle (if indeed he had one). You may place me firmly in Column A.

    I covet the Singer machine shirt; I went to the Etsy vendor but don't seem to be able to find one. Perhaps they've discontinued it?

    The Batman costume pattern made me holler out loud. I would imagine you have quite an array of 'interesting' patterns. I have one of an adult teddy bear suit which was to have been part of a costume for a dance number that never materialized. When my partner happened across it one day, he was somewhat nervous...

  18. lol. Rather have a root canal than do my grandmother's grocery shopping, and I do that every other week!

    You *have* to make the batman pattern. It's versatile! Change the cape style, the colors, and the symbol, and you can be any superhero!

  19. I'd rather grocery shop, personally, but then I've HAD a root canal (in 1972 -- don't ask).

    Richard, go to their online shop (it's now linked in the blog as they're offering MPB readers a 20% discount) and search under "sewing" -- it comes right up.

    Don't get it in the same color as me or we'll be twins.

  20. I can't wait to see the Batman costume made!
    I really like the fabric you picked for Michael and the awesome Etsy score for yourself.
    Congrats to the winners!

  21. Shirt fabric for Michael? Are you hoping for a chocolate bar too?

    I've been trying to wrangle my flat fell foot. I think it's time to throw it out the window.

  22. You know that Batman costume was a terrible idea. It was so bad, that you need to send it to me. Seriously, just yesterday my 3 year old son "informed" me that I need to make him a Batman mask.

  23. What Bratling said first. I actually thought of the Folkwear prairie dress.

    But if Michael likes it, then of course it works!

  24. Yay yay yay! Thanks Peter - I'm so excited about getting the pattern, and thanks for the shout-out to my little shop :) Love the shirt. I'll have to find out if they ship to Australia!

  25. Fabulous fabric for Michael's shirt.

  26. Awesome...thanks, Peter!

    I don't really think anyone will mistake us for twins, no matter what shirt I get. More's the pity.

  27. Your blog is so informative. I got to spend some time reading it this evening, and a lot of my sewing questions have been answered.

    I do like your grey shirt you made. I don't think it would suit a lot of people, but it does suit your body type and you show it off very well.

  28. I agree with Michael, teal is a tricky color.

  29. I was CRACKING UP over the Batman pattern - hilarious!! Great Etsy pick - what a perfect shirt! will have to check out their store. :)

  30. You clearly need to find the perfect teal batman material to make Michael a batman suit!


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