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Oct 9, 2010


Have you heard about jeggings?

On men?

Readers, after yesterday's collective tattoo catharsis, I am reluctant to trigger another fashion controversy.  But due to illness I haven't been sewing anything worth discussing.  It's either jeggings or demulcent recipes.

You know I don't follow fashion.  Occasionally in the laundry room I'll glance at somebody's abandoned copy of Glamour or Vogue while waiting for the doggy diapers to dry (don't ask); half the time the magazine is years old and I don't even know the difference.  Essentially, I dress the way you tell me to.

I see people on the street sporting strange outfits all the time, but like anything that evolves slowly, you don't really recognize the changes until you stop and think about it or you see a photo of how people used to dress and it suddenly hits you that things truly are different:  OMG, nobody is teasing their hair and wearing white lipstick anymore!  It's the boiling frog phenomenon.

I have noticed the trend toward tighter and tighter pants for both men and women over the last few years, but I didn't pay much attention to it.  As a long-time runner with over-developed calves and thighs, I can't handle tight pants -- hence my passing flirtation with the harem variety.  I hate clothes that cling, especially down below.

But yesterday, former high school classmate and fast-track-to-fashion muse Louise sent me a link to this:

I had honestly never heard of jeggings.   Had you?

I fear that in asking for a pair of "Jackie O cigarette pants" what Louise really wants are a pair of jeggings but is simply too embarrassed to ask.  I am hoping Louise can clarify this right here on the blog, today.

It's thanks to fashion-forward types like Louise that I have any sense of what's going on in the fashion world.  I may even discard my acid wash jeans (or just take them in a few inches all over).

Seriously, when it's a proven fact that most Americans (and Westerners in general) are getting fatter, why is our clothing getting tighter?

Readers of taste and refinement, what is your take on jeggings?  

For those like me, in the "Before the Parade Passes By" period of your lives, would you ever think of squeezing yourself into a pair of these?

Should jeggings be left to the kids, rail-thin celebrities, and Mamie Van Doren?

Any good demulcent recipes you care to share?

Have a great day, everybody!

UPDATE: OK, now how about leopard print pants for guys?  Read this.


  1. I had to Google "demulcent". It's pretty much what I thought it was. I'm sorry you're still feeling poorly. Personally, when desparate, I head straight to the Mucinex, lest I gag on my own...well, whatever. I'm sorry I can't help with a more holistic approach.

    Jeggings? Pfffft. People are going to wear what they want, no matter how ridiculous they look. They are really just tights. So if you have the bod for tights, go for it, people. Very few people actually do...even if they think they do.

    Hope you clear up soon!

  2. Living with a skinny 17 yo son, I am unfortunately all too aware of jeggings! It is my belief that this is one of those things that should be left to the foibles of (skinny) youth. And why indeed do we keep making tighter clothes when we are all getting fatter? Just because you can get into doesn't mean it fits!

  3. Skinny jeans...okay (on my ten year old son who IS skinny). Jeggings - such a bad idea...on pretty much everyone.

  4. Personally I think Leggings/jeggings on women are fine as long as their shirt covers their backside. They're super comfortable and with the right shirt look much better than baggy sweats, so why deny anyone that kind of comfort just because they have bigger legs... just wear the right shirt! But on men? ewwww! Come on guys, get some 501's and man up! I've never seen a man look good in tights; ballet, nope... wrestling uniform, nope... Trust me, it just doesn't work.

  5. Ugghh, I don't like leggins or jeggins, on model-like tall amazons maybe but at least here in Berlin most of the young ladys haven't figured out how to style them in a way that doesn't look cheap or unflattering. It can be done, I've seen (rare) proof but it doesn't happen often. I get the comfort thing but why not wear tights instead? And I agree with mom2five, maybe it's about the right length of the shirt. And maybe I'm just jealous because I'm not skinny enough to pull them off but on guys: never.

  6. Ok, Robin Hood maybe, but he plays in a different league.

  7. No Peter, not even Robin Hood.

  8. I'm with you- I'm completely dumbfounded by this trend. It seems that the people who actually can pull this look off are often not the ones sporting it! It is amazing that as a country we get bigger and bigger and our clothing gets smaller and smaller. If you really want to be frightened google "prom dresses" and see the short, tight dresses that fall under that category. It's a scary world in RTW!

  9. Poor Peter - I do hope you start feeling better soon. The sewing projects in your head must be driving you mad!

    My daughter wears jeggins - she's rail thin and 19 (TODAY!) - if you aren't both these things I think you should avoid them!

  10. Trust Peter for some handy pot stirring :). I haven't quite warmed up to the recent tunic-and-leggings trend although allegedly it would be flattering to my particular figure. I am cautiously pleased with the look of my skinny jeans provided they fit over my calves (not a given). To be honest I'd rather see a guy in jeggings than in the typical skinny jeans over here, which are tight through the legs and then saggy loose around the butt (my suspicion is always that they're just wearing women's jeans).

