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Feb 22, 2013

And the Mystery Sewist is....

Would you believe the Brazilian Bombshell, Carmen Miranda?

Well don't, because it's not Carmen Miranda -- but that would have been a pretty good guess.

It's not Joan Crawford either -- another good guess.

Or Linda Darnell.

Or Eva Duarte, better known as Eva Don't Cry For Me Argentina Peron.

It is also not Cathy in a Forties wig -- I believe that style is called Victory Rolls with Bangs. 

Finally, it is not Barbara Stanwyck.  Somehow I don't see Barbara Stanwyck sewing, though I do remember reading somewhere that she once worked folding paper patterns for one of the big pattern companies.

So who is our mystery sewist?  Here's a hint: she's not the only singer in the photo, he he

She is....sunny songbird Dinah Shore!

I'd like to congratulate MPB reader Dork's Mom for coming up with the answer first (and quickly).

I leave you with darling Dinah singing "Now I Know," a lovely Harold Arlen song from the film "Up in Arms" with Danny Kaye (who, like Dinah, had his Jewish roots -- no pun intended -- disguised with the aid of a peroxide bottle by the Hollywood higher-ups).

And later, with Miss Peggy Lee...

I've always been fond of Dinah Shore, though she had pitch problems when she sang on her later TV shows, my first introduction to her voiceBut she had such a warm presence.  Any fans out there?

Have a great day, everybody, and thanks for guessing!


  1. Can't say I like her voice to be honest. She always seemed to be a warm person though. I read somewhere a long time ago that Paul Newman did embroidery and made lovely cushion covers. I think I saw a picture of him actually do this, or maybe I am completely wrong.

    1. At the very least he could thread a needle.

  2. See the USA in a Chevrolet?

  3. There is a strong resemblance to Cathy Lane! I wouldn't have guessed her identity - so used to the blonde version.

  4. Love her. recently I went to a great show called Do or Di where the audience had to identify who had a hit with each song sung - Dinah or Doris. It was quite tricky! I knew all the songs but only got about 70% correct.

  5. "Now I Know" don't we all feel that way about Danny Kaye? Sigh...

    Cathy would look stunning the red dress Dinah Shore is wearing in the last video.

  6. I remember fondly Dinah Shore's variety show. Lots of lovely dresses and guest stars. She later had a daytime talk show which was visited by her boytoy at the time, Burt Reynolds. They seemed an odd combo at the time and looking back, they still do.

  7. What an excellent clip with Peggy Lee! Dinah and Peggy are clearly having a great time performing together. You can see Dinah working that harmony, glancing at Peggy to be sure she is supporting Peggy's melody line with just the right rhythm and emphasis. Dinah was a team player who knew her job was to help her guests shine.

    So pleased to see Dinah Shore in her TV prime.

    Thank you!


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