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May 24, 2010

Ciao, Monday! Vogue GIVEAWAY winner + GOALS

Happy Monday, everybody!

What fun I had yesterday with my cousin Cathy.  You'll have to wait till tomorrow to see TED ("The Elaine Dress") in all its glory in our photo shoot, but I think you're going to like it.

I'm very excited to announce that the winner of the Vogue pattern "Pay it Forward" giveaway is....


Littlecottondresses, please email me at with your mailing address so I can get this pattern to you ASAP.  (We'll be wanting to see your version by late June, btw.)

But enough cliffhangers.  Let's briefly review the week.

I think you'll agree that last week had two oddly related themes:  polyester and The Selfish Seamstress (never thought I'd see those words in the same sentence.).

1. My 1953 project put on hold due to a polyester brocade meltdown (or rather, ravel-out), I switched gears to the princess-seamed "designer fashion" dress pattern Elaine sent me, 1974's Simplicity 6672.

2. I purchased new fabric for my 1953 dress: black and oyster cotton sateen.

3. Remember this 1920s pattern from last week?

Well, I decided all good things come in twos.   I won this on eBay on Tuesday!

Twenty-three skidoo and boop-boo-de-doop!

As for the week to come...

1. Wednesday is the first anniversary of my very first sewing machine purchase.  That's right: on May 26, 2009 it all started, and what a year it's been!   I have to figure out how best to celebrate it.  Any ideas?

2. Clean sewing area (I know, I know, this shows up a lot).

3. Choose my next project; not sure what's next.

Now how about all of you?  (Nagging Alert)

Vintagegal: Did you finish your summer dress (made out of curtains)?  San Antonio Sue: How are those jeans coming along?  In The Heyday: Did you finish hemming your 40's dress? Can we see it?  Stella: You MUST tell us more about that chicken.  Smartypantalons: Did  you post your Etsy patterns? Anything good?  Karen: Are you still knee-deep in home dec projects?  (send your old curtains to Vintagegal!)  Mz. Whitney: What did you do with your white stretch denim?  Melanie Jade: We want updates on that wedding dress!

Kids, you've been doing well -- most of you, that is.  For those of you who've finished your projects, please treat yourself to a nice ice cream pop in celebration of my one-year sewing anniversary.  For those of you who have not finished your projects, we'll save you the sticks.  OK, we'll give you a bite, but then it's right back to work.  Tempus fugit!

Oh, what the hell, ice cream pops for everyone!

Have a great Monday, everybody and don't forget to catch Cathy's debut tomorrow in wide-screen celadon polyester.



  1. I'm very excited to see this celadon dress! I actually picked up the same pattern in honor of your entire ordeal and because I thought it was just simple and classic. Mmmmmm... I'm sure it looks fabulous! And those 1920's patterns, I am totally jealous. So jealous. And what's even worse is that I ordered a very expensive vintage pattern 3 weeks ago and its never come. Sadness. Is there anything more depressing? Still getting over that its lost in the mail somewhere. Congrats on your one year with your sewing machine! It has definitely been a fabulous handmade year for you!

  2. Alas! curtain dress still not finished...can I use packing to move, my husband's art show opening, and just general malaise as an excuse? I will finish it, soon. (I was supposed have it done to wear to the above mentioned art show event...just as well; wouldn't have wanted to steal the limelight by wearing a great funky frock) It is the first time EVER that I have used rick-rack as an embellishment (I've always been afraid of the kitschy factor), but I am loving how well it goes with the curtain fabric. Promise to reveal it in its finished glory soon, on my Burda page. I have been buying too many fabulous vintage patterns lately, mostly 40's, but one really great 30's frock. I love the 20's patterns you picked up. You are going to have to tackle chiffon for one of them, at least. It seems I am doing more hunting and gathering lately, than sewing. I blame it on the mess of boxes stacked in my sewing room...

  3. I have finished my quilt. It just took all week. I got the dolly clothes for Evie's birthday present cut out, and one outfit sewn up. I still have to finish the undies, the dress and matching bonnet, and the pajamas for her dolly this week as well as her "el-pi-tant". I also have an outfit cut out for my soon-to-be niece, and pajamas for my nephew. My goal for the week is to finish Evie's presents and everything I have cut out. Next week, my sewing machine is going in for servicing because I'm having tension and skipped stitches problems with it. I'd take it in this week, but it still does buttonholes really well, and I don't know how to make buttonholes on my backup machine.

  4. Happy anniversary!

    Not sure how much sewing will be happening here, though most of the wedding sewing is done! Yay! If I have time, I might try to make a dress for the bridesmaids luncheon, but I have another dress to wear if that doesn't happen. In the meantime, the countdown is on... 12 days til wedding day... so it's wedding central here!

