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Nov 19, 2010

Men's Jeans and the Denimed Derriere + POLL!

Adult readers and supervised teens, let's face it: there's not a whole lot of controversy about the fit of the front of men's jeans.  It's two pockets and a fly.  Sometimes the waistband covers the bellybutton, usually it's an inch or two below.  Unless you're a hustler (or a rustler), it's all pretty standard stuff.

The fit in the rear, however...

This is a point of great debate.  How -- and where -- should a man's seat sit?  There are two highly polarized positions around this issue: the snug school and the baggy school.

Having done extensive online research in anticipation of my Kwik Sew men's jeans project, I have discovered the most popular trends in panted posteriors.  Here goes.

The reigning ideal look for the fit fellow is this: snug, with only the slightest hint of the double cheek.  Pocket position will vary, as will embellishment, but the basics stay the same.

Here we find ourselves in jeggings territory. This is to be avoided, friends, for what I hope are obvious reasons.  Justin Bieber, maybe.  Scratch that; never, on anyone.

As American as apple pie, and you can eat a lot of it in these: the ubiquitous baggy seat or Daddy jeans.

Another American classic, the high-waister with the roomy thigh.  Inoffensive but flattering to few and hardly the stuff of Harlequin Romances or steamy daytime soaps.  I say ugh.

This is my preference: Not too tight, not too loose, dark, with minimal embellishment.  And cool with canvas Converse.

This is cute but once again we're in teen territory.  Not for the over twenty-five.

Ouch on these Levi's -- the center seam looks too high to me.  Thong-like fits are a no-no.

Friends, what do you think?  I want to hear from you but one caveat.  Please limit yourselves to buttocks, posterior, and the ever-elegant seatFanny, tush, and butt are discouraged; ass and you're grounded.

How should a man's pants fit?

Comments are most welcome but remember the rules.  There are children reading -- and some very sheltered adults!


  1. Is Gluteal Cleft an acceptable alternative?


  2. Well, if the one you list as your preference is the snug and shapely mono bun, then that's my vote. I like the way that one looks. - Sam

  3. Thanks, Sam! Oh, I like "gluteal cleft" -- classy!

  4. high-waist, but with a slightly more fitted thigh than the example given. and pocket size must not be too big!

  5. A snug and shapely mono-bum, surely? (which in the UK does not mean a single homeless person...)

  6. I like your own preferred choice (6th photo down - with the cafe au lait coloured t-shirt & mid-brown converse shoes). I think a "suggestion" of a well formed/pert derriere is preferable... I hate those "so big I could fit a coupla-pairs of adult-sized nappies/diapers in here" look, and the jeggings look like they'd cut the circulation off to your extremities/private-bits... soooo NOT a good look, and "Daddy jeans" are sadly for the styled-starved amoungst us :(!

  7. It depends. Would you wear a muscle shirt if you had no muscles? The same goes for 'bottom' accentuating jeans.
    My boyfriend has a cute behind, therefore I like it when he wears something a little more 'defining'. But nothing in the double-cheek genre.
    Another friend lacks cushioning back there, he goes for the baggy jeans. That way it looks like he has something to hide.
    I think there is 'to tight'. But I do love to see those indie rocker boys running around in their skinny jeans.

  8. Just like for women, there is no "one" fit for men. It depends on their shape. I would love a nice semi-tight pair on a man with a great backside. My hubby has absolutely NO behind. nothing, nada, just bones. So a bit baggier although not TOO baggy hides his lack.

    Jegging... bugger...those are just the ugliest things this side of the planet.

  9. This is bringing back very sad memories of a teacher who used to tuck his sweaters into his jeans. I cannot begin to explain how nice that rear view was without those stupid sweaters.

    Go for picture #5... and no sweaters.

  10. Gosh.
    I'm old, but I still love looking at a guy's tush in a pair of great fitting Levi's.


  11. You really didn't need any help here this time. Is the first photo you? That is the best fit of all! Nice posterior! You could go a little more snug, but not much. I love a man's bum in some well fitting Levis. And I am not usually into brands, there is just something about the fit of classic Levis. Hello Nurse!

  12. I think your taste is spot on. Not too tight, not too loose. The jegging thing is horrifying. The Dad jeans are embarrassing.

  13. I like the fit that you advocate, and would like to elaborate that if a fella has a flat seat (as opposed to Gene Kelly for instance) I like for the jean to have volume to compensate. I want men's flat front pants to fit solidly at the hips and have only the amount of ease required for walking and sitting comfort in the seat and thighs. And I am a big fan of the classic straight leg for most men (because I love a classic pair of Converse) and occasionally a pegged skinny look (a la Joey Ramone)on a more stylish boy who can pull it off.

  14. Photo #1 is close, but a wee bit too tight. Your preferred look is close too but a wee bit too loose. It would have to be something in between for me that would be juuuuuuust right.

    I hate the baggy saggy down the butt thing but UGH even worse are those jeggings. Really...really? If they want that fit I'd rather see them in tights and doublet. Or a cape. Or anything at all.

    Can't wait to see your finished jeans, they'll look hot with your corduroy jacket!

  15. LAP, I love that you reference Gene Kelly when discussing contemporary fit, as opposed to, say, R. Kelly! ;)

  16. I say NO to the monobutt look. I particularly like the first example you presented - the faded (lighter) fabric around the posterior region draws the eye to that, that nice looking tuchus.

    The jeggings were just painful to view. And saggy? Not an attractive look on any body - male *or* female.

  17. I agree with you Pierre, not too snug but no "pants on the ground" either. I'm also not a fan of poopie drawers!

    If anyone has a TNT pattern for men's jeans, please let me know!!

    I can't believe people like the mono bun, that reminds me too much of granny ass -- the Depends (tm) look where the crack got lost!

  18. I prefer your pick, but would like to see the model standing up straight as I suspect there's too much fabric in the thighs or bum by the way the wrinkles go. You made a great pair of jeans already. Are you using a different pattern; did I miss that? Next question: what colour for topstitching?

  19. Tight jeans on men make me think of "Trainspotting" and who wants to look like an 80s heroin junkie?

    The black jeans were pretty good. My favorites are 501s :D

  20. eww to the mono-bum. I prefer the snug fit of a Wranglers or Levis. (I think the waist is better on the Levis but the Wranglers flatter the bum (of a guy who still has a bum.)

  21. I prefer a snug fit with some gluteal cleft as oppesed to mono-tush... but "lift and separate: might be just a touch short on the crotch.

    anf if one is saggy fitted butnot snug
    and down with "grampa jeans"

  22. Mmmm--I like the fit of Levi's ala Bruce Springsteen acouple of album covers ago (OK more than a couple). Also, the Pioneer Woman (Confessions of a Pioneer Woman blog) often, uh, shares the back view of her cowboy husband in blue jeans and chaps. She is one lucky woman with that kind of hind sight.

    As others have said, it depends on the person's shape when it comes to jeans fit. Just no 'crack of dawn' please.

  23. I like the ones that you said are your preferred style. That's pretty much the style my husband would wear. If he's feeling snazzy, he'll grab a pair with back pocket flaps.

  24. You're so fast! How do you work so fast and still get such perfect topstitching?

  25. Oh Peter, the fit of Gene Kelly's pants is one we should aspire to.

  26. I saw a grown up man wearing skinny jeans yesterday. He looked like he was having trouble walking.
    There is a difference between droopy seat and baggy seat though. Baggy still fits, but has more ease. Droopy is too big. Droopy is BAD. Your first picture of the post is droopy. Makes me think you're not filling them out right LOL.


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