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Jun 19, 2014

I Left My Heart at Jonathan Embroidery + Mood Outfit Reject Pics

I was all set to use this pic in yesterday's Mood post until I noticed the placement of my left hand -- and it's a good thing I did.  Men!

Here are a few more pics from yesterday's shoot.  We take literally hundreds over approximately 20 minutes, hoping to get a good dozen or so.  The camera's set to multiple pic mode so it just shoots and shoots and shoots.

This was a pretty shot but not particularly flattering as I look like a cardboard cutout.

This one revealed not enough outfit and too much of my mood toward my photographer.

We shot these before 8 am.  As you can see below, my eyelids don't really wake up before 11.

Too caffeinated...

Too twisty.

I had a lot of good back shots but I went with others.

This shot was simply too narrow and couldn't be widened without cutting off feet or head but I do look super-tall, am I right?

For those of you losing sleep over my arguably too-short pants length, these were just tacked up for the photo shoot; I won't finish the job till I wash and dry the pants at least once more.  But really, when you're my height (5'7"), it's better to err on the side of slightly too short.  And sometimes the difference is that I just hoisted my pants up while tucking in my shirt and 30 seconds later they'll hang lower.

Now for a confession about my buttonholes: I had them done at Jonathan Embroidery.  Once you've experienced the Jonathan Embroidery lifestyle, friends, it's hard to go back.  I'm fine with using my various Singer buttonhole attachments for cotton shirts; they do a fabulous job. But for thick or stiffly interfaced fabrics (like the button placket on my jacket), I really didn't want to take any chances.  So for $1 per hole, I had "Jonathan's Angels" do it.  It was worth it not to have to deal with the stress.

Not that going to Jonathan's is entirely stress-free.  These ladies are cutting holes in your priceless handiwork; it's like watching someone operate on your child.  I had to force myself to walk away, all the while telling myself they know what they're doing.  Every time I've gone there, the person who helped me has been extremely patient and, if she had any questions or concerns, asked me.  Like I'd decided at the last minute that I wanted the waistband buttonhole to be horizontal to give the area (and my stomach) a bit more room to expand.  So we discussed where the hole would have to go so that the button would end up at the correct distance from the one above.  They do this all day so they really are experts.  I've never done more than mark with chalk (faded by the time I get there) or a pin and it has always been enough for them.  I do come knowing exactly how the buttons need to be spaced and, of course, bring a sample button.

Without my even requesting it, the woman who helped me knew that the buttonholes should be reinforced with something akin to buttonhole twist.  If you look at the thread, you can see that there are two different kinds being used, one thinner and one thicker.

What's interesting is that the underside of the buttonhole (see below) looks like the ones I make at home: zigzagged.

The outer side looks raised, I guess to resemble a hand-sewn buttonhole. 

I picked grayish buttons to match the topstitching thread.  Somebody had suggested pewter buttons but I couldn't find anything in metal I liked.  These fit the bill and are sort of pewter-colored; I'm not one to agonize over my button choices, I just go with my gut and get out of there.

And that's it!

Here are Freddy and Willy having a stare-down contest.  Willy lies in the crate Freddy usually chooses and then Freddy just stands outside and stares at him to get him to move.  Willy pretends he doesn't notice and looks off into the distance until Freddy gives up.  This can go one for a very long time.

Freddy also has a thing about bedding down in my fabric stash.

Dogs is weird!

Have a great day, everybody!


  1. Ya, that hand placement was unfortunate, it's a good shot otherwise. You have me convinced that when I visit NYC this fall I should bring along some garments to take to Jonathan Embroidery for buttonholes.

    1. Or just bring fabric and you can turn it into garments later on. LOL

  2. You'd better be nicer to that photographer or you're going to be left with Willy as your only option.

  3. Love the outtakes! When I someday make my super-thick wool cape I'll have to take it to Jonathan's. You must bring them in quite a bit of business.

  4. I got several chuckles from your outfit reject pics. Thank you for sharing. I may just have to use Jonathan Embroidery as an excuse for a New York trip (not that I need much of an excuse). Your buttonholes look great and so does your jacket.

  5. I have Jonathan's on my list if I ever make it back to the photo outtakes! Thanks for the smiles :-)

  6. Is it weird that completely understand what's happening between Freddy and Willy? That is the better crate, because it's protected on two sides. Reminds me of the bed I always choose in a hotel room where two beds are available.

  7. I was at Jonathan Embroidery earlier today. The work is very high-quality and well-priced. I paid four dollars to have one buttonhole made and the button sewn onto the skirt. I did a double take and asked for the price again. I still can't believe how little money I spent for such good work done in so little time. (I was in and out in under ten minutes.) More time fabric shopping:)

  8. Those are fun photos. I thought your were a point and shoot kinda guy, I had no idea you took such pains to get those shots. (such is the life of a high fashion mannequin) I could prolly spend all day watching them make buttonholes. I will have to take a trip to NY just to see them in action. Some people would come for Empire State or Lady Liberty, but I want buttonholes & fabric. Love the pooches.

  9. I had suggested the metal pewter buttons but your choice is great. The color works well and those buttonholes are to die for. If I had access to Jonathon's I'd be making buttoned up outfits all the time.

  10. If I had access to Jonathan, I'd never make another buttonhole for myself again. Mind you, I don't seem me making lots of buttonholes as it stands now...

  11. You have me laughing out loud, once again! That doggie stare-down is hysterical - I think perhaps Freddy is tricking Willy into thinking his crate is the place to be, when in fact, the fabric stash is so much more comfy and right in the middle of things if/when he is needed.

    And the outfit looks fabulous, by the way . . . but I would expect nothing less.

  12. I like the Michael Jackson hand, even if it was unintentional.
    Dogs are the best and yours are too cute.

  13. Ha! Love that I'm-so-over-this face you're giving Michael in that one shot. I know the feeling! Also, how passive-aggressive are those dogs of yours? Love it.

    1. I thought he kind of had a Boo Radley vibe in that one.

  14. I chuckled when I saw Freddy in your stash........I have a white cat and its a certainty that she always nests on my fabric the moment I turn my back after laying it down on the cutting board! To make matters worse she won't budge an inch no matter how many times I tell her to get off! After I zap her with the spray bottle she moves her hiney then! As always, your photos of your finished projects are such a motivator to get going with mine.

  15. There like little button angels! i despise doing button holes! I'd have to walk away as well though, I used to do the same when the teacher marked my artwork at college! Writing her nasty notes in pencil on my lovely work!


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