  5. I can't wait for the TED fashion show; Cathy fashion shows are the favorite part of my week.

    You know, Miss Jane Elliot is working on a swimsuit right now; maybe your next project for Cathy should be some vintage beach wear. ;-)

    I wish I had the patterns up on Etsy already! Mostly I've got 60s stuff--wiggle dresses and mod suits. But I have a handful of men's shirts and robes and a few fifties things and some very hippie and disco 70s stuff.

    Kind of like your "cleaning the sewing area" item, my uploading to the Etsy store item shifts up and down my to-do list every week. I'm making progress, but I keep jumping from task to task.

  6. I cannot believe your luck on the 20's patterns. You should have fun with those.

  7. may 26 is my birthday! so we'll be celebrating together. only i'm your sewing machine + 33.

  8. Those 20s patterns are going to look so good on Cathy! Especially since she is a bit (no offense intended, dear Cathy) a bit small busted. Shapers, Brassieres and Girdles of the time all tried to deemphasize the bust and flatten out the body. The shape of the day was very boxy. I think Cathy will be pleasantly surprised with the fit of those dresses.

  9. Peter ~ I recently stumbled across your blog and love it! Thanks for being you! I love sewing because it allows me to intensely concentrate on the task at had. Right now I am making drapes with a funky elephant print for a sliding glass door. The real deal, complete with interlining and hand stitching using a British book by a Lady Caroline Wrey. Should I have just purchased the drapes I saw at Pier One and hung them up, possibly. Would I enjoy them as much as the ones I am making? No. 3 days of work down, about 3 to go.
    Thanks for the MM video - I've always loved her in that movie and that dress she wears is outrageous! Notice how the stage lighting changes the dress, sometimes it looks like she is wearing long black gloves and a strapless dress.
    And oh, yes ~ anxiously awaiting Cathy's next photo shoot! She is so glamorous!

  10. I can only sew on weekends; real life gets in the way the rest of the time. But I make the most of the time I have! Can't wait to see Cathy's dress.

  11. Love the 20's patterns, I agree they will suit Cathy well, however with those slinky fabrics she might need a long-line girdle to smooth out all those lumps and bumps!

    Congratulations littlecottondresses, and Peter on your sewing anniversary, and thanks for the ice-cream pop :)

  12. A strategically-placed sash should take care of the problem, Sherry.

  13. Lucky I'd already enjoyed my ice-cream! My project is not finished, but very very close. I hope to post the final soon...

    Congrats on your upcoming anniversary! I hope you share some champagne.

  14. Happy Anniversary!
    Well, I haven't been slack but the two dresses are yet un-hemmed. Instead I have slaved away at a new dress for my model to wear on a photoshoot on Thursday, and another for a friend. Since the Selfish Seamstress is away I think I can get away with sewing for others! No fear, I get return favours on these anyway.
    So... this week it is hem the dresses! And yes I will show you when done. I have a 30s dress that is burning a hole in my pattern stack to be made too.

  15. The chicken beheading was a hit. My student who bit the head off is a ballerina and did the most beautiful dance and! It was great I hope to have video or a picture of it on my blog by the end of the week. The chicken is now the classroom mascot.

  16. Happy Anniversary!

    Last week I did manage to get an hour or so of sewing in. I am actually moving forward with the never-will-behave-shirtwaist dress. But my biggest achievement over the weekend was to get my sewing space cleaned and organized. I think that is more important than that stinkin' shirtwaist dress anyway ;)

    This week, besides admiring my clean space, I will try to keep making progress with the dress. Otherwise, I might have to put it on hold and distract myself with another pattern. Maybe I don't want to finish it? Peter, how many times does it have to be on your "to-do" list before it gets taken off as a "just won't get done" ? I may be entering that phase with this dress.

    And thanks for the ice cream pop!

  17. Ooooh, can't wait to see Cathy's shoot!

    The white stretch denim is now a much more pleasant purple, though I'd hoped for more of a grey-ish purple, it is full on purple purple. Still need to deal with collar, cuffs and zipper, but it got suddenly crazy hot here in Montreal, so I shifted gears and spent my whole sunny weekend inside sewing summer tops!

    Somehow every summer I come up totally unprepared for the heat, but I managed to whack out two properly lightweight non-black tops so that I can comfortably picnic in the park for the rest of this week. Have guests visiting so not sure if I'll get a chance to blog about it for a little while yet. No sewing goals this week, in other words!

  18. I'm writing this Tuesday because Monday's goals turned into by-Tuesday goals :) However, I have to say that knowing I would need to write and update was a big push for me this week to get it done. So did I get it all done? But, I just finished my first ever invisible zipper!!! I did it by hand because I couldn't find my zipper foot. I later read online that some people just use their regular sewing foot. The seams line up, it looks beautiful, and I'm really proud of myself! Yea! No more poking my side with pins when I try my dress on!

    My second goal of last week was to clean my sewing area. I worked on it for several hours but still have more to do. My third goal last week was to build in the bra bodice, but I didn't get to that.

    So this week - more cleaning of the sewing area, and figure out what embellishments I want on the dress.

    Thanks for the nagging and funny wonderful posts!



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