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Jun 13, 2014

After Failure, Pants Success!

I was back to making pants today, this time with much better results.

I used Kwik Sew 3504, a pattern I've made several times before.  For my body, size Small works best but I have to widen the waist a bit -- an easy adjustment. 

These pants will go with my Seventies-era Butterick jacket, and I used the same cotton-linen fabric.  I wanted these to be fuller than normal denim jeans so I widened the legs so that outer leg seam is straight, rather than curved.  The difference is relatively subtle, but the pants do have more drape than they'd otherwise have.

Here's a peek -- I still have to add belt loops, back patch pockets, and finish the hem.  I never did make it the Garment District for buttons -- it's been pouring all day.

Thankfully the rear came out much better than yesterday's pants.  (These aren't hemmed, hence the slight pooling.)

This fabric is really wonderful to work with, and very photogenic!

I'm happy to have made something wearable, and to have completed an outfit.

And that's it!

Happy Friday the 13th, everybody!


  1. Those look so comfortable. I bet you'll wear those all summer!

  2. Yep, much, much better. Those will be perfect with the jacket.

  3. I love those pants! Fantastic! Great job! (note: make pants out of similar fabric)

  4. Tons better - but what the ones yesterday lacked in style it made up for in providing laughter :)

  5. These trousers look lovely on you!

  6. Great choice to go with the jacket!

  7. These look fabulous. I love your fabric choice.

  8. If you still want a pair of Elvis pants you could develop a pattern from the Kwik Sew pattern. Basically, make up a Kwik Sew muslin, the refit where necessary, and draw in the design lines in the back area, take apart, trace a new pattern, muslin again, and finalize. It's more work, but that is how new patterns are developed. But, the Kwik Sew pants you finished should look great with the jacket.

  9. I like the alterations you made to the less curved, straighter outer leg seam. The wider leg looks really flattering in those photos. And love that fabric.


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