    I think fashion has always been more about cachet than about attainability or flattering the average figure. ;)

  11. My daughter, my fashion consultant said "um, NO!!!!!" Word.

  12. No on the jeggings. Did not like leggings in the 80's and don't like jeggings in 2010. I am of the "before the parade passes by" league and also hate anything tight anywhere on my body...just hoping my skin stays tight for a few more years. That would be helpful.

    Much of fashion is for the young it seems and let them wear it.

    I do hope you feel better soon Peter. I have a cold as well and am hacking up more than I care to talk about. You made my day with the video, seeing a drag version is so much better than Barbra herself and ohhhh that chiffon dress is so twirly. I just adore it.

    When I was 7 years old or there about, my parents took us to NYC to see "Hello Dolly" on Broadway and we got the album. I used to sing that song while parading around our living room for hours and hours and hours and hours.

  13. I saw an article about men's skinny jeans over a year ago in the Wall Street Journal, of all places! Two observations based on that--this is a trend for young skinny boys, and has probably already passed as the WSJ is not on the leading edge of fashion. I think you can safely skip it.

  14. I have 2 pairs of Treggings! (Thicker cotton twill fabric) so a trouser, rather than a jean. I love them! I think the thicker types like this that look and feel like skinny jeans are fab -and very comfortable - but the skintight thin material type - yuk. And only to be work with longer length tops!

  15. I have two jeggings - the larger one can almost be worn as jeans (they look with jeans) - cause they are a bit too big - and the other are a dark black wash and fit well but are tighter (by a good bit). Both look great with tunics and both fit well under boots. With that in mind I am a jeggings fan (for woman).

    Ah, the paradox. The dichotomy of clothing for women that don't work on men. I mocked Jeggings for men on my facebook account. . . but in reality they do look good on rock stars:)

    Here's the link to jeggings a few months ago:

    Enjoy!! And, great post!

  16. Meh . . . big deal. That goofy conflation doesn't hide the fact they are glorified leggings -- new in the 80s, now not so much. And I do subscribe to the concept that if you were wearing it when the trend first started and went out of fashion -- you may want to pass on the second go around. So no leggings redux for me.
    Just an FYI, after he had a gander at the reaction here, my husband happily let me bag up all his pleated pants for the donation bin this week. See all the good you are doing throughout the world?!
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  17. More than the actual garment itself, I hate the word, "jeggings" . It creates instant eye-roll. As for the garment, probably not for me, but some people can pull them off.

  18. I'll take jeggings over saggy pants!

  19. Well, how about leather jeggings, or the hot new camo jeggings? Here's a link to the Telegraph's fashion week reviews. Click on Hot Trends pic for the leather lot.

    Fine on my skinny DD#1, although hers are all fabric with stretch in it, but definitely not for most, including me. Been there, done that, no need to do it again, thanks.

    Demulcent recipe no. I prefer hot wine with lots of honey/sugar or hot whiskey so I don't care how the rest of me feels, and lots of plain Lypsol on an raw skin.

  20. If you're thin enough I say go for it. If I had that type of body I would. They look comfy! Although I do love skinny jeans and anything that reminds me of the 80s.

  21. I just fear that two truly awful trends will collide--the below the butt gangster pants and jeggings. Blech and double Blech.

    Feel better soon--hot chili (and maybe a shot of tequila) always works for me!

  22. Jeggins for men? No, no, no, Peter, don't go there! But if you do, don't forget we want to see the pictures! Get well soon.

  23. I don't like them - and I actually like leggings, so long as the shirt worn on top is long enough. I will say that they are more comfortable than skinny jeans, which I'm pretty sure is the point, but I hate skinny jeans too - almost no one looks good in those, but everyone wears them!

  24. I have a pair of jeggings but they're not quite the right fit (well, they did cost £10 and come from Asda) so I don't wear them much. They're good under long line tops and knitwear and make wearing jeans tucked boots much, much easier. I would only ever wear ones that are genuinely stretchy denim rather than denim-print on ordinary jersey, though. They look cheap and nasty on anyone.

    On the right guy (skinny and in that geek chic style that my inner 17 year old secretly finds rather appealing), very tight jeans can look good. I'm not sure you are that guy, Peter, but there's nowt wrong with that,

  25. I think they are OK on the right sized person! I do wear leggings-But with an appropriate top/dress-covering my bottom!I wouldn't wear jeggings at my age!

  26. It DOES sound like an illness, like, "he came down with a bad case of jeggings, poor thing."

    Seriously, I might wear leather jeggings but only if they covered my entire body, in which case I would basically be an action hero.

  27. They are definitely not my style, that's for sure. I really don't like tight pants on men, it shows me far more than I want to see.

    I like leggings, but under skirts or dresses.

  28. Peter, you ARE an action hero! You're Super Treadle Man! :) We adore you!

  29. Yes they should be worn with a cape.
    Sorry you are ill, I've just had a respiratory infection after feeling smug that I had gone through the Antipodean winter without so much as a cold.
    The cure: antibiotics, time and rest.
    ps I still want to see Cathy as a cowgirl. In rhinestones.

