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Feb 25, 2010

Peter's Makeover: DAY 3 - approaching the finish line

Cousin Cathy here, and at long last I have good news to report.  Peter and I are finally on the same page with regard to his makeover.  

Sure, we had our mini-meltdowns and ugly words, but it only brought us closer.

We're in the home stretch, girls!

First, let's talk color.

Peter's indiscriminate choice of clothing over the years meant that he had a little of everything: flattering colors and unflattering colors, patterns that complemented his proportions and others that were pure Lollipop Guild.

I decided that the best way to address this was to create -- with Peter's input of course -- a basic color palette.  This doesn't mean Peter can never wear a garment that isn't in this color scheme, but rather it is a guideline.  This way, when I've long since moved up on, Peter can continue our work without me.  (I'm counting on all of you to help keep him on track of course.)

We chose colors that Peter likes, that flatter him, and that complement each other.  

After a long day of shopping-on-a-dime (We never made it to Bergdorf's, alas) aided by some judicious shoplifting, we assembled the basics (click to supersize):

Included are items Peter has sewn himself, like that abstract floral warp print blazer and his blue jeans; a few new (to him) classic items like the argyle plaid sweater vest and denim-blue wool shirt; and many things Peter already owned but forgot he even had, like the vintage gray leather jacket and pink printed Indian scarf. 

Knowing what we had, we filled out the rest with some late-afternoon additions:

Would you believe those white Converse high tops and like-new Vans in Pendleton wool that totally work with his new palette, were already in his closet?  He hardly remembered he owned them!

I spent the rest of the day coordinating outfits and styling photoshoots till my ankles started to swell but it was worth it.

Tomorrow we reveal the final results.

I also eagerly await your makeover entries. 

Exhilarating, isn't it?  

Don't forget to breathe!


  1. Can't wait to see the photo shoot results!

  2. Excellent! Love the overall colour choices and the retaining of Peter's love for floral! Good work, Cathy! Can't wait for the slideshow.

    Alas, I'm on to the Puyallup Sewing Expo tomorrow, so I'll have to wait until Monday to see the glorious results. (darn!)

  3. Ooh, so exciting! I can see Cathy is really helping pull together a great look. I think she's right on with the color choices.

  4. The grey stripes and cream Converse look particularly promising - I can't WAIT to see the result! Oh Cathy, could you let Peter know that I've awarded him a Kreativ Blogger award? Check it out at

  5. I just found this bog and I am so excited...I love everything on it! Plus, the fact that you sew AND THEN review vintage men's patterns is just the best thing that happened to me today. I never sew from my vint. men's pattern stash because I've feared the becky home-ecky look. You have proved me wrong.

  6. Welcome, Lisette! We're almost done and I'm really excited to show you what we've come up with. Tune in tomorrow.

  7. Cathy: I hope you get a nice fee for all of your expert styling! Or at least a dinner in some fancy NY restaurant.

  8. I love that the floral blazer is front and center along with an oh-so-classic argyle vest. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE those found-in-the-closet-hinterlands Chucks and Vans.

    Grey is SO the new color, as you know. Speaking of colors, Cathy, you are worth your weight in GOLD.

    Peter, we miss you. I know I will hardly sleep tonight dreaming about the new wardrobe possibilties....

  9. I LOVE those VANS! I remember the days when they would custom make a pair for that pair custom?


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