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Jan 24, 2021

All My Pants or "Life at Max-Slacks"

Friends, I so enjoyed inventorying my outerwear a few weeks ago that I've decided to continue the process.

Jan 13, 2021

All My Outerwear or "Do I Really Need to Sew Myself Another Coat?"

Friends, I found this wonderful double-faced Pendleton (or Pendleton-style) wool coating at It's A Material World (one of my favorite stores in the Garment District) last week, and I immediately thought I'd use it to make myself another peacoat using this vintage 1930's pattern I muslined a couple of years ago.

Jan 4, 2021

Good-bye, 2020!

Friends, another year has ended and it's time formally to bid it farewell.

Dec 1, 2020

Modeling My Finished Flight Suit - McCall's 2054!

Friends, the flight suit is finished and here I am wearing it!

Nov 16, 2020

McCall's 2054 Flight Suit Pattern: Challenges and Caveats!

Readers, my flight suit project has been extremely enjoyable but it has not been without its challenges.

Nov 7, 2020

Dare I Attempt Another Jumpsuit?


As my long-time readers may already know,  I've had very mixed results with one-piece garments.

Nov 2, 2020

Michael Models His Faux Fur Birthday Coat!

Michael's coat is finished -- a few days after his birthday I'm afraid -- and here are some photos of him wearing it!

Oct 30, 2020

PART 2 -- Finishing the Faux Fur Coat


Friends, if there was anything I obsessed over in making Michael's faux fur coat, it was the front pockets.

Oct 22, 2020

A Faux Fur Coat for Michael -- PART 1

I promised to make Michael a faux fur coat three years ago; it didn't happen but I'm determined to have one ready for his birthday this year.  

Oct 17, 2020

Modeling the Completed Safari Jacket!

Friends, the jacket is done and here I am wearing it!

Oct 11, 2020

Working on My First Safari Jacket

Readers, more than five years ago I purchased this Australian Bush Outfit pattern, Folkwear 130, with the intention of making a safari jacket.

Sep 12, 2020

The Chelsea Flea Market Is Back And So Am I

Friends, it's hard to believe that our very first Covid summer is coming to an end, but it is.

Jul 8, 2020

Why I Won't Be Hosting MPB Day This Summer

Readers, I'm guessing this will come as no surprise.

Jun 24, 2020

May 28, 2020

Good News, Bad News

Friends, the mask wearing continues here in New York City and, naturally, so does the mask making.
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