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Apr 30, 2010

Everything's Coming Up....


Yes, peeps, I made my decision and have opted to "say it with flowers."

Here's where things stand as of yesterday evening:

(I know it's not a track suit, Maggie, but let's be face it, I'd look pretty silly in a rose-print track suit.  A 1948 McCall's dress on the other hand...)

This dress has some interesting details I'd never tried before.  Rather than gathers at the shoulder and waist, the pattern calls for tucks, which are a little cleaner looking while creating a similar fullness.

Here's the pattern again, for those just coming in:

I think the simple lines of this dress will work with the fabric, or at least I hope they do.   It's a very literal print, if you know what I mean.  Roses.

Oh, before I forget:  McCall's patterns, back when they were known as McCall, are stunning: the pattern envelope has a high gloss, the pattern paper is beautiful and strong.  Highly recommended if you like vintage sewing.

For your entertainment, I was thinking Ethel Merman but stumbled upon this.  Watch out for falling petals!

TGIF, everybody!


  1. I took your advice and bought another sewing book since I obviously don't have enough. :) I just had a bookstore gift card and couldn't figure out what to get so thank you for the ideas!

  2. I must admit I like them better now that I see them as a dress. And I love that sweet little puppy lounging in the background!

  3. We have to get that puppy into a photo shoot one of these days!

  4. Wow, that little girl is a-maz-ing. She has really channeled Ethel Merman!!

  5. curtains up! light the lights!

    ah, I used to do a great Ethel Merman imitation, but I've retired....

  6. So will it be long billowy sleeves or short for this one? I keep thinking 'coffin lining' but the fabric looks much better made up.

    BTW- I'm sure there is some poor woman out there with a dislocated shoulder who would have apprecieated an upside down sleeve. : P

  7. Peter, if anyone could rock a rose print track suit, it would be you ;)

    I think the dress looks great so far, and is moving far away from looking like coffin lining. Thanks for the tip of working with a vintage McCall pattern. I will have to search my stash to see what I have...or maybe buy myself one :)

    That video is...something else.


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