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Jun 6, 2010

Whatever happened to....?


Sunday is a favorite catch-up day for many of us, when we finally make time to perform long-neglected chores.  At Male Pattern Boldness, we're no different.  In the whirlwind of sewing, styling, and glamorous fashion shoots, some loose ends inevitably get left untied, and sadly, you, dear reader, are left hanging.  It's time to do some housecleaning!

My salvaged Singer, above, for example.  It's still collecting dust on my living room floor, sadly.  Perhaps it's time to kick this one to the curb -- literally.

Last week, I talked about picking up some RTW skirts from the Salvation Army to examine how their zippers were attached and waistlines finished, since I've been drafting some skirts myself. I did just that:

It's amazing how much can be learned by examining RTW garments.  I was impressed with how professionally finished these skirts are and how clean they look in areas like the top of the zipper and the hem.  It's easier for me to look at a real garment than to refer to a book or to pattern instructions.

Next, I know I've talked about a few projects that, for one reason or another, never quite got off the ground.  Rest assured, though I've shifted my focus at times, I haven't forgotten these:

There are others, too, perhaps a personal favorite of yours.  Rest assured that eventually they will get made.  But sometimes my enthusiasms get the better of me and I simply must make myself a pair of these.  I get side-tracked.

Speaking of you-know-what pants, you'll be happy to know I did not wear them to my high school reunion or rather, the high school reunion I attended last night, which wasn't my own.  I looked like a normal man in a gray linen suit, shirt and tie and I don't think anyone suspected otherwise.  I had a wonderful time, btw.

I highly recommend attending other people's high school reunions as a dry run for your own.  All reunions are the same whether you know the people or not and you can test your self presentation and best material among strangers.  I think mine will be in the fall and after last night, I feel confident I'll be at my best.

If there are any other loose ends I haven't covered today, please ask.  Cathy is hard at work shooting an ad campaign for a very famous fashion warehouse chain you've all heard of.  I hope she'll be back in New York for another fashion shoot soon.

Finally, I am still unable to announce the winner of the Ugliest Pattern Ever contest as the pattern has yet to arrive for reasons I'd rather not go into.  When it does, we'll roll that baby out...or burn it.

Today I'll leave you with this (indelible) image: the strangest fashion juxtaposition since Captain Kirk went back to prohibition-era Chicago.  Weird, right?

Happy sewing, friends, and see you bright and early on the morrow!


  1. Peter I must say you have me convinced about the harem pants. I totally eat my much that I'm going to make these
    not harem but definitely similar.
    And there is finally a video up on my blog of the beheaded chicken in use.

  2. I've been to other people's high school reunions too...I recommend it as well - HIGHLY entertaining!

  3. Looking at garments is an excellent way to work out construction issues--I often have to bite my tongue when perusing the sewing chat boards.

    That Singer is in pretty rough shape. Perhaps you should leave it by the dumpster and see if anyone else wants to take it in. You can't save every machine (sigh).

  4. Oh my gosh. That clown pattern. Too much. I needed a chuckle today, and that gave me one!

  5. I'm looking forward to the clown outfit. Hilarious!

  6. Peter you have been busy! Everyone is so engaged over your harem pants! You could smuggle a few bottles of liquor in them, if you could bear to duct tape the bottles to your thighs (ouch!)
    I am really looking forward to the 20s dress on Cathy.

  7. I got a good laugh out of the greco-flapper pattern there. Thanks for the smile!

  8. Lord! McCall's Men's shirt pattern #2826 as pictured above is the exact pattern that my mother used to make a shirt for me when I was in my teens. I even have a photo of me wearing it. Well, it was a great idea at the time. Love your blog.


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