  30. Peter-
    The only Robin Hood reference I can picture is "Men In Tights" and the wonderful song and dance number of the same name-now that look seemed to work on many shapes! That said, I live in wild n' wooly AZ where one of my favorite sight seeing locations is Friday night bull riding at the local bar. Real bulls, nothing mechanical and real cowboys, fit and in skin tight Wranglers-Ahhh need one more beer!

  31. No to jeggings on women or men. They are not flattering, and that includes on thin people. If you need to cover your pants to make them decent, they are not a good idea.
    Plus the term jeggings in clownish.
    (sorry for the outburst, I just saw them for sale this afternoon and am still in recovery)

  32. peter, perhaps we could have a comp where we design your superhero outfit ;)

  33. I'm with you on the no-tight-pants front. It's why I make my own. I need pants with wide enough legs that if I'm having a bad leg day, I can fit three inches of padding all the way around my already swollen legs. Heck, each leg is probably bigger around than those skinny little models' waists! And while I've noticed leggings making a resurgence, I've never before seen "jeggings". I hated leggings last time they came around--and it hasn't changed. They look kinda cute on my two-year-old niece because they move the way she does, but it's like rompers... not for anyone over the age of three!

  34. why are there skinny jeans etc when no one can wear them? Because designers are in serious denial and not in touch with real life. If they were fashion would fit and we could not have to sew just to wear clothes.
    Believe me, I am sewing slips and will do underwear soon.
    Ps. Echinacea extract dose in orange juice two or three times a day will knock most colds out right away. But you have to do it right from the beginning. My last cold lasted three days.

  35. I like leggings and I wear them to piss people off. ha ha ha ha just kidding.

  36. Ack! I can't scrub Valerie's image of gangster jeggings out of my mind!
    I'm sorry you're ill, Peter. I have the last remnants of a cold I caught last month in London, but I'm trying to keep those little germs alive as souvenirs of my travels.

  37. Peter, I've heard of jeggings, but don't have the figure for them these days so I definitely won't be wearing any!
    my 'getting taller every day' daughter (who already towers over me at 5'10") could probaby pull the look off, having legs a mile long & being fairly slim, but thankfully she doesn't really like showing everything she's got (I'm sure THAT will change, given she's only 13!)
    I agree, we mostly see them on people who should know better, but clearly don't.
    Those with the figure to carry them off usually DON'T wear them!
    I hadn't seen them on guys before, but they've usually got nicer legs & butts anyway to get away with them! (I think a runner's physique would carry the look quite well, if that was your thing)
    But anyway, I have to agree with you, we're gatting fatter as a society, but our clothes are getting tighter & tighter.... people don't seem to realise when they are oozing out of their clothes (or how revolting that looks)...
    I must say this new trend reminds me of my teens, before stretch denim was invented, when a coathanger was required to get into your 3 sizes too small jeans.
    At least I had the figure for it then!

  38. My daughters are dancers and they both look great in them...if you're not in great shape don't wear them. I certainly won't wear them or skinny jeans, but I also don't blame designers for that decision.

  39. OK as long as the camel foot is not on show!

    Gaviota in Alicante

  40. Wow, so much to learn from one post. -- I'd have been happy with "demulcent" -- but to add the descriptive term "camel foot" to my repertoire has completely made my day!

    No to jeggings for women and an even bigger no to jeggings for men. - -The exception for me seems to be a few Spanish friends I have in the suburbs -- they absolutely pull it off -- cruising around town in great jewelry, shoes, fabulous accents -- and jeggings.

    But for most, NO.

  41. Gaviota, I believe the term is camel toe. ;)

  42. Ok, I am clearly late to weigh in on this one, but one of the things I love about new york city is overweight people dressing up. As compared to my native midwest where overweight people seem to ubiquitously wear ill fitting and mostly cotton interlock clothing. Come to think of it, the phenomenon is not relegated to overweight people, in either situation. It seems that more people in NY take more care with their appearance. And I think it's great. So if part of that care is wearing leggings, or jeggings, or whatever, go for it. It's all about attitude, and if you're taking care in how you dress yourself, that's showing some self-love right there, and that's the best kind of attitude. Besides which I'd pretty much rather look at any version of 'well-kempt' or 'making an effort' over some XXXL cotton shirt extolling the virtues of a sports team.

  43. Regarding demulcent recipes:

    I'm partial to mullein tea to moisten the lungs. In my case, it even loosened up some nasty stuff in my sinuses. Mullein is basically a weed, although I haven't seen it growing in my parts of NYC. Can be found in hippie herb shops around town, like Flower Power in the East Village, Aphrodisia in Greenwich Village, and the 4th Street Food Co-op in the East Village (where I'm a member but you need not be a member to shop). I just steep mullein in hot water like loose tea for twenty minutes, and strain it out really well because mullein has little hairs that tickle the throat. Feel better soon!

  44. I thought this blog was about men's fashion. So many comments on this entry are not men, which explains all the negative reactions.

    More form fitting pants for men are a great idea. I'm sick of the baggy pants on men trend that's been around for almost a generation now. Jeggings for men are also a good idea and looks better than the same type of garment on most women's body types. If we can tolerate them on most women that wear them, we can surely accept them on men.

  45. actually the second guy in the photo you have actually looks pretty good in them...


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