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Oct 3, 2010

Peter's Reunion Wrap-up

Gentle readers, I am so very tired this morning and oh, so very hoarse.  But I really had a blast last night at my 30th high school reunion.

Where to begin?  Here I am on my way out the door around 6:30 pm.  I walked there, so I wore sneakers and brought my shoes along in a messenger bag.  I skipped the big rings but wore the psychedelic pocket square and coordinating grosgrain ribbon belt.  I dabbed a little Cacharel Eau de toilette behind my ear.  I didn't polish my shoes, alas (ever the rebel).

The event was scheduled to begin at 7 pm and I planned on arriving no earlier than 7:15 -- fashionably late but early enough to get some canapes.

On my way there I pass some famous New York landmarks...

Finally, beneath darkening skies, I arrive at my destination.

I discreetly change footwear...

And in I go.

It was high school reunion night at the Waldorf apparently -- from my high school alone there must have been a half dozen parties I could have crashed had I been so inclined.

My own was held in a small party suite on the 18th Floor whose decor resembled a funeral home, minus the lilies.   After about a half hour, we were shuttled into an adjoining dining room where tables were set for dinner.  I'd say we were 60 or so, about half my graduating class.  And the food was delicious: a pleasant surprise.

What can I say about the event itself?

It was all relatively low-key; no big surprises.  Everyone looked good I thought, and very much like themselves.  The loud people were still loud, the blunt people maybe a little blunter but nothing too dramatic, about what I expected.   I was the only one who had made my own outfit, that's for sure.

Some old friends:

The only embarrassing moment was when I recognized the date of an old classmate as a well-known author whose book I had recently read.  So I go up to her and I say (feeling very impressed with myself), "You're Naomi Klein, right? I loved your book, The Shock Doctrine"!

To which she responds, "No, I'm Naomi Wolf." (The Beauty Myth.)  And I'm like, "Oh, right, The Power of Beauty."  (Eek, no, that's Nancy Friday.)   I felt like an idiot but in truth, readers, I had read her book, just not recently enough to remember the exact title.  Wouldn't anybody get those two Naomi's confused especially after a few vodka tonics?

I wish I'd kept my mouth shut but what was she doing at my high school reunion anyway?

Nearing midnight, we were asked to clear out of our Waldorf suite and then a small group of us went out for drinks. 

And then it was time to say our good-byes and head back home to our children and chihuahuas.

And that's it!  I shamelessly promoted my blog and let's see who shows up.

I also fear I committed myself to make a pair of cigarette pants for an old pal and let's just hope she forgets.  (Just kidding, hon -- I'm there you!)

A few more pics here.

Friends, thank you all so much for encouraging me to go to my 30th reunion, and not in those staid pleated gray slacks either.  My self-stitched corduroys were a big hit as was the born-again shirt.  I even told a few people about my treadle and their eyes didn't glaze over!  Amazing.

Tomorrow, gentle readers, we return to the exciting world of sewing.  It's time.

And now back to bed.

Happy Sunday, everybody!


  1. I have been checking every 5 minutes for the UPDATE. Just a nervous mother wondering how things went at prom. I am so glad you had fun and EVERYONE loved your outfit!!!!

  2. Great recap, Peter!! The Naomi story was very funny....:)


  3. Wow Peter, how is it that every time I read your blog you manage to make me just a little more jealous. Naomi Wolf, the woman whose book is referred to at least 5 times a day inside my head and then you in those corduroy pant, the fabric I have never been able to sew.
    Sounds like a success. Congrats to you, maybe you'll inspire me to go to my own, although instead of the Waldorf, it's more likely to be in a barn.

  4. Like your anonymous poster above, I've been checking all day to hear how you got on. I'm so glad you had a great time - you looked WONDERFUL! Hope some of your pals start to follow you here - they look like a fun lot.

  5. Wonderful!

  6. This has been a gripping tale - and I'm glad to find out the outcome - a successful and friendly outing! Hurray!! It's been a fun week following your exploits!

  7. Ha! I knew it would be great. And Naomi Klein went to school with me :-)

  8. Hi Peter, I didn't realize you had made your outfit...You looked marvelous!

  9. You did dart behind a potted plant to slip out of the sneakers and into the loafers, I hope.

  10. Yay— I love happy endings! Glad all went well and that you had a great time.

  11. I knew you would have a good time! You looked great too.

  12. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I had my 30th this year as well and went with some trepidation. So glad I went! What lovely people we all grew up to be : )

  13. You looked *very* dashing and I'm so happy to hear it was a good time. Sounds like class reunions are a lot like dinner parties where the preparations take longer than the actual event!

  14. Loved the walk to the reunion photos . . . great build-up and then a wonderful recap. Amusing Naomi story -- yes, I, too, could mix up these two critics of culture and government. At any rate, like all the rest, I was so eager to hear how it went -- and happy to see it was a marvelous time.

  15. Oh is Peter one of your old classmates?
    I am so very glad you had fun!
    You looked wonderful, and I'm sure you smelled just right !

  16. I meant David! Sorry glass of wine!!!

  17. Sounds like a great time - you are making me get excited about my 20th reunion (for which I haven't yet begun my silk sewing adventure) next month!

  18. Well done Peter, on two counts! I love the ensemble you wore, and good for you for replacing that shirt collar. I do it all the time on DH's dress shirts when the collar frays & wears through. Trick is to keep old "organ donor" shirts.

    Oh, Naomi-what's-her-name won't care... *someone* knew she was famous and that's all she'll remember.

  19. Well, don't you look chipper off to your prom, er, I mean, reunion!! What happened to the western shirt you were going to wear? (Did I miss a blog post?) Never mind, you look fabulous, all you have to wear is that smile. So glad you had fun and don't worry about Naomi (see, I can't even spell it!) I'm sure people mix her up all the time.

  20. Glad you had a good time. You looked good and the pants were a major improvement than those pleated gray horrors. Hopefully they hit the trashcan!

  21. you looked great !!!

  22. You must know that I am honored and excited about my Jackie O cigarette pants. That is a difficult silhouette to perfect on a Welch/Bardot/Loren curvy-yet-fit figure!

    If only I could wear my hair 60's style every day. Sigh. At least eyeliner and false eyelashes are back.

    BTW - you looked the perfect fashionista last night.

  23. thanks for sharing, I hope it was as exciting as it looks, now you made me look forward to my high school reunion in abt 17 yrs!

  24. Thanks so much for the update. I'm glad you had a fab time. You looked fab. You are fab.

  25. My (shallow) questions are: Were there no scandals?!? Did anyone marry a classmate? Divorce a classmate? Did the most popular guy become a bag boy at a grocery store? Did the school bully end up in jail???

    Glad you had a great time, you look fabulous, as always!

  26. Where do you think I went to school, Peyton Place?

  27. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful evening. And yes, what was Naomi Wolf doing at your reunion in person when the rest of us were just waiting for our vicarious update. Great outfit, great night to be out in NYC.

  28. At least you did not mistake her for Naomi Campbell.

  29. Peter,

    Thanks for posting the pictures and narrative. We out-of-town alumni can at least enjoy this. Oh, and thanks for identifying people on picasaweb; people look "a little" different than 30 years ago.


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